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  1. I don't play Inaros, so I didn't even know that. But yeah, those things being immune to abilities is an extremely bad design. Just like everything else about the Nightwave in general.
  2. FINALLY. This thing has overstayed its welcome by *months*. Now, as others already mentioned, can we get all the newer frames' helmets added to the rotation already? The glass resonance will NOT be missed. Let's never have something like this again.
  3. Can confirm, happened to me and a friend yesterday when doing the Baro Inaros mission; we had to abort a few times before we gave up and used a different ability on Inaros. Dying fixes it, but it's back as soon as you start having fun with the ability again.
  4. I can finally play again! Can you improve mouse+keyboard support by making the quick menus, corpus hacks, certain vendors, mod fusion, etc work with the mouse and keyboard?
  5. After the latest update on the ps4, moving the camera with the mouse is extremely slow, rising dpi of the mouse to the max helps some, but makes menus absolutely hard to use, since the menus cursor is not affected by this slowness bug. The controller doesn't seem to be affected by this, but I prefer m+k, due to accessibility reasons.
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