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  1. rip, looks bad to make ex post facto laws and definitions. should at least let players redo their runs if original was "illicit"
  2. Cyngas Stock Costs 25K Perrin Sequence syndicate standing, all other archweapon parts for all syndicates cost 20K each not sure if it will charge 25k or not. i did not try buying it. Could be just a UI typo but still charges 20k
  3. please don't make the exploiter take longer
  4. Thanks DE for separating the accessories from the frames and weapons, now you will finally get my money for those syandanas.
  5. I'd rather buy Diablo Immortal than those accessories.
  6. This hotfix dropped during my toroid farm and crashed my game, GIVE ME BACK MY 40 Toroids! 😞 T_T
  7. YAY!!!!!! it's finally here! Thanks for all your hard work DE. Will continue to support you.
  8. my hype for fortuna has died like when you get so hungry that u stop feeling hungry or when u get so tired that u stop feeling tired, JUST SHIP IT
  9. just trying to be optimistic, supreme leader
  10. sooo it's coming next week if early november? since the week after next would be mid november Im ok with non-game crashing bugs, we already have quite a few in the current version 🙂 some of them are actually quite amusing. JUST SHIP IT
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