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    Awesome weapon. Too low max ammo. Please let it have 40 max ammo.
  2. WASD Ctrl - crouch LShift - roll Caps - toggle run QERTY - abilities + operator Space - jump Numbers - gearwheel X - change firearm C - reload F - use B - waypoint M - map Tab - progress LButton - Fire RButton - Melee 1Side Button - ADS 2Side Button - Ctrl+Melee
  3. Mate as I stated in my previous topic. You CAN'T expect the game to be as engaging as when you started after thousands of hours spent in the game especialy if it is PvE and you have everthing that you can aquire. That is why GGGs 3 month cycle works because they wipe and everyone starts from zero again and again. Next time there is another weapon like Acceltra build it don't put catalyst in it and level it normal way without jumping into ESO, Hydron, ..., go solo and use it to kill stuff. EDIT: Btw i've done it with Acceltra and it was way more fun than i expected. I've put catalyst in it after i got it to 30 mostly in solo missions.
  4. Why? It is still very civilized discussion noone is being overly toxic.
  5. Tell me how is this a big drought. Yes there is nothing big in Warframe now, but there is Nightwave, Disruption, New warframe, New primes, ..... I don't agree that there is nothing to do. Problem is players expect to be able to play the game endlessly even thought they have 3k, 4k, 5k, ... hours of gameplay already and that is completely wrong imo. I have around 4k hours in game and I can still find something to do and it is fun. So again take a break play something else. When I was actively playing WoW about 16 years ago during Wotlk I had almost all classes maxed and it became like another job. Log in to warr/shaman/hunter/mage/paladin to do raids with each, get lower guildmates on par with equipement, help do achievements for mounts, ... Then i just stopped because i got so burned out i never wanted to play WoW again.
  6. Yes they do. Each wipe means whole wipe and if you want to play new league you have nothing to start with literaly clean stash.
  7. Honestly I enjoy having a bit of content drought. I can enjoy other games like Path of Exile, Remnant From The Ashes, Borderlands, ... When another content comes into Warframe I'll jump right back in and get it play vigorously for another week and then have a downtime again. That is awesome imo.
  8. I have to disagree with you here mate. Don't get me wrong but they put new league out not massive content. Tell me what is so massive about Blight for instance. It is awesome we have new league every 3 months but it is hardly massive. Arguably GGGs scheme is better, each 3 months wipe of stuff. If you would play in standard you would understand how stale it is even with new content every 3 months.
  9. It took me 200 hours not counting in architect, analytic, db developer and testers. Which is probably another 80+ hours. And it is small thing, added few tables, reworked couple of algorithms and added few web pages to let customer manage it. Also it is in running project (3+ years).
  10. Don't want to whiteknight in the slightest but for instance Greedfall was in developement for at least 2.5 years maybe more and that game is repetitive as all hell. Also please enlighten me how often does for instance World of Warcraft make updates or Destiny 2 or other live service games. I am unhappy with the recent content draught but from my own experience it takes a lot of time to remake something. I've been working on a small change in one part of our software for gathering data from SMART meters and it took me about 200 hours and it was just a small rework. Imagine how difficult and timeconsuming is changing and optimizing game-engine.
  11. My only problem with it is it Open automatically whenever you got a message.
  12. Query: Does the meatbag understand that it is supposed to be scarce?
  13. Also Zealot Proselytizer explodes with toxin AoE when hit so best to keep your distance.
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