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  1. lech krill still gets bugged in invulnerability phase 2/5 times i have an encounter with him.
  2. It doesn't happen all the time. But every once in a while, when I am on Public matchmaking and I click a kuva flood node on the starmap. i'll load into the mission, but all the enemies are low level and it's a normal siphon mission. The other random players im matched with will tell me they had started a normal siphon mission. and the siphon drops me the normal siphon amount of kuva , not the double amount of floods. I've had this happen multiple times ever since kuva floods were introduced. it happens less now than before. but it still happens. every time I play a flood mission, i am left checking if it's fake. it's supremely annoying.
  3. How is this still a problem? How many years has it been?!
  4. would like to see more tennogen armor accesories for all body parts
  5. nice loot=chest of 35k kuva. loot that actually feels rewarding, that is calibrated so that the amount of time spent on quest is equivalent the amount of reward. so u don't have situations of rotation c poop mod drop.
  6. sounds like you don't think lore and quests for nice loot in dungeons is content. what is content for you?
  7. i have always wanted more story quests. i was hoping that poe or fortuna would include skyrim like quests all over the map, and the caves would be like skyrim caves, but no. very let down.
  8. that was yesterday, so patch now? come on, you removed some of the content, so shouldn't take you as long right? today, u can do it DE, i believe u!
  9. i read it, just not today, thanks
  10. i read it, just not today, thanks
  11. It's this week. Where is patch?
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