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  1. The thing about games like Mario, compared to Warframe, is that they can't die. There is nothing there that needs to be kept alive in the first place. It doesn't matter if Nintendo goes out of business, there are no servers to shut down, no player profiles to get deleted. The game is completely stand alone, and therefore far more permanent than a "Live Service" ever will be. Have you heard of the Ship of Theseus? If not, its an ancient Greek thought experiment that basically goes like this: If you have a ship, and over time replace each of its boards one by one, is it still the same ship?
  2. I have never said people can't enjoy Warframe. As a matter of fact, the entire problem I have with it is that there is still fun to be had here. If there wasn't, I wouldn't say anything, and would have just abandoned it long a go. The problem is that all the bits fun it does offer are buried under giant disgusting piles if terrible game design. Its like having to dig through a landfill for the few nuggets of gold that might be hidden in there. And every update, DE adds a new gold nugget, along with another ton of garbage. The other problem I have is that so many people will so veheme
  3. You are basing your entire argument here on the assumption that playing a game forever is a good thing. That's not true. Doing something for so long that you start to hate it is unhealthy. Its more likely addiction, than true enjoyment. And I have already mentioned how all these games are designed to be more addicting than fun. Its far better to play a game for a finite amount of time, enjoy the entire thing, have it end in a satisfying way, then move on to something else. Because that way, you can still come back to it again later, and enjoy it all over again if you want. And even if you
  4. Sure, any game can be stressful. But most of the time, you can just stop playing if it gets to be too much. But, with Warframe, much of that stress comes from things like limited time events, where if you don't play RIGHT NOW, to get those items RIGHT NOW, you might miss them forever. In that situation, not playing is actually what causes the stress, so then what are you supposed to do about it? I mean, even though I barely even care about any of the items DE keeps adding (They're useless if you never play to use them, after all.) I still get that little twinge of regret whenever something goe
  5. You don't seem to understand the point of sequels. You claim that Warframe wouldn't have had the chance to grow if they had made Warframe 2. But that's exactly how it would have grown. Sequels actually let games grow much more effectively than "Live Service" development does. Because they let the developers actually undo their mistakes, along with adding new things and moving forwards. "Live Service" games can't do that nearly as easily. There, they just have to sweep the mess under the rug, and hope no one notices. For example: Warframe is currently on the (unfinished) 3.0 version o
  6. You admitted to the real problem without even realizing it. Games and work are not the same thing. Games should not induce the same feelings of stress as a job, or studying for a degree. Yet these days, many of them do. And again, that's a massive problem, and what causes burnout. If you ever need to take a break from the thing that you usually use to take a break, then something has gone horribly wrong. The reason you do work, or study, even if you hate doing its not because its fun, Its because you have to to get your reward. You work to get paid. You study to get a degree, to get paid
  7. I never said Destiny was better than Warframe. Its not. They have made their own horrible mistakes, plus most of the same ones as Warframe. The main thing they did right was actually making a sequel at some point. This was never just about Railjack. Its about the fact that DE keeps diluting their game with more and more peripheral stuff, while ignoring the core parts that attracted most of us in the first place. Railjack is just the most obvious example of that, so its what I have been focusing on. You're also still stuck on DE making a sequel NOW, which I have already said wouldn't
  8. Covid has been messing things up in America and Canada for almost exactly a year. But Warframe's updates have been getting slower and smaller for many years. Its clearly not just because DE has been out of the office due to quarantine. Though, I guess you wouldn't have noticed, since it started before you even joined. You never even saw any of the old weekly Tenno Reinforcement updates, did you? The base game of Destiny 2 went F2P because they changed publishers. It wasn't because it was failing. They had actually gotten a fairly significant boost in players just before doing so from the
  9. First you say we can't predict what might have happened, then you tell me you know exactly what would have happened. Right... Besides, I'm basing my argument off of what I do know. Warframe was originally a 3rd person shooter. Railjack has you flying spaceships. Those are not the same thing, at all, and require an entirely different set of skills and systems to make work. And, every time DE adds a new different system to the game, things get worse. More bugs go ignored, and new updates get smaller and take longer to come out. I still remember when we used to get weekly Tenno Reinforcement upda
  10. That's the problem with all the latest updates. Each one is either nothing but more of the exact same thing we already have. Or its something completely different. There's nothing that mixes things up just enough to be interesting again, without straying into a completely different genre of game. That's why PoE was one of the most popular updates they ever released. It was fresh and new, while still being familiar enough to fit right in. And then Fortuna wasn't quite as popular, and Deimos was barely even noticed, because by then it was all old news. They innovated once, then just copied it a
  11. See, the problem is that I have done that. I have been taking a break from Warframe for a very long time now. Because it has been years since DE has actually released an update that was actually worth playing. I checked out Scarlet Spear, and stopped caring once I got the two weapons. I checked out Orphix Venom, and got bored after three missions. Didn't even get a single thing from the shop. I played the Deadlock Protocol, and had absolutely no interest in even trying the GrindingGranum Void afterwards. I played The Heart Of Deimos, and the final Necramech battle was legitimately one of
  12. If I had the skills to make a submarine, why wouldn't I just make a submarine? Why would I try to force my car to do something it was never designed for, and will most likely never be good at? Though, that assumes that you even have those skills in the first place, which is a pretty big assumption. Especially with Warframe, since DE has shown pretty convincingly that they don't have the skills/resources to make Railjack good while also working on everything else in the game. That's why excusing it for being unfinished doesn't actually solve anything. One: If its not worth playing, the rea
  13. Yeah, this game has an incredibly low skill floor and ceiling. There is basically no challenge here that cannot be overcome by simply equipping better gear. There are no skill checks anywhere, there are just gear checks. And all those usually amount to is "Do you know how to stack all the DPS boosting mods you possibly can on everything? Then you win." Spy Missions too hard? Just use Spoiler Mode or Ivara's Prowl augment. Enemies dealing too much damage? Use any of the several Frames that can become nearly invulnerable. Enemies take too long to kill? Just switch over to whatever the curre
  14. Anyone who is willing to settle for a worse version of something just because they are too cheap and/or lazy to try anything else is just plain sad. Try exploring outside you tiny little box of ignorance for once, you'd be surprised how nice it is out here. And, as I said in my previous post: It doesn't matter what I like or don't like. The problem is that Warframe's development model doesn't give me, or anyone else, a choice in the matter. Just wait, keep playing long enough, and you'll end up in my position. Hating DE for removing something you liked, or forcing in something you don't l
  15. Meanwhile, I have spent more on Warframe than any other game I have ever played. And I'm not just talking about money. If you aren't spending money on this game, you're spending time on it. And can you honestly say you have enjoyed every single moment you've spent here? That you have never had any moments when you really wanted to be doing something else, but the endless grinding made you stay here instead? This is one of the main things that has almost completely stopped me from playing Warframe at this point. The massive time investment DE demands from us just plain isn't worth it for t
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