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  1. i am not really sure what this new fad of sacrificing the players ability for the teammate is coming from, and i am not sure if it is going to be well conceived. as i am not willing to sacrifice anything for a bunch of random people on the internet. i am a friendly person (unless provoked) that will tell anyone what i know but i don't want to be a crutch for anyone to use for how they like.
  2. here is a better idea for redline, make it where heat part of thermal sunder is a free cast or something along that lines and then you don't have to worry about heat sunder messing with the gauge. or better yet have there be an intresting mechanic with heat and cold interaction besides the blast. have heat patches boost the ammount of kinetic you get from the cold activations, and maybe have there be a nice bit while having a gauss sit in a heat patch to recharge their battery. maybe even slow down the drain while standing in a heat patch. and maybe have synergy with mach rush like if you rush through a heat patch gives gauss rush a hot proc, and maybe the same with cold and blast. side note maybe cold patches could boost gauss speed for a little bit. and blast patches be like i don't know maybe trigger a blast as if gauss ran into a wall?
  3. note you can carefully already a tiny bit of directional manuvering while in mach rush. might not be noticeable but when you are in the mach rush after you are able to release the 1 key gauss remains in mach rush which means you have a extra finger free so you can do a careful management of press lets say a key then release w key you are then mach rushing to the left, and therefor you can run in circles with mach rush, but there is still the issue of the fact that he can't make tight corners. so here is an idea for that. after releasing the 1 key while running gauss you can then manage gauss speed by sprint key and maybe the crouch key. not really sure what would be a better slow key. that or have there be a gear shift mechanic between 1-4 while gauss is in his continuous mach rush. with 1 on mach rush being like a jog to him and 4 being his full dead on sprint. but then that might not work. so i still think some how having shift and another key being some kind of throttle and brake mechanic would be better now that i think about it. anyways not sure how to implement this as i don't have a degree in game designing but that could solve some problems. also kind of thinking that pressing jump button should do something special like a special type of bullet jump that gauss could do that turns him into a literal living bullet causing him to plow through enemies. maybe dub it rocket jump.
  4. gauss does more damage with melee and inflect stagger on enemies when gauss has both kinetic plating and mach rush on, but yeah i see your point. but anyways gauss is not wisp. gauss' buff effects scale on duration, and are exclusive to guass because it just doesn't make sense for a speed central frame all about himself going fast to make others fast. i just rather see gauss be more based on a damage dealing warframe then be a buff frame. already have to deal with the fact that they make chroma a buff giving support, which i rather see him as a incredible tank with a powerful elemental breath weapon. not some support with terrible range benefits and a durpy AI driven pelt turret.
  5. OK. anyways with kinetic plating i feel like in order for it to have team support i prefer it to be named kinetic field instead of kinetic plating because that just sounds weird for something that uses plating in the name, like guass is ripping off his armor or something and sticking it to teammates. but thats just nitpicking. what i would really prefer is if the buff sticks to the frames even if they proceed outside of gauss' range because you could imagine how hard it would be to stay in range for people to access the buff when gauss is darting all over the place. plus then it would matter what gauss' range would be. just need to be in high five range once and they are good to go. or a nice way to encourage having range is to have when ever a ally is attacked while effected by kinetic plating is that he recovers a tiny portion of that in energy. but then i am not sure if that would be a bit too strong to add.
  6. yeah good point. i also made a comment somewhere in this forms about suggesting a "rev" mechanic. but i had some time to think about it and maybe it would be better on his 4th. where either holding or tapping his 4th cases gauss to rev up which after reving it takes a bit of your energy and basically puts it in the battery. after all i think redline is a reference about both an anime and a car related thing. so why not add rev as a catch up mechanic if the battery gets too low in redline? also i thought of besides the idea of turning kinetic plating into a toggle able ability it could be a form of charge or maintain ability where you charge gauss' kinetic plating with battery by holding his 2nd ability till your satisfied with the amount of kinetic plating so you can charge it any time so it doesn't drain the battery while you are also in redline. but then again that might cause a balancing act that you would have to do. so a toggle able kinetic plating is most likely better. you can basically turn it on when needed and turn off when unneeded. on a side note that even though i don't fully agree with the idea of redline itself buffing allies i did have an augment in name only that i had in mind. i dub it "grand prix" after some racing events and a racing anime. the idea is possibly was a redline back then but i think it would be better if it is a mach rush idea. the idea involves this grand prix gives mach rush an effect that leaves a trail behind him like lets say nezha that thus gives speed boost to allies when ever they wall across or in it. and a nice little redline effect could be that gauss gives a portion of his redline buff in it. or maybe have it this way, if it ends up a redline augment have it remove the flying particals that fly off into random enemies and just turn it from a damage ability into that buff ability. like many have said before augments almost always ends up as band aids for existing abilities, but what if they actually changed how that ability works? anyways sorry my mind just wonders around and thats why i keep on throwing suggestions. and sorry for my stubbornness about me prefering that redline doesn't end up a team buffer, or at least not unless an augment is involved.
  7. it is because gauss is not them. gauss is who he is so he needs to be himself to the best he possibly can. and he needs to be good at what he does. he is not volt, he is not chroma, he is not wisp, he is not saryn, he is not any other frame and despite him having tiny features that are similar to other frames he is different and should be different so rather then try and force him to be similar he needs to be his own frame, because he can do his own to support the team his own without having his 4th be a team support skill. and who cares about if he is not an all out damage dealer or a frame with team utility, those kind and power creep are the reason why we blitz through content over and over. we have enough frames that are living nukes and frames that turn other frame into terminators. so whats wrong with a little bit of variety? now i know why DE says they want to avoid nuke frames but still end up doing them. it is because the community still craves them. the community despite them saying they don't want press 4 to win still deep down wants it still that way because it is the most efficient tactic available. they still want the press one button or key to win the game because it allows them to run past the grind. but the ironic part is that you end up ignoring whole fact of the game. and it is to have fun and then the stuff will come to you eventually.
  8. well. at least you weren't suggesting that redline buffs allies. because honestly that doesn't make one single sense of logic. honestly how exactly can one an a frame that is built for speed transfer their speed, that speed is what i saw as a internal speed function. the reason i can see volt being able to do it is because it electricity that radiates out of him. gauss despite a miss leading thing about saying "releases arching electricity" it doesn't even proc electricity or has electricity in the attack. just impact, and puncture in redline. and thermal sunder just does heat, cold, and blast. plus redline is in a sense what i akin to an anime power up thats only function is to power him up, not others. kinetic plating while sounds kind of odd making it a team buffer considering the plating part, for some reason seems alright as a team support buffing whether as a built in function or otherwise. while i got use to chroma's vex armor for team support i never really cared or used chroma to support because he is outright useless in supporting because of how is abilities work. chroma requires damage to get vex armor going because the more damage he receives the more armor and attack power he gets. how is he able to even transfer his durability and strength into others when it felt like an ability that didn't seem to exert any aura is beyond me but thats besides the point. chroma needs to receive damage for vex armor to work, he can't buff if he can't take damage. and while i very rarely have had this happen i get extremely annoyed when someone goes and expects that they can get buffs out of me when chroma doesn't even properly function as a support type and i rather not have him function as a support type. and forcing more support ability out of him is useless when range wasn't chroma's specialty in the first place. and sorry chroma's state has annoyed me for quite a while now and seeing people go " make redline effect teamates like chroma vex armor does." when in the first place that chroma is useless as a team supporter. is currently only effective in a why of killing big enemies and picking up the slack of anyone lagging behind, as thats what i mostly end up doing. picking up anyone that drops and what not. and while he is not as talking as inaros, rhino, nidus or anyone else. he can still be used to pick up any frame that has less defense as him.
  9. oh well, there could be a unavoidable future where DE rescales everything in warframe rebalancing everything, nerfing frames that are over preforming in their current fields, nerfing enemy mobs and bosses so to even out with the weaker frames, nerfing weapons to prevent us from foddering enemies and mobs worst then the straw hats fodder the every day marines in one piece. (sorry been watching one piece anime) essentially thats what i feel like is coming or at least seems like the most logical conclusion since thats the only way warframe can actually obtain any long lasting challenging content like you all ask for. so essentially a rescaling should be in order to both gain more use with crowd control and slightly better challenge managing. because has it ever fallen into anyones mind that no matter how hard DE attempts at making challenging content we end up finding something that works and bulldoze though that content faster then DE can keep up?
  10. sorry for posting another comment after my recent comment but i had a thought. what if his 2 worked like this tapping his 2nd ability causes gauss to rev at the cost of at around 10 energy, which then will fill up the battery up by just a little, and holding kinetic plating will cause gauss to build up a kinetic force field based on how much the player is willing to transfer to the kinetic field. while i am not very good at making a concept thats good or anything i have plenty of idea's i can through around to see what sticks.
  11. well redline allready buffs melee attack speed. and the reason why gauss is selfish in that he doesn't share his buffs is because other frames can do those buffs far better and with a less stressful build then gauss, because one gauss is a speed frame and there is no ammount of range that you could put on gauss to make him viable for a support build so thats just way too useless. and note, chroma was way more better off without the ability to buff his allies through vex armor. and other players didn't need it then and other players didn't need it now. i find asking for team support on any frame that doesn't focus on team support is a bit selfish to ask for. especially when we are already in a state where we are suffering with power creep in other area's to the point DE can't keep up the demand for challenging content that these players are craving for. so considering the current situation that warframe is in, does gauss really need team support when team work is out right useless? i mean i could just turn my brain off and auto pilot through the game even on disruption now. this is how far power creep has gotten. do we really need that support now? now if you want something to do something better then i suggest kenetic plating work like this. turn kinetic plating into a challenging ability and possibly add that ability switch effect to his 2. have kenetic platting be this hold down his 2nd ability to charge kenetic plating building a percent or a building a kinetic field around gauss to adsorb damage and then there that effectively frees up the passive drain of kenetic plating. and then have the side ability which when switched by tapping 2 once allows you to "rev" guass up when holding 2 when switched to "rev" by transferring energy to his battery draining depending on efficiency most likely. and then have a possible effect of having kinetic plating be the support ability that gauss can do.
  12. fair enough. look. i know you play console but right now you if you are not able to play the game as gauss and be able to decide yourself whether gauss is ok or not then your not really helping calling someone wrong for expressing their frustrating with gauss. only thing your doing is for the lack of better word is whipping the allready frustrated players that actually have access to gauss into a frenzy. yeah. can't really deny that. well then try stacking plenty of duration in and then see why people are having issues. people are piling duration on gauss, like how every expects it works since high duration equals higher buff, because i did some testing with gauss by having 183% duration and while i can slowly build up, and why i have found out is that gauss is too demanding of playing a specific style with no leniency to allow people some time to properly play or enjoy gauss when some minor adjustments could be done to make him better. because sure if you have a specific ammount of duration you can keep up redline and kenetic playing passively, though some players can't react fast enough to make best of the way gauss is currently. i and others have trouble keeping up with the demands of gauss' playstyle currently and ask to at least give us a reprieve between sprinting and using abilities. just because some people called gauss terrible doesn't mean you have to butt heads with every single player that expresses their frustration with gauss. because despite gauss being the speed frame we have to tip toe around and make sure to play one irritating balancing act when we just want to run in and play the frame the way we want to play, and there is no "your playing him wrong" or "maybe he isn't for you" thats going to prevent us from playing him if we care for him enough.
  13. i can agree with his tool tips needing explanation, especially redline. and his three needs some work. i feel like the redline meter could ease a smidgen on the drain just enough for breathers between sprinting and mach rushing. maybe a second or 2 of pause time for allowing some of us to pause and aim, because honestly i have terrible aim, and i prefer to have access to more weaponry then explosives, especially ones that it'll kill me because of self damage. as i favor melee, and what ever flavor of primary or secondary i am feeling in the mood for. though i still have trouble with keeping the meter up by just sprinting when i have redline and kinetic plating. which is why i suggest easing up on the battery drain. well technically they started since chroma since chroma's recommended builds are... restrictive.
  14. and if words can't explaining it, then do a video that explains it. ps just checked that info and ok you can gain just a little bit or recharge by sprinting, but still needs improvements. for example more lenient battery drain, kenetic plating needs to only drain when hit orther wise it's just a waste prepping up abilities between groups of enemies. maybe not tying in redlines buffs in with duration as to not encourage people to go max duration if his redline meter is effected negatively with more duration. or hey have the redline buffs tied to duration and strength. and the percent needs to climb up a little bit faster in order for us to get the best mileage for gauss redline ability.
  15. well i am using 284% duration, 175% efficiency, 109% range, and 100% strength. with adaption, rush, steel charge, NM, primed flow, prime con, constitution, armored agility, streamline, and vitality. with rank 1 guardian, and rank 0 energize. and if their is some kind of unexplained bit i am missing or i am miss interpreted the bit that involves the battery then why was that not included with the explanation because if it is not explained properly then why is it still included? if the need to explain it either explain it or don't included it! don't go beating around the bush on what it does or how it does, or tell that we are doing it wrong. just explain it clearly and with proof! there is what i am guessing a lot of players that are confused on this frame, and if people are confused on this frame then the frame isn't doing good. don't go and say "maybe he isn't for you." bit. if there is a tiny detail that DE didn't go over or have in their tips then give the feedback of having that detail in the tips information. or have it explained clearly, because it clearly isnt being explained. and if you clearly explained it then ok, sorry if i didn't pay atention. thats the downside of feedback forums. while i think gauss is a great and awesome frame i think he either needs more tweaks or explaining because what ever we currently is a confused mess that is hardly explained or isn't working effectively as it should, or is a bit too strict on his play style for everyone to be conformable with him. if there is something that needs to be explained or worked on more then it needs to be done.
  16. yes for the umpteenth time i have kept pressing the shift keep to sprint. are you even paying attention or are you just seeing "blah blah blah" on the screen?! where are you exactly testing this stuff? in the simulacrum or are you "testing" in mission where you need to in order to have conclusive information to carry this argument? between that 0%-99% you can't sprint fast enough to outweigh the drain of the battery. you need to use mach rush constantly to keep redline up. after reach 100% redline is fine since it is a gracing period where the meter never drops, but reaching that grace period is more of a annoyance then it needs to be. also what specific build are you even using? because who know maybe it gets buggy if one stat gets over a certain thresh hold. or who knows. or maybe your just using your gauss in open world nodes and ignoring mission nodes. in which i would have to say first do a regular mission node with gauss first before running headfirst into an argument.
  17. if you have a problem with these people either complaining or stating their issues then maybe the feedback forums isn't for you. because while there are some people that just hop on just to complain there are some people that are stating their issues and trying to find constructive feedback. who says you got the right to tell them that they just just stop playing with gauss because they aren't good at playing gauss specifically the way you think he should be played? thats so full of balcony i can't stand it. battery recovery by sprinting is outright canceled, and you can only sprint to slow down drain, you need to at least mach rush every often so as to keep a full meter. i have played gauss regularly enough to the point i know that fact at least.
  18. yeah but you are failed to see the point and your choosing to ignore the point entirely. yes people might not know that sprinting slows down the battery drain of redline there is still the issue of it is rather difficult for some people to aim and keep sprinting to prevent the redline meter from dropping like a rock in a lake. some people need to slow down and AIM so they don't waste ammo. and by the way sprinting does not recover spent kinetic battery during redline, only slows it. in order to keep the redline meter up high you need to both use 1st ability frequently and keep on sprinting which can be rather difficult for people to switch between the 1 key and shift. plus kinetic and redline both has a combined passive drain, which tends to force people to be too mobile at times. which reduce the effectivenes of those people. so tell me exactally ends up in the "maybe gauss isn't for you?" or the way i am translating it into "just don't play with him if you have an issue with it!" because thats how my mind interprets that part of your comment. because i always find it incredibly irritating when people just say "then don't use it." especially with the fact that little bug turned feature with the zenistar and dominion blade was kept because players demanded it to be a feature, yet now it is a feature with no normal size toggle has been created for that "feature" yet the people that created that plight just say "then don't use it." well then how about this if you have a problem with people stating their problem then don't read the forums?
  19. excuese me but gauss' redline doesn't do electricity. it inflicts impact and puncture. not electricity
  20. i'll just be honest i prefer if guass has no benefit to the team as honestly even though every frame has the potential to have a team supportive buff i just prefer that gauss doesn't or at least shouldn't need one. as i don't want other players to expect they can use gauss players as a stepping stone to boost their. i had one case and that even thought it was just one case i had it was with a mesa player wanting me which i was a chroma at the time to be near enough so that she can use my vex armor damage buff which i would reply my vex armor buff requires me to receive damage to be useful and i rather not us a weapon with self damage as i see in my mind of that being an exploit on a mechanic that DE made to curb explosive weapons. gauss can ever be fine with a bit of improvements to the redlines speedometers ability charge mechanic to charge faster, kinetic plating energy recoverly/ damage migetion against mobs that use any damage type that gauss doesn't have. some nice bit of synergy with his 3rd ability and his 1st. his over all damage scaling ability with his abilities that deal damage. and at least allow you to deal some damage to enemies when you directly run into them. also maybe have gauss benefit a bit more with strength. in all honestly i am not totally against having gauss having a boon for teams as i'll accept it either way, but i just don't like the idea because of my paranoia of it encourages players to use other players as a crutch, or expect someone to willingly help them even though there is a chance they wont return the kindness. sure it is in the lore that tenno protect each other but there is the problem, we the player's don't entirely fallow that code. just look in public instances it's an all for one scramble to see who kills the most, who gets to the objective faster, with there being often cases of people just either completely ignoring what others in the team feel. and any attempts at creating things that require team work causes troubles at times. so adding team friendly effects to gauss not something i would truly like to see. ps. this is editing but i thought i'ed say it. but it also denounces the use of support related frames if all frames can preform some form of support.
  21. anways i'll probably accept defeat if DE ever considered putting the polarity symbols in the emote list. maybe by a slightly altered name. or if DE feels like it they could chance the mods symbols to fit in with the focus tree symbols. which ever works. PS sorry about that. though now i under stand what you ment. i do accept the guilt of calling the restores pizzas. but res. does seem like an easier thing to type out
  22. i don't consider it a language norm. nor do i look at it with a cultural standpoint since it is just a game and the requirement for iron out any confusing bits of gameplay is a higher demand then keeping something the same. after all the time i played this game which i believe is a year or 2 i have not once realized that madurai, naramon, and vazarin where used for the same thing. and if DE was intending to use madurai, naramon, and vazarin for both polarity and focus tree then why did they have 2 separate emblems. if they are intending to have those 3 words be used for the both polarities and focus trees then they should fix it simplify it. i am sorry about my nitpicking but due to my disability this bit is bothering me. besides having madurai, naramon, and vazarin both be polarities and focus trees while have separate symbols seem half hearted.
  23. in cephelon simaris' offerings there is things called madurai core, vazarin core (whoops misstook it for zenurik), and naramon core. and it has the V, D, and the dash symbol. why those 3 have 2 seprate symbols is beyond me but it is very confusing for either people that don't pay attention to what they are called or confusing for new players if another player refers to them as such. so why not formalize them so there is no confusion.
  24. ok this is bothering me a little bit but i was just taught that madurai can be either a stylized infinity symbol or a y, while zenurik is a D or a stylized = symbol, while naramon can be a stylized arrow pointing down or a -. can we please for the sake of our builds formalize the polarities and the focus trees so that when someone refers the polarities as madurai, zenurik, or naramon. no one gets confused with what that means when those words are tied to 2 different symbols. and i was horrible confused till someone explained it.
  25. well since volts speed ability is a team buff gauss can be still faster if people do a speed build on gauss. plus tapping helps on tight corners. also a side effect if your skilled enough you can run in the Uranus submarine tilesets and avoid getting into sharkwing.
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