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  1. I would definitely buy another one and they could make it so its for real moneys and not platinum. Maybe even make it a recurring event each year around the time of his untimely demise.
  2. It would be awesome if Orokin Tea Set be available as a purchase where the money from it would go to some Cancer Research.
  3. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Denial_Bursa. I would recommend low level survival on Venus.
  4. 20s Ash is enough you just need to be carefull. Just kill some and run back recast.
  5. Some Nightwave missions are very hindering. Lots of players said it already. Mission Polarized (Polarize with Forma 3 times) and to a smaller degree Gilded (Gild 1 Modular Items) are a detriment to the game. For instance now I'm going offline and will not forma my Wukong Prime or Iron Staff Prime and let him in my Arsenal gathering dust until another Polarized mission comes along. So GGG please remake the mission to Build 3 Forma for instance.
  6. I have a question for you does Rhino/Ember/Saryn/Volt/Banshee/Equinox/Mag/Excalibur/Ash/Frost/Hydroid/Nekros/Loki/Nezha/Nova/Nyx/Trinity/Valkyr/Vauban/Zephyr/Wukong have questlines? I have an anwser no they don't. So don't give me this crap that frames need questlines. If someone comes with a good quest they implement it but it is not easy and it takes a lot of time. In my work I am in charge of reworking a part of data gathering. It is not a big rework and it will take me about a month of development plus about a month of testing and it already took about a month to analyze. Can you even imagine how difficult it is to upgrade engine of a game? Patience is a virtue. EDIT: In 2018 we got 2/5 frames with a questline. In 2017 we got 3/3 frames with a questline with arguably one of the best quests for warframes Chains of Harrow In 2016 we got 3/3 frames with a questline. In 2015 we got 2/6 frames with a questline In 2014 we got 2.5/5 frames with a questline Before no questline for any of the frames. We got spoiled by 2017 and 2016 and got half of frames probably because of that. Also understand this. New frame gets them money to make the game. New quest coming along that frame does not.
  7. Have you watched TennoCon 2019? Have you listened what they are trying to do? If yes you would not spout this nonsense. Disruption was suppose to be different take on Defense/Mobile Defense so rewards are completely ok. There needs to be weapons that are MR fodders so other weapons can shine. Fortuna was far from flop as you stated. Answer me this, how many frames got rework? Do you know how much time it takes to make a good cinematic introduction? Do you know how much time it takes to make good quest? Do you want 2 new frames each year or more? What got fixed? Have you read patchnotes recently? People are soloing it in minutes you say? Do you mean MR 27 with all guns and knowledge in a loot&shoot game? Yeah no S#&$ Sherlock. Riven changes are based not on power of weapons but on usage of them. Don't get me wrong I agree some things are bad but ffs have you ever tried thinking about it from their point of view and not your spoiled me-me-me one?
  8. Dude you are so up your arse it is not even funny. There is no company in this industry (appart from GGG) that does what DE does with their game and you say they are lazy are you kidding me?
  9. Do you have Twitch account linked to your Warframe account? If not there will be no Ephemera or Nekros for you.
  10. Sorry mate but this is one of the stupidest questions ever. There is no fun in it, no ideas, nothing.
  11. DE I implore you remove or remake self-damage. Weapons with self-damage are not even the strongest weapons in game anymore and it is just detrimental to their usage. Your latest addition to weapons lots of players won't use is Zhuge Prime. It is awesome weapon, chinese invention at its finest. Always liked Chu-ko-nu and now I'm just sad because I won't be able to use it in regular missions only in open world.
  12. No just no. Self-damage makes weapons like this complete and utter S#&$. I was so hyped for Zhuge Prime and now im just gonna level it and let it rot in my arsenal.
  13. I like the new deluxe skin. It feels very much like a hunter so that is ok.
  14. Also this. If you find it is not overheating and getting to like 60ish °C. Can be that the game just got corrupted and reinstalling can help.
  15. Actualy there is something you can do to make the RNG a bit favourable. If you are transmuting Rare mods you have higher chance of getting a Rare mod. I transmuted Condition Overload for instance, few times.
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