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  1. Like I said in another thread:

    I just don't understand why every Sentinel can't make me invisible? Why only Shade/Prisma Shade that s* sucks? Also why does entrancing enemies to slowly walk towards us have to be limited to Djinn? If we are going to mindlessly push for one Sentinels powers to be universal I don't see why we don't just take the next ridiculous step and push for them all. I mean Vacuum is something useless in my opinion. Any frame can walk up and secure an item. What frame can do the invisible thing, or the zombify thing passively... this entire ordeal blows my mind just like the idea of players not even trying a variety of Sentinels. I mean why does Dethcube or is it Diriga have max range? Why not all max range?

    /sarcasm >:)

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  2. 5 hours ago, Chipputer said:

    I remember stating a few times that people should take the chance to experiment with other sentinels and see why those of us who didn't use Carrier made the choice not to. That was a no go.

    This is the thing. Nobody wants to even try the others. It's unreal and I don't understand it. Even without using Carrier you can a mass such large bounty and it's not hard. I sit at 5 mill credits and seeming unlimited other resources with out using Carrier or the now current Vacuum. Example of my Sentinel use is both  Oberon and Nyx benefit so much from Shade imo. Radiation procs from powers without unveiling you. So much fun. Closed minds and mass push over shoot great combos.


    Edit in: Even now with the newest changes in my clan Carrier will be most used as they are viewing it as Vacuum with 2 additional weapon mod slots. Viewing it as a free ammo drum and ammo mutation for ammo inefficient weapons. Everything they already had and more. Imo should have left it as it was and this 20% that I'm in using other Sentinels.... I'll stop there. I'm not going to change my Djinn load out over this ;)

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  3. 11 hours ago, AraonTheDrake said:

    Yeah, it's nice and fine that you're working on fixes and stuff...

    But I honestly won't get much enjoyment out of the game until you give some purpose to the endless fissure missions... I know not everyone liked that about the old void, but I really miss challenging myself to stay the longest I can in a defense or survival while getting primes for my efforts... now? Now it's just drop in, get 10 reactant, leave... no matter what the mission is. I don't mind that, it's fun in a way... but I want endless missions to have some purpose again...
    Which also ties in with any reactant after you already gather 10 being utterly useless and just littering the entire map...

    Please. I know it takes time to work stuff out, but can this please be addressed? It's like the one major hole in the new void system that hasn't been plugged still.


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  4. 5 hours ago, 24darman said:

    Will there eventually be a storyline for every boss in game? characters such as the sergeant, ambulace, even lech krill (a few others i forget) just seem. there. seeing with what you did to kela de thaym, will there be more interesting reworks to bosses eventually?

    I like this idea/question!

  5. So please re add some way to endlessly farm for stuff randomly as we did before this update. Also please do not nerf Nekros Desecrate with the toggle. Rather you buff his Shield of Shadows and make them faster. That is what he needs rather than the nerf you had shown.

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