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  1. Sicarus really shouldn't have been nerfed again. It doesn't hold a candle to kitguns. Same with Plasmor, hasn't it been nerfed enough times already? Same with Amprex.
  2. I think you'd be surprised to learn how much manipulation there is, especially with regards to god rolls. I like the idea of DE providing a relative value system based on actual trades rather than what people claim. It doesn't sound like an extreme measure, just more information for traders.
  3. Are there any plans to add newer, more engaging enemies to alleviate frame balance woes? There's so much talk about reworking frames, but It seems like an impossible task when most enemies are either fodder or merely protect fodder for a couple seconds.
  4. All of those augments look good to me. I must be going crazy. This update is hella beefy 👍
  5. I don't think Nyx necessarily needs Psychic Bolts damage taken away. It's nice being able to play her at low level and knock off weaker enemies. This is my only criticism, everything else looks great and is appreciated! EDIT: I do see what others are saying about evasion being too uncertain for Titania. I personally find the Razorflies to be pretty good at drawing aggro already, so it might be nice to at least allow players to refresh them with <hold> or have the initial amount scale with power strength. You could also change their AI to have some stay with Titania to draw fire rather than having them all commit to attacking enemies in range. The accuracy debuff on enemies would theoretically improve the survivability of the Razorflies, and in turn make Titania that much harder to hit in the same way Mirage's clones work for her. Just some thoughts. And I could see giving Titania a bit more energy as well, as she appears geared to be a caster.
  6. Most upset about the Plasmor dispo nerf tbh. It just became more relevant specifically because of arbitration drones. Seems too kneejerk. Also Viper and Akbolto dispo nerfs? Even with the best possible rivens the higher grade versions kill high level enemies slower than Akstiletto Prime. If anything Akbolto should have been raised. Overall I'm glad DE chose not to obliterate the market. While it can be very scummy, many players have invested a lot of time and platinum into their rivens.
  7. You may have been touching a nullifier through the floor or behind a wall. That's the only time it cancels for me, although it is annoying when this happens when you're planning to turn off already, and you end up recasting instead - burning more energy and deleting the previous cast.
  8. Y'all don't have to wait for Fortuna to release Retrieve (or the previous 3+ years)
  9. I'd happily accept reverting to snapping waypoints. Having to wait 5-6 second to know where to go because you entered a room airborne is a drag.
  10. Friendly reminder that the drawback to any mod is not being able to equip a different mod. You're already losing 50% damage potential or more from a full build on any of the weapons you might want to use Cautious Shot on. I see no reason to lower the damage, especially when -90% self damage isn't even almost enough for most frames to survive a single hit from Tonkor, Lenz, Penta, or anything with a riven. It would be better if it capped self-damage at 300~500 or something like that, so it can consistently do the thing it's supposed to do. Also frustrating to get a mod that should just be how the game works anyway. The vendetta against some AoE weapons is really uncalled for.
  11. Looks good aside from rotation A being worthless to players with over 1000 days logged.
  12. I would prefer it have at least base +50% base as well.
  13. As someone who enjoys Gara I can see 90% DR being sufficient, and it's probably a good bit more EHP than the discount iron skin we currently have, especially with the higher health pool. I'm traditionally very skeptical of revisits, but darn it if this one doesn't look good. 👌
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