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  1. Unfortunately, the PC build of the game is under a beta contract.
  2. Type:PC In Game Description: After Killing the Second Murex of the run, railjack enemies stopped appearing Visual: Reproduction: Unknown, however, prior to the start of the bug, one of our squadmates disconnected during loading, prompting a restart of his game and rejoining us after the mission began, but before the first murex was killed. We have not attempted to reproduce this bug. Observation: After ending that mission and beginning a new one, no railjack enemies spawned in this second mission as well. Unknown how this bugs persists between missions.
  3. I'm getting my reinforcement messages in mission somehow?
  4. Open a support ticket and send them the vids. They can't help you here.
  5. If you failed, you failed. It's supposed to feel like a punishment.
  6. Immediately strip redirection and fortitude from all your builds except Hildryn if you have her. Slot streamline at the very least into one of the open slots. Consider slotting a range mod in the other. Post your builds to imgur then use those links to post them here, so we can see what you are doing.
  7. Please, for the love of God, revert AoE changes
  8. Will you buff exalted weapons to match current high tier weapons? After the Melee nerf, they got significantly weaker in comparison to all other melee weapons, due to lack of access to scaling mods.
  9. General rule of thumb for me: 1. Regardless of MR, I will answer questions 2. Regardless of MR, if someone is missing a basic mod, is respectful, and I have a spare, I will sell at a heavily discounted price or free. 3. Regardless of MR, if someone needs an escort for a few missions, and I have the time, I will gladly tag along. 4. However, if your MR is low, and you are on a planet where you shouldn't be (MR 3s on Hydron) you get 1 revive, and that's it.
  10. You can probably ask people on the forum here for help making a lich raiding group. They get murmurs towards their own lich, and your wife gets her lich murdered in record time.
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