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  1. Really, Cryotic gains just need to scale. The fact that you get the same amount per extractor no matter the level, and no matter how long the mission has gone for, is just plain dumb. There is no reason not to just do quick minimum level missions over and over again, aside from how boring it is. The base amount per extractor should increase alongside the other rewards as the mission's tier increases. Something like: tier 1: 100, tier 2: 125, tier 3: 150, tier 4: 175. Add an extra 25~50 per successful extractor, and now there is actually a reason to do high level, long duration excavation missions. Plus, it would take much less time to get the Cryotic you need, so it wouldn't get so tedious anymore, either.
  2. I'm not one to jump at jump scares, and it takes quite a bit to freak me out. But the man in the wall has managed to get me several times. Even after all this time, even after seeing it so many times, I still get startled by it. A couple weeks ago it showed up in a place I had never seen it in before, and got me good enough that I actually had to take a couple seconds to compose myself before moving on. That's good monster design.
  3. Baruuk very quickly became one of my new favorite frames after I got him. I have always liked playing more of a supportive role in team based games, and Baruuk is great for that. Plus, he is extremely hard to kill. I haven't gotten a chance to try Wisp myself, yet. But I always enjoy having her in my squad.The buffs from her little motes strengthening the entire team is really nice.
  4. Even if it is easy to do, that doesn't make it fun. Even if it only takes 20 minutes to do, that is still 20 minutes that you could have spend doing something you actually enjoyed, instead. I have noticed that almost everyone that tries to excuse these challenges only ever seem to come up with "it's not that bad" as the reason. I don't think I have seen anyone say that the challenges are actually fun, or how the game is actually improved by them. It's always just "Oh, quit whining. Just deal with it and move on". To me, that sounds like a badly designed game system that people are only begrudgingly accepting because of the sunk cost fallacy. They did the challenge, but don't want to admit that it really was an unenjoyable waste of time, so they have come up with a flimsy explanation of why it isn't a problem. Really, wouldn't it be better if these pointless, "not that bad" challenges that do nothing but waste your time and resources were replaced with something that was actually worthwhile? Something that was enjoyable, and not simply tolerable? Video games are supposed to be fun, after all.
  5. I have been unable to get excited about Railjack ever since it was first revealed, and that has not changed. All I see is DE falling into the same trap that so many other big game companies have. They are trying to do too many disparate things in a single game. This may seem great at first, more things to do and more ways to play is awesome, right? But the reality pretty much always ends up disappointing, with each section basically being an inferior copy of something you could find in another, more focused game. I would much rather see DE stay focused on the core aspects of Warframe than try to add so many completely different elements. They only have so many development resources at their disposal, and splitting them into smaller groups for each individual piece will only make the whole suffer. One of the best games I have played recently is DUSK, and one of the main reasons it's so good is because it's so focused. It does no more than it needs to, but it does it extremely well. Every single piece of DUSK is extremely polished. Unlike Warframe, which is already an unfocused mess of long forgotten bugs and unfinished systems. And adding all this new Railjack stuff is only going to make it all worse. Basically, I would rather play a game that does 1~2 things really well, over a game that does several things half decently. So, I would much rather have Warframe stay completely focused on making the shooting and looting the best it can be, and stop getting distracted by all this mining, sports, spaceships, or any other peripheral things.
  6. You forgot that aura forma require 10 Nitain each. So it used to require 175 Nitain for everything, but now you also need 10x however many frames you want to put an aura forma on on top of that. And, of course, DE is constantly adding new items that need Nitain, so the base number is always increasing as well. What the specific rewards are isn't really important. And rewards from other things like invasions and Lotus alerts don't count, because they are from separate systems that haven't changed. My point is that alert rewards were Nitain and everything else, but Nightwave rewards are Nitain or everything else. With alerts, you could get both the stuff you wanted, and the Nitain you needed at the same time. But with Nightwave, you have to choose between the fun stuff you want, and the Nitain you need. And how often is want going to trump need? How often do you think people are going to choose to buy a mastery fodder sword or a cosmetic item over more Nitain or potatoes? Even if you like the Nightwave rewards more than the alert rewards, wouldn't it have been better to simply upgrade the alert reward pool to be more worthwhile? Instead, they completely removed an otherwise functional system, only to replace it with something totally different that has its own major flaws. One of the biggest flaws with the old alert system was getting the specific item that you wanted, and Nightwave was supposed to fix that. But instead, Nightwave has simply swapped one set of issues for another. Alerts were unreliable because they required too much luck to get what you wanted. Nightwave is unreliable because it isn't always available, and there aren't enough Creds to go around even when it is.
  7. It is absurd to expect the average player to buy absolutely nothing but Nitain from Nightwave. How many people do you think are going to be willing to sacrifice getting any of the many, many other items in the Cred shop just to get a decent amount of one resource? And buying even a single other item can seriously decrease the amount of Nitain you can get. Buy one helmet? That's 15 less Nitain. Buy one potato? That's 25 less. If you do what I did during the intermission, and get one Catalyst, one Reactor, and one helmet, that only leaves you with enough Creds for a single five pack of Nitain. As always, I am extremely glad that I was lucky enough to get the chance to stock up on Nitain from alerts. Back when getting enough Nitain didn't also mean that I had to sacrifice getting anything else that I wanted, or vice versa. Even if Nitain was less common back then, you could have also gotten tons of other stuff along side it. Which is better? 65 Nitain and absolutely nothing else? Or 45 Nitain, a few thousand credits and resources, a few helmet BPs, an aura or two, and a couple weapon BPs? Not to mention how the old alert system was constant, and always available, while Nightwave has proven itself to be quite unreliable.
  8. Zephyr and the Fulmin. They work quite well together, both mechanically and thematically. She already has wind and tornadoes, and the Fulmin adds thunder and lightning to make her a proper thunderbird storm queen. I feel like the Fulmin really should have been Zephyr's signature weapon, not Wisp's. Another combo that I really like is Baruuk and his signature weapon, the Cobra & Crane. Even though it doesn't do a huge amount of damage, it makes for an amazing utility weapon. High status chance for corrosive armor stripping, viral health reduction, or whatever status effects you want. I also use Shattering Impact for even more armor removal against Grineer. The long range knockdowns from the aerial shield throws are also great against big targets, like Bombards. And of course, the sleep bonks when Baruuk uses it are really nice. Its really funny to run along bopping everything once to put it to sleep, then letting the rest of your squad kill all the sleeping targets. It was also really effective against the Wolf of Saturn Six, because you could perma-sleep stun him to keep him from fighting back.
  9. Yeah... I don't know about infinite monkeys. Its looks just a little bit ridiculous. Besides, we would also need infinite typewriters if we ever want to get that play written. Though, I was thinking it would be fun for him to have several smaller clones, instead of one big one. Something like 4~5 of them. They would all be half sized and deal less damage, but also move faster. Could make for a good augment.
  10. Yeah, uncolorable sections always annoy me. His are particularly large, too. And overall, his default skin's color sections are just plain hard to get good color schemes out of. At least his Macak helmet looks cool. Plus, he's got a glowing butthole, which is just plain weird...
  11. I doubt he will beat out Nezha or Baruuk as my most used frames. But he did go from my second least favorite frame to being fun enough to use fairly often. Now he just needs a Nezha Empyrean tier deluxe skin to go along with his awesome rework.
  12. Ever since his rework, he has become my main frame. He is one of the very few frames where I actually use all four of his abilities regularly. Even my old main, Nova, only really has two abilities that I use consistently. This is a really good sign that he is an extremely well designed frame. And even with how much I have been loving Baruuk recently, Nezha is still my main frame for most high level missions. Plus, his deluxe skin makes him the king of fashion frame, so you can't go wrong there.
  13. DE just put up a 48 hour alert for Hildryn's Asuron Helmet BP. At least they are continuing to do something to help the situation, even if it is basically the equivalent of trying to re-attach a severed limb with a couple band-aids. Anyway, go get yer helmets, ya dang popcorn scarfers! It doesn't even cost any Nitain to build it, either.
  14. You know, you aren't even arguing for anything anymore. You're just arguing against everything anyone says, which is pointless. And it makes it pointless to argue against you as well. Normally, I would be willing to continue this until the heat death of the universe, as I quite enjoy this sort of thing. But I just installed my new video card, and right now, I would much rather spend my time playing games instead of arguing about them. So have fun yelling "you're wrong!" ad infinitum at whoever else is willing to listen. You can even count this as beating me if your ego so demands, I don't mind!
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