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  1. New global code from awesome Youtube streamer (vauban main :) ): RAHETALIUS https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=RAHETALIUS
  2. Universal glyph code => JOEYZEROhttps://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=JOEYZERO
  3. Nyxx TV: We currently have glyph codes for all platforms! If you're a sub or have 50 hours watched, message a mod with an emote or let us know you have the hours and we'll hook you up. If you have the sub role in our !discord you can ask for one at any time.
  4. Universal glyph code => FROZENBALLZ https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=FROZENBALLZ
  5. Seleste: (Glyph PC only untill consoles update) You can get Seleses glyph in 3 ways 1) 30,000 petals (channel's currency, seleste rewards 5 Petals every 10minutes.) by "!redeem glyph <platform>" 2) subscribing at Twitch and entering "!redeem subglyph <platform>" in chat 3) get lucky and there might be a giveaway!
  6. DKDiamantes Discord: Ivorysmoon doesn`t have Glyph codes anymore so she stopped to give them. Whiskey_Cat doesn`t have PC Glyph codes at Twitch-Store, only some left for subs. SkeeZ lowered price of Glyph to 420 Twitch points for November only. Warframe Madness [vamp6x6x6x] now sells codes at Twitch Store for 500 points. QueenSena Glyph removed from game. Doesn`t know why. PocketNinja - u can sub to her site https://www.pokketprotektors.com/glyph and she will send you one to mail in 5-7 days. Slivarito - "Rules for acquisition for most people will be (any one of these, feel free to do more if you want though); > Watch the stream for 8 hours total > Sub >Speedrun (show me a time or proof!) >Run raids in the past consistently (Show me your old Trials.wf, over 100 completions!) >Endurance past 2 hours (no Ivara or Octavia, level 30+ map, screencap works as well) >Sub 12 minute Terelyst solo, sub 20 minute Tridolon group (end screencap with rewards!) >Have all Kuria scans (Screencap!) >Collect all the Somachords >Reach max rank in Conclave"
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