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  1. my dumbass had an idea, 1-move like attack on titan or spider-man, with special attacks from 4 ....maybe even a web on ground/walls to limit enemies movement like tether grenade 2- tap is same but hold increases range and duration of stun and more screaming 3- eternal war folded in and press 3 while active to spread buff to allies 4- hold jump to leap forward, slashing jump attack as you go and with a flurry on landing damage resist drains over time, restored by kills kills increase damage and range of team healing from access life steal passive+ bonuses for reviving allies
  2. only real way to play limbo is to roll out of the rift, launch an explosive, enter rift before self damage ... a 175 str+rng , 74 dur, and160 eff build with augmented rift surge and an explosive weapon also work nicely
  3. 18 credit drops, 7 fireworks, 4 glyph displays, 2 lith relics, 1 cetus wisp, and 1 ambulus noggle. good thing i left my twitch on with lowest quality settings, otherwise i'd be a bit disappointed for 33+ hours spent. *edit: seemed a bit passive aggressive, sorry
  4. I just want to say, DE, you are doing a great job and stop holding out on me take as long as you need. I'm jonesing hard, give me my bloody fix excited to see all the work you have done.
  5. I get what you are saying, but: counterpoint 'Early launch for Konzu'... at least give Konzu some time with the update while we wait.
  6. most likely to not win, but feel i might as well toss mine up as it's getting to be a bit spooky this time of year.
  7. I wasn't sure where to post it, and maybe it only happens to me because of my projectile slowing riven, but:
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