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  1. on the bright side that means more interesting content per devstream
  2. this is the feedback section of the forums, you're looking for this thread;
  3. except that vauban prime has a prime toggle, you can make him look like normal vauban if you wanted. additionally, vauban and vauban prime have different stats, with the prime version having overall better stats than default vauban. the same applies between excalibur and excalibur umbra; umbra has better stats than default excalibur along with three umbral polarities pre-installed, by forcing players to use an inferior version of excalibur just because they don't like the scarf just doesn't sit well for me and many others in this thread. using the default version of a frame while a better version is out is basically handicapping yourself as you're going to be missing out on the advantages that upgraded version has compared to the other. the point of this very thread was to make that handicap for fashion gone and allow us to fully customise excalibur umbra like any other warframe that has an alternate variant, and we've finally got it after a solid year of asking.
  4. you can enable melee channeling by pressing middle click; it hasn't been removed, just changed to another key by default.
  5. the end of an era of complaining and bumping the thread is here. thank you for doing this!
  6. same with the dojo; nothing more annoying than trying to put a decoration and it collides with a wall or even another decoration ever so slightly that you cannot move it anymore in one direction.
  7. the soma is fine; weapons with more than 30% crit should only be for more skill oriented weapons like snipers and bows, not on a rifle that has a high magazine size and rapid fire bullets. miniboss enemies are always going to be tanky and of course only using one weapon takes longer to kill an enemy. you have to combine the weapon with abilities that boost damage, strip armour, or just plain old damaging abilities. it's simple variety and this should be encouraged instead of only needing to hold down mouse 1 and beat the entire mission (looking at you ignis wraith).
  8. i honestly do think squadlink is going to be dead on release or a hated feature on both ends if it has good rewards that you simply cannot ignore. think of it this way, when you enter the plains of eidolon or orb vallis, you go there to do a task or a mission and that's it, you don't want to suddenly have to do something else you never asked for. while the squadlink beacon works well for that, many people are just going to ignore it resulting in the other party not getting the help they need. alternatively, there's going to be a lot of competition over who gets squadlink opportunities if there's good rewards behind it, this will be because there's only going to be a limited amount of squadlink chances at one time. i also can't see people just lounging around on the open world maps once railjack launches, players would likely want to immediately jump into the new content. this results in a ton of squadlink requests, but nobody to answer them. they did say squadlink had alternative methods for solo players, but we have yet to see these in action or get a description as to how a railjack mission (like the one we saw at tennocon) without squadlink would work. it's a cool idea, but cool ideas often just don't work or fall flat when put into place.
  9. the one year anniversary of this thread is coming up on the 13th, and we've had zero progress on this goal. in that time, we could have at least got one response from DE, but we've got absolutely nothing, not here, not on twitter, not on the subreddit. all i want to know is; why are you avoiding this thread DE? over that one year period one of you must have seen this thread and clicked on it, only to realise that there's still a demand for a minor feature a good chunk of your players have been begging for. we're not asking for a complete overhaul of the game or something massive, this is a simple treatment that every other warframe variant has received over the years. it's not impossible as mesa prime got the exact treatment we have been looking for and that took a week if you don't count the winter break. with the announcement of excalibur's deluxe skin, there's already increased concern over this, people are starting to realise how much umbra's prime/extra details destroy deluxe and tennogen skins and they don't want that to happen to the planned deluxe skin, and they also don't want to be forced to play a statistically inferior version of a frame they enjoy just to look better. i can tell you right now, that if this issue isn't resolved by that deluxe skin release, there's going to be a lot of complaints on the forums asking for what we've been telling you for a year now. so why not just do it? why not give a response? why not give this one tiny, little, itsy-bitsy task to someone on your massive art team and get it over with in like a week (or in the worst case scenario, a month)? it doesn't have to be an exact, detailed reason, just give us answers.
  10. the original idea for ephemeras was for them to be special rewards for hard/end-game tasks that only appear rarely, putting them on the store would invalidate their status and turn them into yet another cosmetic item. even making them tradable goes against the original design, but is slightly more acceptable in my opinion. just because you have irl obligations does not mean that things people have spent hours trying to get should become super easy to obtain. even with irl obligations such as work, you can squeeze in one or two runs for an ephemera a day and you'll eventually get it that way. you don't have to no-life grind them like the madmen who play warframe for 16 hours a day.
  11. i don't have excalibur prime and probably never will, but i have to say that excalibur prime's design is one of the best minimalist prime designs out there and it's a real shame that you have to (arguably) downgrade to use it. however, you can see why DE hasn't done this because no other frame is like excalibur with three unique variants and no non-prime frame has the ability to equip prime skins and helmets. it also seems like DE has some kind of severe allergy to excalibur and refuses to touch him in any way; take the massive demand for a prime toggle for excalibur umbra, just over a year of requests and yet not a single response from DE, and even mentioning excalibur prime is a guaranteed way to make DE run away from any thread.
  12. this is by far the worst challenge in nightwave; "Win 3 wagers in a row without letting the enemy score in one match of the index", the problem here is the "in a row", you have to get three perfect games which isn't always possible, even when you have people camping the enemy bank spot. currently, this challenge promotes a very toxic atmosphere in the index, if you let one enemy cap then you're going to get people raging in the chat and you'll be experiencing host migration hell as people leave and join. the solution is to either delete the challenge or remove the "in a row" segment, so you still build up progress on the challenge and don't lose it all because one enemy slipped past your defences and scored one point. preferably the modify option.
  13. i gotta ask, why do you want to disable those particles? they're already in such tiny amounts that they won't impact performance much (if at all). and yes, what you're getting there is just CPU particles instead of GPU, that's how it was before the new particle system was introduced.
  14. DE - "We listen to our community!" the community - "ok can we have a scarf/prime details toggle for umbra? it absolutely destroys many excalibur skins and i don't want to be forced into using default excalibur." *absolutely nothing, not even a response* also the community - "mesa's ass is a little wrong" *DE arrives at 800mph and fixes her ass* also also the community - "why doesn't mesa prime have a prime toggle" *DE writes up a full blog post why not and eventually delivers a prime toggle after the holiday break, about a month of time distance (counting the holiday)* it isn't impossible DE, why can't you deliver on this one thing? why am i still here after months upon months of waiting for you to deliver on one tweak? why are you not even responding to us, even with a "yeah" or "nah" like how mesa prime was handled. "but umbra's scarf is part of who he is! he wouldn't want it removed!" is a common response i see, but then why is umbra fine with us painting him neon pink and giving him butterfly wings when he's (essentially) a legendary warrior? also the scarf wasn't even mentioned in the quest, his son wasn't wearing it nor did anyone gift it to him, it's merely a stylistic addition to the frame that has horrible clipping issues and ruins many tennogen skins. "but umbra isn't a prime! he can't have a prime toggle if he's not a prime!", this one just angers me because umbra is essentially the non-founder version of excalibur prime, he has gold bits, different polarities and improved stats. the only differences between him and a prime is his unique passive and remade second ability (that does the exact same as radial blind, but with a different animation). rename it to umbra toggle if calling it a prime toggle really gets on your nerves.
  15. assuming the tennogen wave is coming with this update? or are you going to surprise us with a sneaky update this week???
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