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  1. mesa prime - "the model is different so we had to delay her prime toggle! so we've temporarily replaced the tennogen model with the non-prime variant" , fixed within a week of DE getting back from their christmas holiday, along with getting an ass overhaul. demand not as big as what excalibur umbra has received for the same treatment. excalibur umbra - months of silence, no word other than vague tweets saying "i'll ask the art team", tons of demand from the community, has been requested over 50 times and has been constantly bumped on the forums. no actions taken, not even a response to any of the threads made on the issue. tl;dr - tumbleweeds even the TEMPORARY treatment mesa got for her tennogen/alt skins would be acceptable for excalibur umbra; swap out the model with regular excalibur when using different skins. better yet, just add the god damn prime toggle feature to umbra like every other warframe variant????? we're not asking for umbra's scarf to become a syandana, we just want the simple ability to hide it, entirely or on tennogen skins. what makes umbra so special that he doesn't receive fair treatment? why are we being forced to have something that harms the looks of many excalibur skins?? why does mesa prime receive the exact thing we've been asking for after 1 month (counting the winter break)??? why are we being given the silent treatment???? just talk to us DE, explain why you're not going to do it, even a response of "we'll get around to it soon" or "we can't do this because so and so" would be sufficient and far better than the absolute silence we're currently getting. we shouldn't be bumping the same thread monthly in the vain hope of that response.
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