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  1. Simplest fix for him would be remove Rumbler duration. Whenever Atlas uses Landslide or Petrify have Rumblers use these abilities on their current targets. Simple. Introduces interkit-synergy. Makes him worth using.
  2. Don't you want money? Do something with atlas's 2 and 4 before you drop his Prime Access. As it stands its just more MR and then back to more useful/fun frames for me.
  3. So not only are the new mods and arcanes a joke and only useful if you want a full collection but you also will get them now all the time because they are not in the shop. Yeah this does not fill me with enthusiasm at all. The balancing between the different modes is nice but oh man the feedback was completely ignored again no surprise tbh.
  4. I am all for rumblers casting landslide and petrify when the Atlas does. It should be easy to implement given DE's time constraints and give his kit some really good synergy and incentivize an active play style and positioning to spread his cc and damage over the battlefield. Although the base duration could also be be improved a bit or they should live until killed like wukongs clone. More importantly it would make the upcoming Prime Access actually exciting and not feel like a dud for me because his Primed look feels very underwhelming imo.
  5. While there is always hope I doubt a big ability rework is on the table given DE's busy schedule, lack of communication on Atlas and the disappointment that were the Nyx and Titania Reworks. So a quick and easy fix in my mind to bring some good synergy to his kit and maintaining or even improving the feeling of being an unstoppable Landslide on the battlefield would be to remove Rumblers duration and make it so whenever the Atlas uses Landslide or Petrify the Rumblers use these abilities on their current targets too. Would be very unique to the frame and incentivize active play and positioning relative to your rumblers. All things DE seems to like with recent frame releases.
  6. This thread is a near complete waste of time. Maybe OP had a bad day or something and he takes it out on the new frame. Complaining about mach rush not being omnidirectional? Just turn your mouse 180 degrees and press 1. It is not hard. Also sure you can not move up or down. That is what Zephyr is for. Different frames have different skills otherwise we might as well have 1 superframe that does everything. Changing directions is fine too while rushing aim to your desired destination and reengage Mach Rush instead of whining on the Internet. Only thing I can agree with on mach rush is the sometimes annoying deadzone after continuously using it. But even then it is pretty short. Punished for Duration? What? There is no need to reach 100% on redline all the time. Your buffs are at 100% strength when the Gauge is visually filled. The 100% is just a bonus after about 3/4 of its duration of staying above the redline to reach godmode against most damage and some minor battery management buffs. And the cast time ... really? You have full range of movement and can mach rush while casting it. It is a nonissue. Kinetic plating sits at 84% outside and 100% with full redline and I have no idea why you would not be in redline 100% of the time while playing him anyways. Not every frame has to have team support. That is just boring and samey. Warframe is so easy that most of the time it is completely unnecessary. Sadly often enough your teammates are more of a burden than help anyways. At least in public groups. And yes, self damage is a tired horse beaten to death a 1000 times by the community but apparently someone at DE thinks its fun to one-shot yourself.
  7. While I appreciate revisions to Revenant this one is very not amazing in regards to Infested receiving Gasdamage. 😞 The only enemies you generally care about are the Ancients which are Fossilized to which corrosive deals 75% extra damage. Only after the Ancients are gone does your Danse Macabre actually do anything significant against the other enemies around so while I hope this was changed with good intentions its an actual significant downgrade. Also the other enemies have so little health compared to the Big Boyz that the extra damage does not even matter. Additionally from the wiki: In addition, a Toxic Ancient produces an aura to its allies that provides 100% damage reduction to Toxin and 80% damage reduction to Gas, neutralizing this element against the Infested while the aura is in effect. Please revert. Edit: Ok so I jumped into the Simulacrum to test it out and as expected a group of 165 Boilers took about 4 times as long as a group of Heavy Gunners or Corpus Tech's. And lets not even talk about Ancients. They take even longer. Also I found a Bug(?) where not ONCE when I tested on fossilized enemies did it proc gas or corrosive or anything. So clearly something is wonky there. It procced fine against the small enemies that have the fleshy health. Now I thought ok maybe it is still Corrosive against them but then the proc symbol on the healthbar should have appeared as it did when I threw a corrosive pox at them. Also against Corpus after the shields got stripped: no gasprocs in sight. Magnetic worked fine still. Same against the armored Grineer after the Armor was stripped. No Gasclouds. I stripped a whole group with a lowpowered Pox to test it and at 40% chance per beam there should definitely have been a lot of gas. Danse still did proc corrosive on them though but did not switch. TLDR: Not only was the intention behind the Change misguided and lowered his powerlevel against Infested significantly it also does not work correctly on a basic level by not proccing the gas.
  8. Erm... It already buffs Ember too. Please how can you miss the buff Icon when you cast it in the top right corner of the screen.
  9. The only good changes here that bring a few of these mods into relevancy are: the elemental Buff Augments applying to yourself and making buffing allies easier is a nice bonus too Rising Storm - basically being a Bodycount that is not on your weapon freeing up a valuable modslot on a frame that has a lot of flexible slots Hallowed Eruption - allowing for some low level nuking meme-build MAYBE Magnetized Discharge - depending on how much Range it gives making it so you can drop all Range mods on a mag MAYBE Furious Javelin - Depending on how high you push the numbers but Excal already has retarded high focus damage so outside of lvl200+ this will probably not matter The rest will still never be used with these proposed changes Hysterical Assault - is basically just a half hearted fix for a problem caused by Melee2.9 when the real problem is that we have a frame that almost always has -66% ability Range on a full build getting an Augment that needs Rangemods and in return gives a mediocre mobilityskill that is already provided by basic warframe movement Titanic Rumbler - Rumblers are useless overall and a good Atlas build dumps around 50% duration anyways to make his 1 (the only reason to play him) as OP as possible. His 3 does not need more than 10 seconds duration after all. If Rumblers had infinite duration you might be like "Ok lets press 4 why not. Maybe the Rumblers will do some dumb S#&$ for a laugh in this mission." but otherwise they will never be used much. Tidal Impunity - A bad augment for a bad ability on a frame I never see in public games outside of Pink tentacle memes, especially now that his lootbuff does not stack with better lootbuffers like Nekros and Khora Muzzle Flash - So you think having to kill enemies to blind the enemies around you that you just killed is a good use for a modslot on a frame that has like 0 modslots to waste? Explosive Legerdemain - A hilariously useless ability and this Augment buff does not change a thing. Sorry. So you basically have to forego the use of Vacuum for this to even work and you also have to kill enemies around you and hope they drop stuff to turn it into mines and wait for enemies to move up to the spot you just killed enemies in to trigger these and then they do insubstantial amounts of damage that could be outclassed by a swing of a half decently built melee-weapon. Why? Just why would you ever? Bonus: You also loose the drops by turning them into mines. Total Eclipse - The base ability is too inconsistent to ever be used over other reliable Damagebuffers. Not to mention it cannot even be used in Eidolon Hunts at all because it is nighttime and you either have a Trin or Oberon already providing damage resistance AND healing to the team. Make it so the augment gives everyone half the effect of Shadow and half the Effect of the light buff and then it is actually useful in a lot of situations and would also make Mirage herself a lot better in a lot of situations and missions. Piercing Roar - would only ever be used if you wanted to be able to recast Roar for some reason, like the Iron skin augment just less essential, the other effects of this augment are a waste of a modslot Contagion Cloud - Useless effect because creating Clouds of low Dotdamage in places where enemies just died is basically nothing you would ever want in a mission, Saryn sure as hell has no need for a tiny inconsequential fartcloud that might not even affect a single foe considering the strength of the Dots she wields already. Transistor Shield - Maybe if the Damage Multiplier is astronomically high otherwise the tradeoff in missions to slow down to a crawl just for some small damagebuff for the Volt player will never be considered useful. And even then Volts passive is capped so even if 1 damage absorbed would max his Static Discharge it would not be worth it. Target Fixation - I am sorry but using Tail Wind to damage enemies is an absolutey horrible Idea. You would have be a lunatic to try it and you would have to be an escaped convict of a mental institution to think it is an actual good Idea and not Meme territory. I appreciate the revisit though and hope you consider some of the communities feedback. Ideally all augments should be desired in certain situations.
  10. Honestly the Clone needs to be changed to always use the gun you give him when summoning him. Like Equinox's Clone. As soon as you use a gun yourself or go Ultimate the Clone becomes a useless onlooker because the AI just can not handle melee efficiently. Basically forcing you to only ever use a meleeweapon if you want your clone to be useful which is sad since I was looking forward to having him give my Ultimate additional statusprocs for increased Condition Overload Carnage.
  11. Great fixed the clever use of gamemechanics that makes this timegated fight somewhat tolerable to farm and as I write this we are still stuck between doors after phase 1. After literally 350 toroids are piling up and no shocking step in sight. Very next run the same bug. 3rd run in a row stuck after phase 1 between doors... jay.
  12. Nyx's passive seems kinda pointless. Does not do much in early levels, and in later levels enemies accuracy scales up so its like a very low % chance to not instantly die when you are caught with your pants down(out of assimilate). I would have preferred something like Nyx has a reduced threatlevel so chaos'd enemies would attack other enemies over a Nyx. The Mindcontrol change may be somewhat useful but I doubt it very much. AI in Warframe is godawful be it enemies or lobotomized Companions. That is the sole reason that Kavats are basically only 1 extra Modslot for your Warframe to stick the Critmod or Resourcebooster-mod there. Building them for damage or CC is pointless because unreliable. Psychic Bolts removing 100% Shields/Armor with some Powerstrength seems pretty useful in lategame so thats nice. Changes to Assimilate seem like not much at all. It is pretty much only used to stay alive and never for Damaging things and this just changes the damagetype so basically no change at all there. All in all this rework gives Psychic Bolts a use and you can hopefully fool around with Mind Control without feeling like you totally wasted your time but nothing revolutionary that would catapult her into competitive levels with other Frames until such a time when CC matters again in Warframe and it is not just a low level nuke anything Meta. So basically until we finally have some Endgame worth playing. Arbitrations sadly missed that mark. The added Vacuum for Titania is a godsend in QoL so + Points there. (though really it should have been there from the start) Tribute still seems pointless and only kinda useful for Dust if you want to rely on Coinflips to stay alive in higher Levels. The 25% slow is handicapped by a 10m Range rendering it pointless on a frame that is flying above ground therefore Melee enemies already can not hit her while ranged attackers will merrily shred her to pieces due to being farther away than 10 m most of the time. Especially with all the open world content. Thorns is a hilarious joke I hope you know why already. And buffing Companions damage is a joke too because Companions are brainless fools like I explained above. Lantern changes seem pretty solid though but Titania still has low low low energy reserves considering you want to be in her 4 at all times so casting a lot of spells will still be hard although the Vacuum might alleviate that a bit now. Overall Titania did not get much better. Animations are slow. You still need to recast her 4 to get Razorfly's back, using Razorwing Blitz is still awkward since you have no spell you can use at will (you have to target enemies with 2/3 or the ground beneath you with 1 meaning you have to hug it which breaks gameflow) and she is basically still a slow-flying cumbersome mosquito that can admittedly sting pretty hard with her gun but that's it. You are better off using a frame with good and easy to use abilities and stick a good assaultrifle on it if you want to simulate Dex Pixia. No reason to waste energy on tribute still because the buffs are not worth the hassle. And her passive does not do much for her either when she is in her 4. I hope more changes are to come since this feels somewhat half-baked.
  13. Please fix being unable to name self-assembled K-Drives. Also K-Drives provide no Mastery. Would be Nice if there was an Option to name your K-Drive for people that did not get the chance to do so because of this bug.
  14. Please do not nerf the enemies in Fortuna more. I and I think many others really crave for some challenge in this game. Why else even bother to farm and Forma our equipment to god-levels. Just to kill fodder? Any new thoughts about Garuda's abilities? I would love If you could wrap Garuda's shields around so it also protects her left and right side. Having to only worry about her back and enemies above her is way more sustainable for a frame that constantly needs to jump into enemies with 2 of her abilities and reduces her health while keeping her unique style of defense. (Cause basically no one picks up Volts shields since Riotshields also suffer from too small a surface area.)
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