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  1. It is done, only for the fact that @[DE]Rebecca has a noggle addiction, and thus space mom has to be held in check, lest noggles take over the Solar System.
  2. Remember, mom has a different body than her original one. She probably can survive the void now, though she still can't have her own kids.
  3. It's a great game, but if not played gradually, and instead played at a high speed like typically encouraged, burnout becomes far more prevalent. The fact that it's a great game means after you recover from the burnout you come back, but if you fall into the same trap of trying to "beat" everything fast, you will burn out again. This is why I've recently taken to doing solo missions with Ivara, trying to go for 100% stealth completion (Doing it on defense is amazingly satisfying.)
  4. You can have as many sets are you want. During her unvaulting I managed to farm 12 Mag Prime sets.
  5. Please remember that the founders literally saved Warframe as a game and DE as a company at a time when things were going downhill. ONLY through their good faith intervention was Warframe as it is now created. Asking for an Excal Prime or equivalent makes no sense as DE is self sufficient now, and disrespects those that gave in DE's time of need. The only reason why Excal umbra exists is because Chinaframe is...well in China. Different values, different culture, and mostly no knowledge of what the Global founders did. @WolfTitan Aye,I agree with most points, but in the end, it comes down to the simple fact that we can't change the past. People lusting for excalibur prime should understand, that just because you weren't born during the Californian gold rush, doesn't make you entitled to any of the gold.
  6. You can set your matchmaking ping limits to be quite lower, that might help a bit
  7. Eh, I joined a public defense mission 2 days back and our squad had a discussion on Hearthstone's Gadgetzan meta.
  8. Yes, as long as the accounts have no inbetween interation. This also includes having friends transfer stuff. But playing with a friend is fine.
  9. Seriously though, after all that work I did to maintain my Sun rep, my Paladin Rhino got infected and now my sun rep is draining.
  10. VIP protection: Lotus: Tenno, one of our most venerated brethren(a generic Guide of the Lotus or a founder)/Darvo/Clem/Maroo has been caught in an ambush. We can not afford to lose them. You are to join them and break the entrapment. Protect our family, Tenno. 1.Players fight through the tileset until they reach the VIP 2.Cue cutscene of VIP injured, but standing/sitting/kneeling on/making a pile of corpses. Darvo/Maroo will be taking cover, weapon out but will not have killed all enemies. Clem will have painted grakatas on the wall in blood or something. 3.VIP will universally be unable to preform advanced parkour maneuvers, but will have access to basic movement, as well as scaling weapons. Tenno will have powers, Darvo/Maroo can hack corpus assets, Clem has Grakatas. (VIP is injured, but still battle ready) 4. Players will navigate the tileset to the extraction point, however, in addition to standard enemies, minibosses will spawn to take out the VIP. (Acolytes+Stalker/Bursa squads and Hyena Packs+Zanuka/Rathuum executioners+Gustrag 3)<-Potential Examples 5. Sub bosses can be intercepted in multiple ways, such as players going ahead to trigger spawns in order to preemptively defeat them, Locating and destroying/hacking teleprtation beacons, creating "impassible" enviromental Hazards. Final boss will always spawn however. Extra fun: Very low chance of the Tenno being exfiltrated being named Steve. Enemies during the mission will be harder than usual, but Steve will have an ancient relic weapon from the Pre Orokin era called the "Nerf Bat". Upon successfully completing the mission, in addition to standard rewards, Tenno will recieve a cosmetic known only as Beanie, equippable on frames, pets, and sentinels. @[DE]Steve Hue
  11. Valteria knows this because she bought cissney's from sniperwolf and is sniffing them
  12. Valteria isn't making sweet sweet love to Cissney5 at the moment.
  14. WE TRIPPING BALLS NOW -Booben, shortly before being arrested for public indecency.