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  1. An 'angelic' themed judge-jury-executioner. Multiple ways she could evolve, some optional ideas may include but is certainly not limited to: Another variety of a flight-centric kit, hovering and attacking from range. Summoning a powerful weapon such as a heavy blade. Perhaps some interesting new mechanic such as the ability to send the blade out to the point you aim and are then able to utilize the melee system to attack with it. Perhaps similar to Chroma's effigy + augment. Would synergize well with a flight based kit as it gives you a higher reference point to direct the sword around. Also reminiscent of Harrow's original design for his thurible, in which a ghost-like image of Harrow's arm twirling the thurible would be left in place. Possibly more paladin-like elements in the kit, to bridge any missing paladin theme links that other frames may not cover, such as Chroma (being more of a selfish tanking frame) or Oberon (with a mixed theme including druid-like elements). Throwing out a few ideas that could perhaps be built upon or stimulate the imagination: Cast a large circular radial zone centered around the frame; Allies (including self) gain armor or damage resistance. Damage absorbed by allies feeds to the frame and builds up a meter; When the meter fills, a healing burst is emitted to all allies within the radial zone. Enemies present within a large circular radial zone may debuff the enemies (such as slowing or becoming more vulnerable to damage) or buff allies (granting more survivability or offensive capability). Circular radial zones also synergize well with the above ideas of flight and summoning a blade that can move and attack from range as both allow the player to position themselves defensively or in a position befitting team support while also engaging in battle unlike some support frames such as trinity. Promotes team proximity, ideal for defense or survival objectives, but is entirely optional and does not make the frame useless for more fast paced missions such as exterminate. I think a more literal take on the angelic theme could add character to the frame, imagery of halos and/or wings as well as association with light or as a radiant beacon of order.
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