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  1. First of all,I must say I genuinely enjoy the update so far.Grendel's cooking so I can't really say much about it,but the missions were..well,naturally,people are divided.Getting used to the power you have can feel as if the missions make it irrelevant,albeit that's not necessarily the case-I'd rather view it as a challenge...enjoyable or not. As for my actual feedback,I'll start with the Parazor-I was so intrigued by it,I couldn't wait to get my hands on it...but wait,wasn't it supposed to help us revive teammates?Capture targets?Anyhow,a neat tool to have for the Mercy kills...which,in my humble opinion,need a bit of tweaking ...right now the lich "minions" are alright,when killed they enter that state and you can freely go and stab them gloriously...but the rest of the enemies we meet tend to enter that state for few seconds near death,and truth be told,they were dead the moment we got our sights on them-so why not tune down the chance and instead make it so that when a normal enemy dies it has a,say,flat 10% chance of instead entering that "mercy" state,expiring after 3 second..."Mercy"killing,right,saving them the agony?If we aren't fast enough or simply don't care,they will simply die regardless,not breaking any missions and so on. As for the liches,my first one,Ziggo,was just defeated,after breaking my back roughly 10ish times.I like it,that "power inversion " is slight,but it's there.However,I feel as if they need to be a tad more intrusive.No idea if they can attack you outside of their specific zones,but so far,I've met my lich only while going for his followers,which gives me almost a "forced encounter" feeling.I'm not feeling hunted,I'm feeling as if my annoying neighbour is asking me when will I finally go with him to the cinema-I can just say no and evade that content alltogether. Speaking liches,their territory is a neat idea,stealing resources and all...I'm feeling as if they need to be constantly stealing,even when an alert or normal mission is ran in their "sectors",and why are they taking so little-let ém have more,so that I feel better for stabbing them in the end.Let them hunt us around the system,albeit more rarely than their nodes,else it will get kinda old.Perhaps a chance that increases ,based on whether or not the lich has control over the node? Vasca kavat-alright,but I like my smeeta The reworks-Sweet,though I'm simply not an ember/vuuboi player. The leverian-amazing,I'd love to see more....have ma' credits! The new melee-takes some adjusting ,but it's more streamlined and therefore,more casually fun .Again,here people will be divided,naturally.But let me ask a question...how many of you actually used the combos before...how many of you prefer the good ol maiming strike and max range whip combo?...Anyways,the lifted status and heavy attacks are a neat gimmick ,but,well,a gimmick none-the-less.I enjoy that,hell,on the grendel defense lifting enemies was my go to CC ,since we were running trin-frost-rhino-harrow ,and our rhino hardly stomped.I enjoy the changes,though they don't really have *such* a big impact...though,god,being able to see the holster animations again is a pleasant sight . The fixes are,naturally,always welcomed.This update is definitely a good step,in my eyes at least.Now for the next one 🙂 Respect,DE,for keeping and ever-improving this lovely gem...albeit in the rough from time to time.
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