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  1. I'm generally fine with the level of difficulty, fairly easy power fantasy. dark souls exists, warframe doesn't need to be that. But more interesting challenges would be nice. Like more intelligent class of enemies who are agile and have a full complement of abilities comparable to warframes. also, giant "shadow of the colossus" type bosses
  2. hold up, would switching to a French/European server allow me to do this, or would it just censor it once i get back to North American server?
  3. I tried to find a nice french name for my zaw, but it won't let me chose it, despite the alternative having the possible meaning of "to f**k" and one less s would be "to set ablaze", to replace with an accented a is to replace with an astrisk, to replace with an @ would make me look like the thing you are trying to stop me from saying.... also like a*sa*sination. there are probably hundreds of these threads by now, I'm sorry for adding, but seriously, DE, we are big boys and girls, I've heard worse in the third grade. You make a m rated game which you can rip enemies to gory bits. and isn't online interactions not rated by the esrb or whatever moral police that inhabit the various countries which you operate... is this Australia's fault?
  4. RNG is a cruel mistress, yet we always come crawling back. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) got mine after like 20 runs , your running shares right? I wish you luck.
  5. 18 credit drops, 7 fireworks, 4 glyph displays, 2 lith relics, 1 cetus wisp, and 1 ambulus noggle. good thing i left my twitch on with lowest quality settings, otherwise i'd be a bit disappointed for 33+ hours spent. *edit: seemed a bit passive aggressive, sorry
  6. I just want to say, DE, you are doing a great job and stop holding out on me take as long as you need. I'm jonesing hard, give me my bloody fix excited to see all the work you have done.
  7. I get what you are saying, but: counterpoint 'Early launch for Konzu'... at least give Konzu some time with the update while we wait.
  8. most likely to not win, but feel i might as well toss mine up as it's getting to be a bit spooky this time of year.
  9. I wasn't sure where to post it, and maybe it only happens to me because of my projectile slowing riven, but:
  10. Ask for the heavens above, but expect nothing! ...but, yeah more grapple/wrestling like finishers for fists/sparring would be neat.
  11. ok, if you are planning on unifying combos, could you still leave in one or two old style combos per weapon class to help differentiate them? as well as not forget unique traits for weapons, like rapiers' bleed or sparring's easy finishers. and maybe a heavy gap-closer that is an aoe launcher that primes the enemies for extra damage from aerial combos? maybe a more defensive/CC combo for when you move backwards? also, i know you haven't worked out the mods' behavior, but just a reminder not to mess up venka prime. hope you're still reading this thread, love you devs ❤️
  12. Will we ever get a quick secondary attack for melee, like say you're having fun ripping through enemies with glave combos but then you wanted to hit a few flying enemies with throwing knives ... i know there is dual wielding but that sacrifices blocking for fine aiming and is only for one handed weapons. Also, when will there be a new whip stance? i'd love for my whip to be something other than a maiming strike delivery device. also, when we getting a whip that doesnt have a big thing on the end? if you feel a slender whip would be too weak, just make it energy based or bladed like ivy's whip-sword.
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