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    It is very fun weapon but for the fun gimmick to work you first need to charge it with kills. My proposal is that you have the autoaim gimmick all the time and when you hit the alternate weapon button it does the same thing as now up to 6 enemies targeted with that heavy hitting autoshots.
  2. Not really statuses can be very much useful on some tougher enemies or as a mean to crowd control them. Heat, apart from stripping armor and damaging enemy over time, incurs Panic status when enemy is flailing around not shooting. Electricity status does damage over time and stuns enemy and so on.
  3. No it does not you are correct. Statuses are as follows. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Status_Effect When you hit enemy there is a chance that statuses (based on percentage as we discussed before) occur that is all.
  4. The chance is only there for another proc appart from guaranteed one if you have over 100% status chance. Damage won't be influenced by status chance. Status type will be influenced by damage distribution. It does not matter if it is elemental or physical damage. Status works as I wrote before. 150% status means 1 status proc + 50% chance for 2nd status proc.
  5. Not completely sure what you are asking but here goes. Status percentage says how likely it is that a status occurs on enemy when you hit it with said weapon. Example 1: Weapon has status chance 50% = each hit has 50% chance it will proc status. Example 2: Weapon has status chance 125% = each hit has 100% chance it will proc status and 25% chance it will proc 2 statuses Type of status depends on final damage distribution: Example: Weapon does 1000 damage distributed in 250 Puncture, 250 Slash, 500 Viral. If status occurs there is 25% chance for Puncture status,
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