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  1. @[DE]Megan Now its bugged and we can't go to stage 2
  2. Whenever I attempt to connect into an instance of orb vallis, I partially connect into the squad I am placed in, then am promptly kicked into a personal instance, which is broken, with the free roaming exploiter orb missing.
  3. After this patch, I keep losing collection to my squads, which breaks the vallis
  4. It's my personal headcannon that warframe's background story is measured in Millennia, like 40K. I personally believe that our reunion with Ordis occurred 5000 years after being put on ice
  5. Remember that lua mobs are about 10 times higher leveled than earth mobs. Skins do not affect gameplay. Post your builds and I can critique them.
  6. The Orokin were masters of biotechnology and bio engineering, and they were scared as #*!% of the void, since they couldn't control it. Might make sense for our operators if we ever grow up, but it doesn't make sense as a warframe weapon.
  7. Well, firstly name changes are manual: Someone from support has to see your request, check your name for slurs, then go about altering all your data to reflect this change, run final checks, then close the case. Time is money. Secondly, you can easily earn 200 platinum in the span of a week simply by trading with other players. Again, time is money. This game, for all its inherent flaws, has no upfront costs, reasonable monetization, and a dev team that keeps in regular contact with us, even if they don't always listen. So no, this is not EA.
  8. As title describes, with this new melee system, you can no longer perform block combos, as using the aim/block key automatically switches to your last equipped firearm. Does anyone have a fix for this other than unbinding #*!%ing aim?
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