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  1. I noticed decorations like the wreaths and christmas trees are finally available as dojo decorations again, but a few other things available last year (like the various colored wrapped presents) are not available now. Will this be fixed soon?
  2. I'd much rather spawn in my Dojo by default than my Orbiter. We put a lot of time and effort into decorating, but I feel most of it is lost on the majority of members if we aren't actually "living" there together. Are there any plans to add more utilities and features to the dojo so that it may be used as an alternative to the orbiter? Also, are there any plans to remove the 100 room limit in Dojos?
  3. really needs to be a set day per year for traders to actually anticipate changes. i am not against riven rebalances, but again, a window of time is very much needed. otherwise DE is kicking a hornet's nest.
  4. once again, all competitive aspects are stripped from a new event. been waiting for this for over a year now ever since the clan banner for participation was datamined. nowhere to be seen now it seems. wasn't this even called a "clan event" by Becca in a devstream not too long ago?
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