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  1. Random Showerthought - Grineer won't be a threat for long

    Grineer will be around for quite a bit longer. They've lasted for what? 10,000 years? 100,000? Who knows how long we were in the dream?
  2. Lootboxes would help...

    Mate, at this point I would say you need to stay off the forums. Lootboxes in warframe is an idea so despicable that it makes me want to throw you into a room with a horny pink rhino.
  3. Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    @[DE]Rebecca In my opinion, if you guys go through with this ash change, make it so you can hold 3 in order to teleport normally or vice versa, so we can still have the utility of being able to teleport or use the Fatal Teleport Augment
  4. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    @[DE]Rebecca Does it have to be teleport to opt in though? Because some of us enjoy using fatal teleport, and it would be a shame not to be able to send your clone in to kill grunts while you personally slit the throat of that bombard over there.
  5. YUVAN THEATER (Post Your Most Attractive Operator)

    I am Lady Paladin Alpharia, and this is the sword and the shield with which I bring down the wrath of justice.
  6. That requires the second tenno to log on for things. And for the two of you to be friends. Some people don't have friends.
  7. The true Glass Warframe - Gara More Suggestions

    Nidus already has that
  8. Primed Mods - Could there be an alternative to get them?

    Here's the problem: Forma IS a resource you come by every day. I would say 10 forma +10k endo +1mil credits would be fair. And even then, I wouldn't want it implemented.
  9. How long does IP ban last?

    He didn't actually do anything wrong though, most likely just working down a list of known codes, trying to get free stuff like youtuber emblems.
  10. Why people hate archwing?

    Because it was VERY clunky before it's rework, and even after said rework, its still a pain to play. Might be easier to play with controller though, since you have joysticks.
  11. Ember's WoF discussion; Does it deserve the hate?

    This is probably just an Xbone thing. Here on PC, no one cares what you bring to an exp farming mission, unless you are getting downed every 5 seconds, use some form of deliberate visual cancer, or are a limbo troll.
  12. Farewell to Mynki!

  13. Mission Idea Sandbox.

    VIP protection: Lotus: Tenno, one of our most venerated brethren(a generic Guide of the Lotus or a founder)/Darvo/Clem/Maroo has been caught in an ambush. We can not afford to lose them. You are to join them and break the entrapment. Protect our family, Tenno. 1.Players fight through the tileset until they reach the VIP 2.Cue cutscene of VIP injured, but standing/sitting/kneeling on/making a pile of corpses. Darvo/Maroo will be taking cover, weapon out but will not have killed all enemies. Clem will have painted grakatas on the wall in blood or something. 3.VIP will universally be unable to preform advanced parkour maneuvers, but will have access to basic movement, as well as scaling weapons. Tenno will have powers, Darvo/Maroo can hack corpus assets, Clem has Grakatas. (VIP is injured, but still battle ready) 4. Players will navigate the tileset to the extraction point, however, in addition to standard enemies, minibosses will spawn to take out the VIP. (Acolytes+Stalker/Bursa squads and Hyena Packs+Zanuka/Rathuum executioners+Gustrag 3)<-Potential Examples 5. Sub bosses can be intercepted in multiple ways, such as players going ahead to trigger spawns in order to preemptively defeat them, Locating and destroying/hacking teleprtation beacons, creating "impassible" enviromental Hazards. Final boss will always spawn however. Extra fun: Very low chance of the Tenno being exfiltrated being named Steve. Enemies during the mission will be harder than usual, but Steve will have an ancient relic weapon from the Pre Orokin era called the "Nerf Bat". Upon successfully completing the mission, in addition to standard rewards, Tenno will recieve a cosmetic known only as Beanie, equippable on frames, pets, and sentinels. @[DE]Steve Hue
  14. Tell An Outrageous Lie About The User Above You

    Valteria knows this because she bought cissney's from sniperwolf and is sniffing them
  15. Tell An Outrageous Lie About The User Above You

    Valteria isn't making sweet sweet love to Cissney5 at the moment.