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  1. This is the good and bad of Live service games. Obviously, everyone likes different things. And especially with a game as varied Warframe, there are many different things for people to enjoy. This can be a good thing, as long as everything is done well. But, inevitably, and by design, things change. Hopefully the changes are good, but they won't always be. Some part you like will start getting ignored, and bugs and imbalance start creeping in. Another part you like will get removed, and replaced by something you don't like. Etc. Whatever happens, good or bad, nothing is permanent. And that is a problem. This is exactly my point. DE used to be able to release at least semi-complete updates every few months. But the first 3rd of Railjack took more than two years? And if you go all the way back to the initial announcements of the Kingpin system, Kuva Liches took WAY longer than that. Yet, somehow, they really don't seem to be any better, or more impressive than previous updates. So what happened? And was this much higher cost worth what we got? I have been feeling the same way. I used to spend all my free time playing Warframe, so I ended up with a huge backlog of other awesome games that I wasn't playing. But now is the perfect time to catch up on them. Lately, I have been really enjoying Remnant: From the Ashes. Partially because it reminds me a lot of old Warframe. Back when Warframe was a much slower, and more tactical shooter, instead of this god-mode borefest we have now. Plus, it really helps that the Remnant Devs clearly had a complete and cohesive concept for the game from beginning to end, and stuck to it. Unlike Warframe, which is basically nothing but a chaotic pile of experiments and crazy ideas that vaguely looks like a game. So in a way, Warframe's downturn has been a boon. Silver linings, I guess... I can imagine amazing things like that all I want, but it doesn't mean it will ever happen. And I don't expect it ever will, with DE's history of never finishing anything. Even if DE actually promised anything like what you said, I still wouldn't get my hopes up. They have a tendency to never fully deliver on their promises. You can't judge a game by what it could be. You can only really judge it by what it is right now, because that other version only exists within your imagination. And basing your expectations on your perfect dreams will only lead to disappointment. You can hope that things will be better, but don't expect them to be perfect.
  2. I would love to have faith in DE to actually make things better. But their history proves otherwise, because they have basically never actually finished a single part of this game. Just look at the Corrupted. They were added in what? Update 8-something? And yet six years later, they are still using the same placeholder weapons they always have. And when they added new voices for the male units, they promised new female voices as well, but somehow never got around to that part. Sure, neither of these is a huge, game ruining problem, but it is a perfect example of DE's attitude and practices overall. They only ever release patches for something until the next big update comes out. They they shift all their attention to that, and forget everything else. So I would bet that Railjack will only be worked on until Planes of Duviri or New war comes out. Then it will simply languish in whatever hopefully good enough state it ends up in. They also tend to ignore all the little problems until they become huge and impossible to fix. But that's another topic... This isn't empty trash talk. You don't always have to play a game to know its bad. I don't think its worth going through the 36 hour unskippable wait, plus whatever grinding I would have to do on top of that, just to access a gamemode that I can't even play solo (AKA, the way I most enjoy this game). I will probably try it out whenever they get around to adding solo support. But until then, its not worth my time. Not when I have so many other games I could be playing instead. And I respect good work. Way too many people try to excuse incompetent game design by saying "But making games is hard!" You know what else is hard? Basically every job ever. Building cars is hard. Running a restaurant is hard. And if those people do a bad job, you better believe they'll catch hell for it. Shoddy work is Shoddy work, regardless of the industry. So a developer releasing a broken and unfinished game update doesn't deserve pity, and it certainly doesn't deserve defense. It deserves criticism. I am not saying any of this because I hate DE. I am not angry at them, I am disappointed in them. I know they can do better than this. But if we praise them for releasing garbage, they'll never have any reason to do better. This is the inherent flaw in the "live service" development model. The game is designed to be infinite. But nothing is infinite. And in trying to achieve this impossible goal, they inevitably end up making things worse and worse, until the game fizzles out and dies. And the more desperate they get, the more extreme the changes. Adding completely new things in an attempt to draw in an even bigger audience. But this usually only serves to drive away their oldest and most dedicated players, because the game ends up transforming into something completely different than what they originally fell in love with. And that is one of my main problems with Railjack. I don't play Warframe to crew a spaceship. I play warframe to parkour around and shoot things. And yet, because it is their newest baby, DE will be focusing on nothing but that for the foreseeable future, and they rest will rot away in the meantime. Developers only have limited resources to work on their game. The more different things they add, the less quality you can expect from any of it. I would much rather play a nicely focused game that does one or two things extremely well, than a super eclectic game that does many things poorly. Unfortunately, live service games almost always end up being the latter.
  3. Though Empyrean may be a free update for a free game, it isn't completely free in the end. There are costs other than monetary. It took over two years since it was first announced to even get 1/3rd of the update. Was it worth the wait? Was it worth enduring the dearth of other meaningful updates in the meantime? Will it be worth the wait to get the rest? While DE has been focusing most of their efforts on Empyrean, the rest of the game was left to rot. Is the new and different gameplay worth the degradation of the old? Personally, I haven't even bothered trying anything related to Railjack yet, because everything I have seen and heard about it doesn't seem worth it. Just like pretty much everything else lately, it has been a poorly implemented and unfinished mess. So the inevitable grind just plain isn't worth the reward. And worst of all, it isn't even Warframe anymore. Archwing failed because it wasn't Warframe, and now Railjack has doubled down on that and gone even further off the path. So what do you think? Will Railjack ever carry Warframe to the stars? Or would it have been better off staying grounded, and improving upon what we already had?
  4. Railjack is just another example of a game company making something that really should have been an entirely separate game, but they were too afraid to risk making it a separate game. So they just crowbar'd it into their existing one so that it could ride the coattails of an already proven game's success, instead of having to risk failure on its own. It makes sense from a business perspective. But all us players ever get out of it is a half-assed clone of something that another game already does better that leaves you wondering why you didn't just go play that other game instead. So basically: Railjack is for people who wanted to play Elite:Dangerous, but for some reason didn't just buy Elite:Dangerous.
  5. I have seen a lot of people talk about DE's intentions. Not just with this update, but many others as well. But they never talk about whether or not the actual execution matches the intention. If the execution is bad, it doesn't matter if your intentions are good, the end result is still bad. If DE wants us to enjoy something for weeks and weeks, but it isn't even fun for a single day, then it just plain isn't fun, end of story. If something is supposed to take a long time, but people find an exploit and rush through it, then its broken, end of story. DE tends to make simple systems that get boring quickly, then try to stretch them out with a massive grind. This pretty much always means that you have to spend a long time not having fun, before you get to actually start enjoying the game. And if a game isn't fun, then why should you play it? This is why I only barely play anymore. All the fun parts of the game are locked behind long tedious parts that I don't enjoy. Games should strive to be fun 100% of the time, from beginning to end. And even if that is what DE intends, as I assume they do, their execution doesn't match. Way too much of this game is just time consuming and not fun. If DE wants us to slow down and take our time, they need to make that the most enjoyable option. Their intentions need to match their execution for once.
  6. With a game as complicated as Warframe, everyone is going to like different parts of it for different reasons. And because it is constantly changing, it is inevitable that people are going to be unhappy with those changes. With sequels, this isn't really a problem, because everyone can just play the version they like best. But there is only ever one version of Warframe, and if you don't like it, too bad. This is what I hate about these modern "live service" games. It doesn't matter whether the old or the new is better, because you don't have a choice in the matter. There is only new. If you liked the old more, you are out of luck, because it simply doesn't exist anymore. You can't even go back and play it just to see how much better things have become. Good or bad, history is important, even with video games. And games like Warframe have no regard for their own history.
  7. If Grendel looked more like these guys, I wouldn't mind. Though, he might end up getting confused for Oberon with those antlers. Something more like a fat Yoshimitsu would be pretty cool, too.
  8. Gauss has been my main since he came out. Hek, he's the primary reason I still play this game at all. While he may not be the best at anything specific, he is a good all rounder. Just because he can't nuke the best, or become completely unkillable, doesn't mean he is worthless. I tend to pick mains based more on how fun they are, than how effective they are. This is why Zephyr was my previous main. Mobility abilities may not get the same kills as nukes, but they're way more fun. He is also great at melee. Mach Rushing into a group of enemies and going nuts with something long like the Cassowar works quite nicely. Or, if you are using a shorter range melee weapon, you can use fire->ice Thermal Sunder to blast enemies closer to you before chopping them up. Plus, Prisma Grakata + Wild Frenzy + Redline is just plain silly.
  9. It would be nice if they actually delivered 100% of what they promised for once, wouldn't it? I'm getting tired of all this SOONtm that ends up being never. I was thinking something like this: If Grendel eats a target affected by Thermal Sunder, he gets extra bonuses. Burning targets take more digestion damage, and frozen targets give a bigger armor buff. And if Gauss uses Mach Rush while he has a Nourish buff, he creates a toxic cloud as he runs. It seems like it would be simple enough to do something like this. Even a basic stat boost as you suggested would be better than nothing.
  10. I barely am playing it anymore. There were several years where I played almost nothing but Warframe. But now, I basically only check in once in a while to see what's new. At first, I would play other games to take a bit of a break from Warframe, to keep from getting too tired of it. But, I found that every time I came back, I enjoyed it less and less. After playing other games that are actually well thought out and finished, coming back to Warframe made me realize what a mess it has become. And, now with things like Nightwave and Kuva Liches that just straight up piss me off, I have very little reason to keep playing anymore. This is why I spend so much time on the forums trying to get some improvements made. I want DE to make this game as fun as it used to be. As fun as it should be.
  11. May the glorious feat of the glutton BEGIN! Just don't invite Grendel to dinner. He'll eat everything, and everyone. I am thankful that, despite divorces, my family all gets along together. No sitcom style shenanigans ruining dinner for me!
  12. If you actually do have good feedback, and you want it to be visible, then post it every chance you get. Make the feedback itself as visible as possible. Even if you have already posted it a hundred times, post it again. Otherwise, all you are showing is that you are angry, and all that does is make people want to ignore you. I know from experience that complaining about a relatively small part of the game is hard. Everyone just want to brush you off and ignore you because they don't see your problem as being worth fixing. So the worst thing you can do is give them even more reason to ignore you. And that is exactly what your crappy attitude is doing.
  13. This is exactly what they should have done. And it is exactly what I have suggested they do multiple times. But, instead of giving us any options, they have forced everyone to deal with the option they don't like. Don't like accidentally holding too long to do heavy attacks? Too bad. Don't want to take up yet another key for a function you won't use? Also too bad. Sometimes, being able to turn off functions is just as important as turning them on. There is a big difference between simply telling DE that you are mad at them, and actually giving some form of helpful and constructive feedback. You keep doing nothing but the former, which is why no one cares what you are complaining about.
  14. After seeing (and hearing) the new orbiter, DE seems to love annoying noises. It made me realize just how much incessant buzzing and rattling there is in this game sometimes. The new incubator and foundry are super annoying, but at least they are decently quiet. Vauban's Teslas are super annoying and LOUD.
  15. I just spent about 20 minutes customizing my brand new Vauban Prime, and I had to listen to that incessant buzzing the entire time. Not fun. I don't want to have to take my headphones off every time I am in my orbiter just to keep me from going insane, so I hope they change this real soon. And speaking of Vauban: His Teslas could use a mute button too. Their constant clattering get really annoying after a while, and makes me not want to use the ability nearly as often as I should.
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