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  1. On 2021-06-14 at 11:31 PM, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    “In short: it is an assortment of different high end meats and their respective condiments or additions such as cheese, sauce our garnish on a large vertical platter all held in place by culinary use anti gravity.” He explained with a hint of orokin accent slipping through.

    “I see…you know Tenno? I think I will try it out. Sounds fancy and tasty enough to give it a try”

  2. On 2021-06-07 at 12:30 AM, DarthContusion said:

    The combined efforts of the Tenno eviscerated the Lephantis. Infested gore filled the air and rained down on them. It was disgusting.

    Biz’s voice came over the communicator. Suno sighed. She really didn’t want to deal with him.

    “What the devil is happening out there? Give me a status report!”

    Suno really didn’t want to give him a status report, so she outsourced it to the people least able to give an accurate status report.

    “You heard the man, give him a status report,” she told the Grineer over the comms.

    Looking around, she could tell the walls belonged to the sunken bottom of a corpus facility. Were these escaped lab experiments? Or was this the lab? Either way, she found a weak point in the wall and kicked it down, gaining access to the facility.

    “Alright, Biz. We’re in. Give us our marks.”

    After some grumbling from Biz, the data on four targets showed up on the Tenno’s HUDs.

    "Gotta be honest, kinda expected the fight to be longer, but I suppose it's best that it didn't last as long" he simply remarks as he picked up his k-drive, followed by pressing a button that made it vanish into him or away.

  3. On 2021-06-10 at 2:06 PM, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    “Feel free, despite my appearance as a ruffian I am civilized. I tend to be picky with my food since anything I don’t like the smell of I don’t like the taste of. I’ve tried many foods and this is always true. Feel free to ask me about any dish you like.”

    while he was talking a tall woman with sea blue hair and sunglasses. She was wearing a pencil dress and something like a shawl came in scanning around before walking towards the pair.

    He nods, looking at the menu once more until he found something that interest him.

    "What is this...deluxe meat platter on a...board? Sounds hefty" All he understood from that dish was the meat, but the board thing threw him off.

  4. On 2021-06-12 at 8:05 PM, Psychotoxin said:

    A`ight, gonna make a concentrated effort to put at least a few posts out.
    Can someone run by me who needs the staff?
    Was someone stuck in the Lunaro arena practicing? (yes I remember that I promised some form of Lunaro rules)


    My character was for a moment (Thraks Dhraga), but he's currently in the restaurant with a bigger than normal tenno, about to order food. However, we could say that someone in the staff team watched said Grineer trying to score a goal and once he did score a goal, maybe give him an offer to train him in the art of Lunaro. Just an idea.

  5. On 2021-05-31 at 11:39 PM, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    “No offense sounds absolutely gross and I’m glad I never had the unfortunate circumstance to eat any of it.” He sat in his chair leaned back and crossed his legs whilst scrolling the menu until he clicked on something and set it down. “I’m very picky with what I eat.”

    "Never imagine a Tenno of all people would be a picky eater, but maybe that is just me seeing it from an ex grineer's perspective" he seemed to still be looking at the menu, having a hard time to pick one dish.

    "Do you any idea on what I should try? Most of these dishes seem too...complex for my mind to wrap around. Granted, there are some simple ones, but I figure I might try something...fancy, you know? Although maybe you're not the Tenno to ask since you stated being a picky eater, no offence"

  6. 25 minutes ago, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    “Yes we heal well but some injuries still leave marks.” He sat down at a table and picked up a menu. “The language is orokin actually, there should be a little grineer symbol on the bottom right corner just press that and it will switch to grineer language.”

    Thraks then sat down at the same table, picked up the menu and pressed the grineer icon and like magic, it switched to grineer.

    ”Huh, what do you know, it worked as you described it”

    The next couple of minutes the grineer spent time to read what’s on the menu.

    “There sure is a lot of interesting choices in this menu. Way more fancy than a grineer would get. It was mostly military food like canned, soup, dried meat and so on. Nothing wrong with it, but it gets somewhat stale after a while. Not the food, but the whole eating similar ration bit”

  7. On 2021-05-22 at 3:07 AM, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    “Yeah well, unfortunately for us at the time this was one of those examples of grineer intelligence, by keeping things in simple analog systems, our we can’t just use our parazons to stab and hack. I mean really this was some ancient stuff. So anyway I’m working you know suffering stuck in some hard uncomfortable armor stuck doing paper work blah blah blah. Eventually using my clearly amazing espionage skills...” he says sarcastically and makes quote marks with his fingers. “I Managed to get close with our poor commander Ni’saa to start having conversations stealing a little info here eavesdropping a passcode there. It took me 2 cycles of talking scooching closer and closer with the CO and eventually not only do I get the info I needed but I also get all sorts of intel from the time I spent undercover. So I contacted the lotus and they staged an assault, everything was going good up until the point where I got caught as a Tenno mid escape by Ms. Vera herself and that’s how I got these.” Has stops for a second and points the the dent and then lifts up the back of his shirt revealing large scar stripes of  tissue accord his back. “We Tenno heal quite well, but some injuries can leave an impression. Naturally if you can’t guess she caught me off guard and gave me the butt whipping of a lifetime. Fortunately am a strong person and managed to get away info and all heist successful. Only downside those in the Saturn proxima now try to execute me by vaporization to this day.” He continued walking.

    "That's...quite a story Tenno. I'm surprised that you're still alive after being found out by this Ni'saa. Although you did mention that you Tenno heal well, which is something that most living things would want to have. We grineer are happy if we can live a long life, no matter what cost, whenever it's losing a limb, clone rot or simply dying in battle"

    They would then eventually step into the food area, which looked like a semi fancy restaurant with the golden trimmed tables, chairs, carpets, even the walls were orokin. It seems that there was plenty of tables for everyone. There was even some fancy looking sofa corner tables for those bigger group of people. 

    "The golden people of the old sure liked gold in their stuff. Was gold plenty back in the day or did they found a way to make more of it? Who knows" he shrugged, walking toward what looked like to be a menu on the wall, but it wasn't in grineer. It was in the Tenno language.

    "Um...I can't read Tenno or whatever your language is called. Could you perhaps read whats on the menu?"

  8. On 2021-05-17 at 4:59 PM, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    As he strode down the hallway with his Long legs he bag an to talk. “ so what happened was is be an before peace we needed to hijack some info,codes and whatnot from the grineer. Problem was it was all analog, can’t hack it and the only person with this info was miss Ni’saa and we couldn’t risk a skirmish. So they decided to have a Tenno go undercover to coax out the info, and just my luck I happened to be one of the only people who could fit into grineer armor. So they gave me some armor, fake ID, facial disguise the whole works and sent me in. Now as you can expect normal lancers wouldn’t be able to get anywhere close to high command unless they’re extraordinary, for example taking down a Tenno. So I dragged in some old frame that had been decommissioned and dead, shot and stabbed it a few times during a staged skirmish and presented it to the commander. Naturally this piqued her interest which got eventually got me to the position of lieutenant under her.” He explained as he continued his unimpeded stride.

    “Interesting...Not the usual way a Tenno would do spy work I guess? Cause usually a Tenno would do it in their Warframe, sticking to the shadow or so I have heard. Have heard tales of Tenno being so sneaky that a vault was looted so fast that non noticed that the vault was empty, until I think one week after the weekly inspection”

  9. On 2021-05-13 at 5:41 PM, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    “Sure let’s go eat, I’ve been meaning to eat for a few weeks. I’ll fill you in on the details of my....*coughs* banishment on the way there.” He waved his hand motioning for thraks to follow and started a stride.

    “Oh, interesting..” he would then put away his grineer mask into one of his belt bags and started to follow the Tenno with a causal walk, not so much military walk of a grineer. Probably because of the missing weapon.

  10. 20 hours ago, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    “Yes nice to meet you Thraks, my name is : Shard (Ashura<-go with this) Diamond. His word had that sparkle to them you’d hear when state officials state thier name in public. “Yes working out of war is definitely a challenge for some myself included. Hey maybe now things are smoothing out between everyone I can go apologize to that heavy gunner Ni’saa without an attmpted Murder!” He beamed at the prospect of not having Grineer commander Ni’saa try to explode him every time he passes through the sector, Id be nice to get in her good side again as one of these days he’s gonna die from those missles.

    "I don't know who this heavy gunner by the name of Ni'saa is, but she sounds like someone with a short fuse, which is quite common when it comes to grineer personality. Anyway, I was thinking of getting something to eat at the cafeteria or whatever the food place is known as in this resort. Even though I'm a clone, we clone still need to eat now and then like any non clone beings. Although in a battlefield, we grineer didn't have the luxury of eating proper food. The best we got was canned food or some mystery protein drink that had a strange aftertaste. I never ask what was in those mystery protein drinks and probably don't want to know to be honest" he chuckled a bit nervously, probably thinking that these mystery drinks had some foul ingredients in it or something.

  11. 23 hours ago, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    “Huh seems the queens aren’t as mighty as they say they are. Well considering there is an armistice now would be prime time to update a little here and add to the gene pool there y’know. You’d be surprised what can come out of the right set of DNA.” He shoulder suggests.

    “Probably right there Tenno, but I think most grineer need some time to adjust to non violent life, because you know, grineer was all about war and all”

    He then remember something important.

    ”How silly of me, I haven’t told you my name yet. Names Thraks Dhraga”

  12. 14 hours ago, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    “You know, for queens who claim that thier going to lead the grineer to victory I have to say and no offense, they really aren’t that smart. Especially considering they aren’t even grineer to begin with.”

    he cynically commented.” Whipst shrugging.

    ”hell, they gunner what was her name?Asur Ni’saa could do a better job. The Again de would also attempt to put me on      Ice on sight. Hey I mean if degradation is the problem why not try adding some fresh genes to the pool rather than reusing the same ones over and over, that’s what causes the degradation and following that clone rot. When you forcibly splice genes into new organisms repeatedly the DNA starts to degenerate as it is no longer part of an organism and even if you used the dna of a fresh clone it would essentially be the same rotten DNA. See that’s the problem the grineers reluctance to rely on resources outside thier own is slowly killing them. If they were acquire the DNA of a new organism one that isn’t cloned and assimilate it into the grineer you clouds reverse the genetic defects of grineer. Basically you would have to create people the normal way.”

    He rambled on.

    "I get what you mean Tenno, beside of the whole DNA bit, but you gotta remember: grineer's aren't known for doing smart things. All we are taught before we head to the battlefield is "fight for the queen and let non survive" or something similar to that and beside, the grineer don't have time to gain new clones in the old fashion way. It's simply takes too much time when you can just get a clone of generic grineer number 55, even though the chance of getting a faulty clone from cloning a clone is not ideal. However, if a clone becomes faulty, from what I heard, they simply turn said clone back into goop and use said goop for clone rot stabilizing serum, which may explain why there is something faulty clone rot serums sometime..." he seem quite calm talking about this, probably cause it's something he's used to hear or see.

  13. 11 minutes ago, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    “I mean from a high horse everything looks small but, I’ve fought many different grineer all across the system but for the most part aside from the equipment special troops aren’t really any better than regular ones. The only ones who are really stand out are high ranking commanders and liches.” He asks. “Is there something that makes them special compared to your average lancer? And although simplicity it cost effective wouldn’t it be better to put funds into advancements so that your army is stronger and more likely to die from natural causes than say.... a teenager with slab launcher? I mean take Tenno for instance, superhuman abilities aside our weaponry has been kicking the collective butt of some of the strongest forces in the galaxy for centuries.”

    “What makes the special units...unique? I guess the amount of high tech augmentation and the higher than average intelligence, cause most grineer aren’t lucky to be cloned with a smart or decently functional brain. As long as a grineer know how to fight in a war and basic survival skills, then it’s enough to serve the queens. Bonus point if said clone don’t question the orders or have a morale that doesn’t work with the way of the grineer warfare”

    ”While it would be wise to advance our tech in the long run, most of the grineer leaders wants direct result, which means going to war is higher priority than improving the tech. While there has been attempts at improving our tech for the war efforts, it has been mostly been stopped by opposing force, mostly by the Tenno. No offense of course. You know what they say; If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it or as a grineer saying goes: another clone’ death is another clone’s victory. Not the best saying, but it’s easy enough for most clones to remember” he chuckled once more, mostly cause most grineer aren’t that bright, unless they get lucky.

  14. 17 hours ago, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    “Actually I do! About the clone rot, does I cause pain at all? Also with all the tech in the system why do you grineer use such archaic weapons? I mean this is from my stand point but wouldn’t it have been more beneficial to advance since you had to fight both corpus and Tenno?” He begins he lyrical bombardment of questions 

    He laughs a bit

    ”Easy there Tenno or you may run out of breath. Anyway, the clone rot may sting a bit in the beginning, but there’s serums that reduces the stingy feeling to almost nothing, but most grineer usually get used to the pain. Some even uses the pain to stay alert for anything. Let’s just say it’s quite difficult to sleep with the pain” he jokes with a short chuckle.

    ”Regard the mostly primitive weaponry that we grineer used, it’s easier to make and considering that the average death in mission for a grineer is quite high, it’s cost effective to keep the design simple. The more advance grineer weaponry is mostly reserved to high ranking grineer or special units like the nightwatch or the kuva force” he would then ponder a bit.

    ”let’s take the infamous gun Grakata. It may look like it shoots bullets in a rapid pace, but it’s not actually bullets it shot. The ammo is in fact tiny scrap metal bits that gets heated up when it travel through the weapon. This is why the Grakata is known as the bullet rain gun by the grineer, cause it’s like a storm of burning rain that spew out from the barrel. Plus, since it’s heated, it makes it great against the infested. In short; easy to make weapons equals easy to mass produce for an ever growing and depleting army”

  15. 22 hours ago, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    “Yes me and all of the other teens are Tenno, although I have passes as a grineer from time to time if I rough my face up a bit, no offense. Most of despite how we look we are all a few thousand years old but physically most of us are between 14 to 17. Perk of and curse of the void is you don’t age or die. Most don’t stand a 6,5” like me though, which is funny considering I’m the younger of two siblings, you should see my sister.”

    he chuckles jokingly and fearfully.

    ”what exactly do you mean by our right arm if you are referring to us outside of the frames I believe you have seen what is called an amp, some use those to focus their void energy into stronger “gun” like beams. It allows them to release void energy in weaponized form they usually wouldn’t be able to. My family never need those.” Shard raises his arm and points isn’t to the wall and unleashes a series of various different blasts and shots of void energy each with thier own explosive power. “Has to do with the circumstances that led to my unique condition.”

    he raises his arm above his head points to his unusual height.

    ”oh...I see. I think..” a moment of silence later...

    ”Anyway, since were still talking with each other, anything you wonder about me? Feels like it has been kinda one sided to be honest” he chuckles a bit. He didn’t want to be rude by making all about the Tenno after all and while he had more questions in mind, he decided to “pass the roller ball” to the Tenno and let him decide what to the next topic should be.

  16. 16 hours ago, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    Shard sweats, yeah I help blow up half of that. “Yeah sorry about that, the real question is why the council doesn't produce it considering the technology to do so is commonplace for most Tenno at least.” He ponders whilst poking at the dent in his arm. “Honestly the hubs are fun, I mean the entrati just kinda adopted the entirety of the Tenno, Cetus is great to sell the crap that I build and I enjoy going to fortuna and paying off debts that have nothing to do with me.” He smiles. “Still I can’t say the warring times were all bad I got some fun memories.... that don’t involve genocidie just to be clear.” He points to the knuckle shaped dent on his gauntlet.

    It then dawn for Thraks about this "teen"...

    "Hold up" He would then put his hands together in a triangle like fashion "Are you a Tenno? I expected you to be..taller or more...adult. Here I thought that the Tenno were just the warframes and nothing else. Does this mean that some of the teens I have seen has been Tenno all along?"

    He would then rub his beardless chin, thinking of all the time he saw teens with weird markings on them.

    "If you really are a Tenno, then I have a question for you. On some of you, I have seen something on the right arm. Kinda looks like a weapon of some kind, I think or is it something else?"

  17. 5 hours ago, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    “Well hey for a grineer that’s pretty good, no offense.” Shard twisted a bit causing the vertebrae in his neck in spine to all pop in unison from left to right. “I’m actually a pro lunaro player but alas it seems most people here aren’t really the sporty type. Honestly a lot of Tenno are no fun anymore.” He pouts while shaking his head. “To tell the truth I find grineer more fun to hang around, except for gunners around the Saturn proxima region, they all hate me. But it kinda sucks that y’all suffer from clone rot so frequently.” He looks disappointed but shuts his shoulders since there isn’t much he can do, Shard was a grease monkey at best. He wasn’t the geneticist in the family and left that problem to his sibling.

    “Yeah, clone rot does suck, but it’s not much we grineer can do besides of delaying it. Although I heard that a grineer scientist did manage to find a cure for the clone rot. Tyl Regor I think his name was? However, also heard that the Tenno put a stop to his mass production of said cure. It’s still available, but it’s very expensive and usually reserved to high profile grineer. Oh well, I’m sure the Tenno had a good reason to destroying the facility” he would then open the belt bag with his Cetus themed grineer mask in it and look at it. 

    “Cetus is a nice place to visit now and then, specially when the kids wonder why a grineer is within the village, but as I visit it more and more, more people know about me and said mystery dwindle. Doesn’t change the fact I get questions about me, about the grineer and so on”

  18. 2 hours ago, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    Shard stopped and turned a red eye towards the grineer. “Hello there” for a Tenno he was an abnormally large person as a result he usually stood above most of his peers, however grineer were one of the few examples of someone standing at  or above his height. “ how are you doing lancer?” He asked as he turned he brought his hands together in front of him rubbing circles on on his gauntlets

    Thraks put his right hand on his neck and lightly massaged it as it felt a bit stiff.

    ”I suppose I’m doing fine. Did try out the Lunaro tool thing at the Lunaro court and to my credit, I did manage to score one practice goal. Although...it was a slow goal, too slow that even someone new could block...I think” he then chuckled a bit, followed by adjusting his forest camo hood a bit. He hoped that his small accomplishment was enough to start a conversation with this teen looking person that’s definitely not a grineer.

  19. 10 hours ago, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:


    Shardimus wakes from a nap sitting up in a dark room reminiscent of a ship lost in the void. He strolls over to the closet and pulls out a unique sheet of clothing. Carbon fibered pants and a sleeveless shirt to go with it, each with a uniquely pair of glowing red lines running down them. Then he proceeds to walk over and grab a set of gauntlets and combat boots from a drawer and clips them on. Old combat clothing from before armistice, despite the normal usage these were some of his nicest cloths and were quite cool looking in his opinion. He kicked open the door with a smile and started to roam the faculties of the hotel to look for someone to interact with, maybe a game of lunaro or just a conversation anything really. As he walks he chuckles to himself while looking at a dent in his gauntlet that reminds him of a fond memory.

    A bit later, Thraks decided to leave the Lunaro court as he did actually score one goal, even if it was a slow one, small step for a tenno maybe, but for a grineer who has never played Lunaro before, quite big. In any case, he was simply walking around until he spotted what looked like a young teenager? He didn't look like a grineer, come to think of it; does grineer even clone teenager clones? One thing at the time Thraks thought as he approached the "young adult" as casual as he could, but it look a bit forced from an outsiders perspective. 

    "Greetings...young one" he awkwardly said to the teen, despite being in cetus a couple of times and most likely interacting with children's that got curious. His Cetus themed grineer mask was currently sticking a bit out from one of his belt bags, probably forgot to close it properly or it somehow open itself when he tried out a bit of Lunaro.

  20. On 2021-04-18 at 5:42 PM, UnremarkableUsername said:

    Kelekh crouched on the edge, aiming her gun down into the abyss.  "I'm not going down there.  I was just strengthening the edge."
    She took a shot, and glanced at Anak as she reloaded.  "You'll have to be careful though."

    "Yeah..." Anak  regarded the icy edge with a concerned look.  "I'll watch the back."

    "I see. In that case, see you two in a moment, depending how it goes down there" 

    Dante would then walk to the edge, bring out his Tatsu from his back and looks down the the dark pit of infested nightmare. He would then back away a bit from the pit, sprint toward it and then while he was in mid-air, he deployed his k-drive that appeared below his feets. Gravity then kicked in as he started to fall down quite rapidly, but once he saw the glims of a lephantis head, he used his body to move over to said head and started to grind down the spine of the beast. While he was grinding down, he planted his two handed nikana into the spin and let it drag behind him as he kept on grinding all the way down to the top of the middle body. Once at the middle body, he lept into the air, still having his Tatsu with him as he then went for a downward stab with said weapon, aiming toward the middle of the body. If the sword was now partially in the body, he would take the opportunity to blast the wound with one of his Kohmak while holding onto Tatsu in his other hand

  21. 3 hours ago, DarthContusion said:

    "I'm fine," Suno said a bit dismissively. She took the extended hand and hauled herself up.

    "I think we should wipe these jerks out before they become a problem later," she said, aiming the scope of her Komorex down into the chasm and taking a deep breath. "We'll get picked off one by one if we split up down here, remember? Those infested were probably hibernating. My bet is that either the Corpus or our new friends woke them up."

    Through the inky darkness, she caught enough of a glimpse of one of the monsters to take aim at one of its heads and opened fire with explosive rounds.

    “Now that you put it that way, I guess you do have a great point. Dismiss my idea and go with Suno’s idea instead. Question is, how should we get down there safely?” He would then ponder an idea or two

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