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  1. DE knows, but I'm guessing since they understand that sentinel survivability is S#&$, penalizing players for something out of a player's control would be a $&*^ move.
  2. Point of order with regards to Landslide, your rework idea is terrible. You are removing the three most important parts of landslide, thereby rendering Atlas useless. Landslide is a gap closer, and grants INVINCIBILITY. Also, you are removing his ability to reach out and PUNCH a #*!%er. Rather than NERFING the ability to the ground, make it an exalted weapon in the same vein as Artemis bow: energy drain on activation and attack only.
  3. @[DE]Megan Now its bugged and we can't go to stage 2
  4. After this patch, I keep losing collection to my squads, which breaks the vallis
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