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  1. On 2018-11-25 at 1:13 PM, Gabbynaru said:

    And heck, then we'd just end up with other mandatory mods. If basic damage mods are baked in, then elemental damage mods are going to be decreed as mandatory. Or maybe multishot. Or both. So we'd just be in the same place, with even fewer options to mess around with. That's kinda how I view it.

    This is exactly how it would happen and the cycle would continue till all mods were removed because there will always be a best.

  2. 11 hours ago, (PS4)robi191291 said:


    Ok, tell me what you like about combat? 

    It´s perfect or the good enough to not change ANYTHING? 

    If it´s so good why the people need to skip the mission fastest possible, why need to wait hours to play against enemies that give a challenge, why almost the unique challenge is with annoying tactics, do you think this is all the potential of the game, are you happy that the only reason for do the mission is a insanne grind because the game is stuck and the unique option to retain the people is put content behind hours of grind, that require you use broken mechanics and this way enter in a vicious circle? 

    This is a problem now, but much more in the future. 

    I love the combat in this game. some of the best out of all my 30 years of gaming. Comparable to a mixture of God of War and Metal Gear Rising imo. Then throw in the movement system on top of it, man it's good. I've been playing Warframe near daily for 3 going on 4 years now jumping back and forth between PC and PS4. I've done it all twice and will continue to do until they change something to the point the game is rendered unenjoyable to me. I hope that day never comes.

    As far as why people rush missions, I have no idea why. Play anything that isn't endless with friends or on solo because of this behavior. Nobody is required to use broken mechanics just like nobody is forced to use certain mods (the mandatory mod argument). It doesn't help that there is a large group that pushes these ideas onto new players.

  3. On 2018-11-10 at 10:59 AM, (PS4)robi191291 said:

    It´s not about THE POWER. 

    It´s about the combat that is frustating, boring and annoying. 


    We're just going to disagree. What you want this game to be and what I enjoy about it are at odds.

  4. 1 hour ago, Talonflight said:

    I don't understand all the laugh reacts on this post.

    His grammar and spelling might be poor, but he's hit the nail on the head with almost all of his points; in fact, every one of these points has been brought up repeatedly for the last few YEARS on these forums. Laughing at him is just plain toxic. Especially since he isnt the only one who's broached these topics.

    Not sure why the laughter but can say there are a lot of us who disagree with almost all of his points. This game would be far less fun if the balancing described was put into effect and plenty of players on both ends of the spectrum would be upset/angry if all the work and time we put into becoming as powerful as we are was stripped away. I'm always looking forward to the next most powerful mod. Then even if they did balance it as he laid out it would just be resetting it as new more powerful stuff would have to come out and over time we would be right back at this point again. With out the promise of power growth there is no motivation.

    There are a lot of players who agree with his wishes as well. He is not alone. Two large groups of players at odds with DE in the center.


    Personally I agree with these:

    -Make great again a shadow, zanuka, 3g... 

    -Utilize enemys that actually you have in the game, with more frequent. 

    -Create enemys with weakpoints. 

    -Put minibosses and give us a surprise and break the monotony that sometimes it´s convert the constantly grind.


    but hope beyond hope the rest never gains traction with DE. That would kill the game for me.

  5. On 2018-08-18 at 8:06 PM, Kraythax said:

    Before the rework she was weak. Now she makes the old ember look like an MR1. 

    Her 1 is a cheap skill that does all the damage. It can be modded up so that immediately when enemies spawn in onslaught they are dead. I have seen them Spawned, and die before they cane even move. Not to mention it can be modded up so it literally covers an entire onslaught match. Its impossible to go into a onslaught without being practically a spectator. The frame is RIDICULOUSLY overpowered. Tone it down to at least something moderately reasonable. No doubt I will get flamed by a ton of Saryn players but anyone in a game with Saryn is little more than a spectator. Until then, its going to be my policy to leave any onslaught squad with Saryn in it. 

    The rest of us would like to get a few kills now and then.

    EDIT: Left 4 squads in 5 min. All with 2 or 3 saryns in them. 

    What are you talking about? I hate getting into Onslaught and there not being a Saryn. So much more affinity. Not sure of any other reason you be in there other than to rack up as much affinity as possible and she does exactly that.

  6. 3 hours ago, (Xbox One)ItsMast3rking said:

    but from what i see its near impossible to find another atlas player out there(which i kinda like,feel special 😂)


    2 hours ago, Xenox_Ilz-ot said:

    Not seeing other players playing him doesn't mean that we have issues with his "kit" you know.

    The quest for acquiring him free of plat requiring Archwing plays a large role in his rarity in the field.

  7. 6 hours ago, Agentawesome said:

    Not to mention, 4 of these mods are required on your Primary weapon, giving you only 4 slots left to mod for.

    Well only if you want the full bonus. You could put only 1 or 2 in there as a full set is not required to start getting the extra effect.

  8. 17 hours ago, A-p-o-l-l-y-o-n said:

    I think your view of games is a faulty one, quite frankly. Games are temporary. All of them are.

    If you mean that all things including life are temporary I get it but plenty of game are lasting a lifetime or more. Still working Atari 2600 systems and cartridges and the like. NES is moving into that territory. Watched a documentary and NES Tetris players where in there are people who stopped moving game to game at Tetris and unless something physically destroys all cartridges and systems will last all of their life time as that's still all some of them play today.


    I hope Warframe lasts for my lifetime but as crappy/depressing as it ending would be Rock Band is my forever game so I have some insulation there. All good.



  9. Absolutely not. I'm enjoying the plains well enough but it is nowhere near as entertaining as what we already have. After I get more than enough of everything from the plains/cetus I'll go right back to what running the endless survivals on Pluto, Sedna, Derelict, and in the Void. All of which for more engaging.


    The open world thing is neat and it looks beautiful but other than new things to collect because it's new has nothing over generated maps from gameplay fun angle in my opinion.

  10. 11 hours ago, (Xbox One)RDeschain82 said:

    Except for those that like to ice skate up hill, just to say they can do it, to get some great strange legendary achievement status out of it. Idk..shrugs..

    The same types of players probably won't use large team energy restores unless they need exactly 400 energy...wouldn't want to waste that energy. Lol

    Nah to some of us picking up the loot from killed enemies is a part of or rather adds to the game play feeling/experience. I've been scavenging bodies in video games for 30 some odd years now and it just feels better more video game like than it all just floating to you.

  11. 42 minutes ago, DeltaPangaea said:

    How exactly are people arguing against this?

    Picking up loot from downed enemies is a far more rewarding/enjoyable way to play. Vacuum takes that a way and to me removes a part of the video game feel. I don't understand how so people argue for it seeing as it removes from the game experience.

  12. 3 hours ago, SilvaDreams said:

    Wut? No.

    That is the set bonus. You don't get the boost per piece. You need all 6 parts to get that.

    Yes actually each mod adds a bit of bonus individually and multiple mods add together. It is not an all or nothing situation. Very few people would use these if you were forced to use a full set every time. Not sure where you got that idea.


    3 hours ago, NightBlitz said:

    this is the case, atleast for the vigilante set, tested it myself, so i dont see why it wouldnt be the same for the rest.

    Works with both Vigilante and Gladiator sets. I have no Augur mods yet but it stands to reason they too would work properly.

  13. 1 hour ago, -N7-Leonhart said:

    The one factor I didn't mentioned is that, based on my long observations, the majority of the player base (~75%) has a great aversion to trading, and they prefer to never have anything to do with it, even if they can get like 100p per easy trade, in the conditions that they have 0 platinum and no way to get it. 

    To put it in perspective, even if I farm the item together with them, tell them exactly what to do and so on, they still seem to have a hard time to even start doing it. I guess that's normal since if all the player base were to trade their junk, pretty much all rare non-vaulted prime parts would cost like 2p.

    So, I suspect that even a cost of ducats like 5x the normal amount you can get for that in platinum is not too much at all.

    Exactly this. Heck I'd go 10x if it meant staying out of trade.

  14. 14 minutes ago, ChaosSabre said:

    Hey at least it's not the zenurik melee channel efficiency trash.

    What? The main reason I used Zenurik before was for unlimited channeling. I was concerned after hearing Focus 2.0 planned on removing Energy Overflow that channeling would become to expensive to use again, but thankfully it received this passive. Not sure how it can be considered trash.

  15. Players going for bounties should only be matched with others going for bounties. Very frustrating selecting a bounty to walk out the gate and your objective disappears and you are matched with 3 others who just went in to play around.

    It's just as frustrating as going for a bounty and getting grouped with others going for the same bounty but no objectives pop.

    Both of these scenarios force an abort. I've never had to abort missions/seen so many others abort so much before. It's insane how fast they are racking up now due to this

  16. 9 minutes ago, Tellakey said:

    The point is to provide feedback for DE to improve on a cool concept which quite honestly the game could use

    Void beam upgraded to be as powerful as a fully modded continuous fire Opticor.

    Void blast ragdolling all enemies visible/within line of sight..

    Coming out of Void mode radial blinds all enemies within affinity range.

    This is easy.

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