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  1. All it accomplished was shifting power out of her 2 and 4 and dragging some of it into 3 while invalidating the synergy with the old 2 augment and the new augment for 1 changes. Because her abilities essentially scale with weapon dmg, I was actually having an easier time with her. However, I don't find her particularly useful anymore. They didn't need to reinvent her completely in this manner. Because she buffed guns, that was precisely why she was the strongest iteration of the frame prior to this rework. Guns will out-scale ability damage every time. Say all you want about heat damage, but the augment made it possible to just straight up overwhelm the enemy. Now another issue as far as flashiness goes, she certainly lacked that, but I found the simplicity of her kit rather easy to use and that ultimately made her better for me. Now, however, I find her far too flashy and far too distracting visually. On top of that, the excess complicity of her kit makes her a headache to use; it may be easy for you to manage, but I've been trying her for weeks and I cannot get her to work for me.
  2. I actually like it. She looks samurai-ish and that's all well and good.
  3. With the removal of Accelerant and its augment, I feel like Ember actually suffered a significant DPS loss. The changes to the elemental 1 augments would have been beautiful for her had they not went ahead with the rework as it stands, but the rework took away her powerful debuff tool and turned her into a pseudo-bruiser-tanky frame with an unreliable, annoying new ultimate, drawing back on her offensive capabilities as a whole just to give her a measly damage reduction which correlates to a new bar. This new resource she has to manage now is incredibly annoying to maintain since it has an abysmal, awful drain if you let it go up to 90%, but most of her survivability and utility depends on her reaching the maximum Immolation charge to function properly. Therefore, you're forced to constantly piss away all of your energy with 3 in order to keep it down, which actually drains harder than it would've been if you let the old World on Fire stay on forever. New Ember is immensely more energy dependent than ever and with less effectiveness than before, all for the cost of getting some better eye candy.
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