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  1. This is really what I want, too. I hate that at this point, every single encounter in Warframe is won or lost by simply bringing a big enough gun. And the only time that isn't the case is with fights like Nihil, where we aren't allowed to use any of our easily breakable gear or abilities. But I don't think that completely removing random chance procs like crits and status effects is necessary to do that. Sure, that would make combat almost entirely skill based, but it would also make it extremely flat. Same with modding. Instead of being able to choose if we mod for crits, or status, or b
  2. Because what you want isn't necessarily what the majority wants. Or what makes the game actually function. I get it. I also enjoy being able to stack mods and bonuses all over the place to see just how crazy high we can get our damage output. But its also gone way too far, and is making it impossible for DE to actually balance the game, or design anything properly anymore. So being able to do this one fun little thing is making the entire rest of the game significantly less fun. Is that worth it? Sure, that would work too. I was just listing things that are already in the game tha
  3. We really shouldn't need to hit 100% on either of those. Those things should always have a random chance of happening, and 100% is not random. And again, orange crits and red crits, with their ridiculously high multipliers, really shouldn't even be a thing. Just like multishot, they only make the gap between minimum and maximum power way bigger than it should be. And that makes it impossible for anything to ever get properly balanced. Which makes it impossible for DE to design decent enemies. Hide behind cover. Turn invisible. Put the enemy to sleep. Freeze them. Stun them. Confus
  4. One of the main problems Warframe has had for a long time, is that every time DE gives us something cool to deal with, they then give us an even more effective way to ignore it. And most of the time, with enemies, they way to ignore them is simply bring better gear. Because it doesn't matter how fancy your enemies are when the players can either do so much damage that they never get the chance to do anything at all, or when they can have so much EHP that no enemy attack will ever come close to being a threat. And worst of all, in Warframe, it is extremely easy to do both at the same time. Ther
  5. You are disappointingly predictable. "OH NO GODWIN'S LAW! Quick! Everyone turn off your brains, someone said the word Nazi! Logic has lost all meaning!" I am not saying that people who claim to like grinding are as bad as Nazis, because that is idiotic. I am saying that, if you want to accept everyone's opinion as correct, without question, like you were telling me I supposedly have to, then that means that means that EVERONE'S beliefs are correct, no matter how terrible they may be. So the beliefs of Nazi's would be just as legitimate as, say, a charity worker. And the opinion of someone
  6. By this logic, there is nothing wrong with being a racist, homophobe, anti-vaccer, flat earther, or Nazi. Because they just enjoy something different than us, right? Their opinions are just as valid as anyone else's, right? I acknowledge that there are people that think grinding is enjoyable, the same way I acknowledge that the are plenty of those other kinds of people out there. But acknowledging their existence does not mean that their opinions are right, and it doesn't mean what they support is good. Its all just different levels of the same kind of aggressively irrational and ignorant
  7. Thank you. I actually agree with most of this, too. As I have said before, there is still a lot of good to be found in Warframe. Its just that you have to work so hard to find it that it makes it unfeasible to play this game casually. If you don't treat it like a job, you'll never make much progress. Like, how one of the best, and most repeatable boss fights in the entire game is buried behind what can easily be one of the most frustrating grinds in the entire game. If I could just fight a Lich whenever I wanted, without all the mod and murmur farming, that would be great! I would probabl
  8. Sure, you enjoy Warframe as it is. But why? And how do you know you wouldn't enjoy it more if it weren't so stupidly grindy? Do you actually have a reason? Or are you really so complacent that you'll just accept any old crap that's put in front of you? Those questions aren't "nonsense hypotheticals". I was trying to get you to actually explain why you think grinding is enjoyable. Or why grinding is good game design. Or anything other than just doing the usual dismissive BS of telling me this is just a "you problem", while you completely avoid actually justifying your position in any way.
  9. Why are you okay with any of this? You do realize that games don't have to be made this way, right? You're literally saying "Warframe isn't supposed to be a good game, so all its flaws are fine." Do you think Doom would have been better if it was super grindy? Would it be more fun if you had to play the first level 50 times before you unlocked the second one? Would it be more fun if you had to kill 200 Shotgun Guys before you unlocked the shotgun? Would it be better if you had to kill 1,000 enemies with the shotgun to level it up enough to actually be useful? You would certainly be able t
  10. Frustrating yourself is exactly the problem. There is a very clear right and wrong way to play this part of the game. And, the way DE clearly intended you to do it, and the way most players are likely to try it the first time, is the wrong way. As I said, if you get all the mods you need before creating a Lich, you can defeat them very quickly. You just need to farm murmurs until you know the right combo. Or you can even try guessing, and hope you get lucky. Then just beat that last fight, and you're done. But, if you create your Lich first, then try and farm all the mods, it can be
  11. I ragequit Warframe for several months because of how much my first Lich was pissing me off. And I very nearly didn't come back at all. The entire system is a perfect self contained example of the main problem with this game. There is actually a decent, but small, bit of fun in it, its just buried under an obscene amount of horribly designed grinding as a lazy way to extend playtime. The actual final fight against the Lich, when they're fully leveled up and you have their Requiem all figured out and ready to go, can be extremely fun. (Assuming you don't just cheese it with an invinci
  12. This kind of thing could really help bring new players into the game. Especially if it applied to more gear than just Necramechs. Its always really hard to try and get someone new into a multiplayer game that you have been playing for a long time, because you are so much further ahead of them. You want to start playing together right away, but you can't take them to the high level missions you usually do, and you would completely ruin the low level missions they are still on. And it will take months of grinding for them to catch up to you. So, why can't you just let them borrow some of yo
  13. Most likely, Warframe will share the same fate as pretty much all other "live service" games do. DE will keep trying to squeeze as much money out of it as they can, for as long as they can. The game will continue to get more and more grindy and manipulative in a desperate attempt to maximize profits for as long as possible. And once the profits finally drop below the costs, one of two things will happen. Either the game will simply shut down and we'll be left with nothing at all, or DE will sell it to some Reloaded type studio, that will "resurrect" it as an even more horribly monetized and an
  14. This is exactly my point. Warframe has gotten so massive that they just plain can't go back and fix everything that needs to be fixed at this point. It would take them so long that the game would die long before they were finished. This is why its so important for game devs to come up with a long term plan for how their game is supposed to work from the very beginning, and then stick to it. Constantly changing your mind part way through, and constantly trying to add new things without fully considering what effect they will have on the overall experience is only going to cause proble
  15. Railjack would have been a perfect opportunity for DE to experiment with this. Since its an almost entirely new game, it would have been easy for them to try new ways of balancing things. But they didn't. Its just yet another case of stats completely overriding skill. When you first start, your ship is so flimsy and pathetic that you can barely survive even the lowest level missions no matter how good you might be at flying it. Then, after you grind your face off for a while, and get all the best mods and parts, nothing can hope to challenge you, and you just end up sleepwalking your way
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