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  1. Neightrix

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Are there any plans to add newer, more engaging enemies to alleviate frame balance woes? There's so much talk about reworking frames, but It seems like an impossible task when most enemies are either fodder or merely protect fodder for a couple seconds.
  2. Neightrix

    What's the strongest melee?

    I suppose it's too late now, but worth noting Defiled Snapdragon has innate impact and slash status afflictions, so you'd have at least 3 statuses for Condition Overload. Lacera does rely more on removing armor very quickly, while Jat Kusar works off of the innate slash of the stance, and Mios is somewhere in between.
  3. Neightrix

    Umbra and his scarf...

    I'd like the option to remove the scarf simply because it doesn't work well with a few of the syandanas.
  4. Neightrix

    So about them Repeller Systems

    The drop table rarities for Profit-Taker are not accurate as they're presented. Repeller Systems are much more likely in Profit-Taker 4, and Atmo Systems seem to be most likely from Profit-Taker 3 (I didn't play it enough times to say this conclusively). Grinding Profit-Taker 2 is the fastest, but seems to take much longer for those two resources.
  5. Neightrix

    Spectorage: Making It Shine

    Shattering it manually for AoE damage is something her 4 already does.
  6. From yesterday's update: - Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones not firing Tonkor grenades. Would it be possible to do the same thing for Cernos Prime?
  7. Neightrix

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    All of those augments look good to me. I must be going crazy. This update is hella beefy 👍
  8. Mechanically, if you were to lower how quickly enemy damage scales up as the level increases, then you might be able to justify reducing the effectiveness of armor, as you're really just normalizing the effectiveness of shields. Hard to say exactly how this would math out, but it seems like a reasonable goal. Sadly, shields will never be considered effective as long as player shields can be bypassed. DE should have the goal of offering a consistent player experience where deaths feel more earned, rather than having specific frames be inconsistently weak to the damage system itself. The UI and visual effects for players receiving damage would need to be updated too, and possibly relocate player health/shields to the top center or bottom center of the UI. ^ This guy gets it. Not every enemy has to be mandatory damage or merely scaling HP and damage. It's more about presenting players with threats to deal with. You'd need an enemy with damage reduction so they don't get nuked, and a consistent weak point so they're not merely a bullet sponge, and resistance or immunity to crown control so they can actually participate - but also this enemy would not have a gun and need to telegraph a melee attack, and have audio and visual cues so it's impossible not to see coming (maybe not as loud and obnoxious as an ME3 Banshee but you get the point). Not exactly as you described, more of a universal threat to all frames. With the Profit-Taker fight, we see enemies typically considered fodder have a much better chance to be relevant when players aren't focused on them. Factions might feel like they're there to murder you rather than just get murdered. As a broad concept, different types of enemy threats also relieve warframe imbalance woes, as you create more use cases for frames than simply damage, CC, and tankiness. It's much better than trying to create use cases out of mission types, and likely easier than trying to change then whole of how damage is dealt in the entire game.
  9. Neightrix

    Is Loki in a not so good position rigth now?

    The biggest problem with Loki is he requires an extreme resistance to boredom and falling asleep. You'd have to make enemies less dumb when they're obviously being attacked by something before you could even talk about buffing him, and even then he wouldn't need it - and he might even become more meta if enemies are improved.
  10. There's no amount of content they can put out that'll be enough for the crowd that just wants infinite rewards. Refine the core experience with better enemies. Make it possible to open relics on all of the normal tilesets so you're actually using all of the content in the game for the most sought after loot. It feels like there's no content because we're constantly restricted, never just getting to play for fun and be generally rewarded.
  11. Neightrix

    Warframe and 2019

    I think Rio is in the ballpark, but with too much emphasis on the rewards themselves. To me, one of the greatest improvements to Warframe was when prime parts were no longer restricted to the void, meaning the most commonly sought loot in the game was made less obnoxious to obtain. I believe it's universally considered to be a straight improvement. Unfortunately, the repetitive nature of doing the same fissure repeatedly is its own problem. My suggestion could be seen as the next step. Preface: I love survival, especially Lua. I think it's the best and purest game mode in terms of fun and best fits the 'space ninjas versus bad guys' theme, and it's the most open to frame and weapon choices. But if there's not a fissure on the specific survival node you want to play, then you'd be wasting your time compared to fissures and interception. My suggestion: I've long been a fan of the idea of letting players choose their drop table (within reason: relics, sculptures, medallions, kuva, etc) so they can play whatever they want and be generally rewarded for it. This might be implemented similarly to how the mission simulator was shown a couple years ago on Devstream (Reb fought Manics and Bursas, showing the Blade Storm marking for the first time), except with public matchmaking and without the ability to choose specific enemies. Access to this feature may require a minimum enemy level to justify (80?), and/or an MR lock, and/or maybe some clan tech requirements. Let players open relics there and you've got a winner. For added spice, require or allow the option for a random tileset, or even a random mission type for those who want a surprise. This opens up most of the assets in the game, making it as fresh as it can be. I don't think this would have scaling rewards, or if it does they would be very small, since you're already having your time honored from the get-go. I think being generally rewarded while having as much fun as the game offers is much better and puts more focus on the core gameplay loop, hopefully shifting community attention away from rewards and towards creative ideas for making Warframe more fun. The start of endgame is players no longer needing to do things they don't want to do, and just enjoy the game while being rewarded at a reasonable pace.
  12. This is a good point, but I think it would be better to make some changes over time. I can't think of any disadvantage to capping enemy armor at a given value. I don't think this would change the experience for veterans any meaningful amount, and it would make grineer sorties less terrible compared to the other factions for players who are just getting into them.
  13. Neightrix

    Atmo System

    I don't necessarily mind the grind, but the rarities shown when selecting profit-taker missions are obviously not correct. The other systems drops are more common.
  14. Neightrix

    Warframe needs true scaling rewards (endgame).

    Some scaling rewards would be good, especially kuva, but it wouldn't be endgame. With how absurd player power has become, there's really no real difficulty difference between level 50 and level 120, and some frames like Ivara literally don't care what level they're at. Enemies have to get better before you can start offering better rewards for higher level enemies - and if/when that happens, having an hour time check just to get there is bad.
  15. The biggest problem I see here is that if there was no grind, no one would play Warframe. Taking your time investment is how they get you to invest further (platinum, tennogen, etc.). If you don't play then you're not going to buy anything because you're not invested. And you can already buy a lot of things from other players or the market straight away. It is good you want to make the game more fun and more about fun (I'm a huge fan of this mentality), but simply getting rid of the grind isn't the answer. I see it as a bigger problem that you can NEVER play the game mode you want to play. You're constantly choosing the mission based on what you need, rather than rewards being more generalized (or god forbid you get to choose your drop table) and letting players enjoy themselves. Moving prime drops out of the void was a good change, but I don't think it went far enough. The enemies have to become fun to fight so that the focus shifts to them, and challenging to the point where survival and sanctuary onslaught don't need a life support mechanic. This is particularly hard to because of how ridiculous player scaling has become and the work needed to make new enemies that offer the right threats within their factions, but without simply being a gear check.