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  1. Guess I will use my first Amp for the rest of my life.

    Oh dear, the entitlement is strong in the OP. Why would you want to burn through all that content so fast? If you complete all your goals in one week, you will get bored. Games, at their core, are meant to spend time. If you are not willing to spend time to have fun, you shouldn't be playing.
  2. Is Ballas considered good or bad?

    Also since when was lying to your kids inherently evil? 1.Your mother and I were...wrestling. 2. Buddy is just taking a very long vacation, you'll see him again one day. 3. I am your mom-> I am not your original mom...but for hundreds, even thousands of years I have kept literal monsters from finding you, while keeping your minds active so you don't fade
  3. Is Ballas considered good or bad?

    "Hush, my wilted love. I cannot protect you. Tomorrow you must renounce before the seven..." "Seven hands raised! For your apostasy, the judgement is... death. Margulis, why?" Until the last moment it seems Ballas was trying to convince Margulis to stop protecting us and save herself. Obviously he didn't want her to die. The vote of execution was unanimous, but if he had voted no, he would have been most likely questioned, maybe accused of aiding Margulis, and killed himself. He ovviously has regrets/sadness.
  4. Farewell to Mynki!

  5. Mission Idea Sandbox.

    VIP protection: Lotus: Tenno, one of our most venerated brethren(a generic Guide of the Lotus or a founder)/Darvo/Clem/Maroo has been caught in an ambush. We can not afford to lose them. You are to join them and break the entrapment. Protect our family, Tenno. 1.Players fight through the tileset until they reach the VIP 2.Cue cutscene of VIP injured, but standing/sitting/kneeling on/making a pile of corpses. Darvo/Maroo will be taking cover, weapon out but will not have killed all enemies. Clem will have painted grakatas on the wall in blood or something. 3.VIP will universally be unable to preform advanced parkour maneuvers, but will have access to basic movement, as well as scaling weapons. Tenno will have powers, Darvo/Maroo can hack corpus assets, Clem has Grakatas. (VIP is injured, but still battle ready) 4. Players will navigate the tileset to the extraction point, however, in addition to standard enemies, minibosses will spawn to take out the VIP. (Acolytes+Stalker/Bursa squads and Hyena Packs+Zanuka/Rathuum executioners+Gustrag 3)<-Potential Examples 5. Sub bosses can be intercepted in multiple ways, such as players going ahead to trigger spawns in order to preemptively defeat them, Locating and destroying/hacking teleprtation beacons, creating "impassible" enviromental Hazards. Final boss will always spawn however. Extra fun: Very low chance of the Tenno being exfiltrated being named Steve. Enemies during the mission will be harder than usual, but Steve will have an ancient relic weapon from the Pre Orokin era called the "Nerf Bat". Upon successfully completing the mission, in addition to standard rewards, Tenno will recieve a cosmetic known only as Beanie, equippable on frames, pets, and sentinels. @[DE]Steve Hue
  6. Tell An Outrageous Lie About The User Above You

    Valteria knows this because she bought cissney's from sniperwolf and is sniffing them
  7. Tell An Outrageous Lie About The User Above You

    Valteria isn't making sweet sweet love to Cissney5 at the moment.
  8. Dev Workshop Part 4: Hotfix 18.13.2 information & more!

  9. Update 18.12.0: Vauban Prime & 18.12.1

    WE TRIPPING BALLS NOW -Booben, shortly before being arrested for public indecency.
  10. Hotfix 18.10.5

    DE please bring back old iron skin. The new one has nothing on the angular, armor plated beauty of the old just looks flat...and on many map lightings with gold colors on, it is barely even noticable.
  11. Next Prime Frame Confirmed! Vauban Prime!

    Official figures of the time between the fall and our awakening are not given. 200 would seem far too low for such a technologically advanced race to degrade to the ruins and corpus that it is now. I chose 10,000 arbitrarily as a large number...and the fact that Warframe reminds me about 40k
  12. Next Prime Frame Confirmed! Vauban Prime!

    Think about it this way: 1. Orokin Braton 2. Orokin Prime Braton 3.10,000 years pass 4. Corpus have created bad copies of their ancestor's braton, MK1 Braton 5. Corpus have reached the level of Orokin Braton, via upgrading their MK 1 Braton, but no gold bits 6. Tenno rediscover the Prime Braton, but because we posses Ancient Orokin tech(Liset/Orbiter/Foundry) only we can produce it. We had been using the Corpus Variant until then, so the Braton Prime seems like a direct upgrade. Our memories are fuzzy and Ordis is still royally ****ed up from his suicide attempt.
  13. Next Prime Frame Confirmed! Vauban Prime!

    You realize the Corpus are the descendants of the Orokin that we didn't manage to Murder Exterminate (WHO LET ALAD V IN HERE?) Righteously overthrow in the name of Freedom and Honor. Hey just because we enslaved you and made you into immortal child soldiers doesn-- *BLAM!*
  14. Warframe Builder

    Not our problem, this is the Warframe forums.
  15. Hotfix 18.8.2

    Anyone else's chat broken?