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  1. Would work as a joke if it weren't literally a controlled, manipulated market.
  2. Riven tiberon was already made worse than riven stradavar. There was no reason to nerf it further. It's unethical to release new weapons with 1.0 normal dispositions knowing they'll be nerfed.
  3. With arbitrations considered endgame, I think it's a shame the only difference in enemies is the addition of drones providing a damage immunity aura to nearby enemies. I don't say this for the sake of being negative, but I find this strategy for increasing player engagement to be extremely gimmicky. That's not to say only arbitrations matter in this regard, and I assume it wouldn't be justified to spend significant time designing enemies exclusively for one mode - the core enemies just don't seem well suited for engagement with players of such wildly varying stats.
  4. Have they even said they're going to change it?
  5. Now that frozen enemies can be status'ed, would it be possible to change their animation when Frost freezes them with Avalanche? I give the enemies credit for covering their faces as a last act of desperation as they're frozen solid, but it sure is inconvenient for players aiming for headshots.
  6. Now that frozen enemies can be status'ed, would it be possible to change the their animation when Frost freezes them? I give the enemies credit for covering their faces as a last act of desperation as they're frozen solid, but it sure is inconvenient for players aiming for headshots.
  7. Syndicate medallion only being worth 1000 is pretty bad, especially given their 5% drop chance. 10000 would be more appropriate. As for the complaints about the rendering changes, it is definitely a positive change overall. You can see the surfaces more clearly now, and prisma weapons no longer look completely ridiculous. Also, we need to talk about the exclusion of axi relics from disruptions missions. It gets very boring having to run the same missions for axi relics. You already made ESO significantly less worthwhile by making the axi relic chances abysmal. This is one of the reasons people say warframe is boring, because you limit activities for people who want to be generally rewarded. Disruptions have a greater sense of urgency, making them more engaging than simply cheesing interceptions or waiting around for timers on bounties, so it would be great if they didn't exclude certain relics. I say this as a criticism of rewards in all endless games modes excluding interception, not just disruptions.
  8. The biggest problem with self-damage: You are more dangerous to yourself than enemies are. We're dealing with years of power creep here. What a silly idea to try to balance weapons with massive self-damage. Of course players will instantly kill themselves with fully modded weapons. Is it really that hard to put a hard or soft cap on the mechanic itself? Where are DE's priorities on this? We can't even get gates to help with this, despite them being a very popular idea and well-argued mechanic as well. We got a failed solution implemented as a farm (Cautious Shot), instead of implementing a proper solution. Now we've got it on a fresh new prime weapon that slows the game down for any point-to-point mission. DE needs to stop messing around and sort out whatever internal force is keeping this failed system going.
  9. The fact that no one uses it for slowing helps my argument. It's not being used to slow enemies because every fully build Valkyr uses Eternal War, and because it can't be recast even without Eternal War, and because many builds gimp her range. Additionally, it currently needs nearly 250% strength for maximum slow. At its cap it slows as much as Molecular Prime, and we all know how appreciated that ability is. And it has the same base range and Rhino's Stomp.
  10. First one: You're crazy and I love it. Second one: This seems like a bit much for an ability that's already amazing CC, although it could be okay if there were a soft cap and/or diminishing returns. I do think it's a great suggestion even if I'm not 100% for it.
  11. Seeing as clones already add to the combo counter, does this mean you're planning on taking that away and making it exclusive to the augment. If so I'd prefer not. Not included but I feel it's worth mentioning is Eternal War. It would be great if the augment also let you recast for half the energy cost to apply Warcry's slow effect on new enemies, otherwise you're locked out of slowing enemies when using the augment as intended. (It would also be nice if the strength required for maximum slow on enemies was reduced, but of course that's separate from the augment itself.)
  12. Only thing that's worse about Wukong is not being braindead unkillable. So except for level 200+ survival he's a lot better now, and definitely my go-to for spy missions. DE really needs to sort out the hitboxes on his 4 though, they're janky as hell and miss enemies directly in front of him. The combo inputs could use some adjustment too.
  13. Maybe there shouldn't a balance mechanic that makes your weapon a bigger threat to you than the enemies you're trying to kill with it. If warframe was actually a hard game that would be one thing, but since DE has designed the game to be largely stat fighting, having weapons that can kill the user feels very out-of-place. Hell, if the self-damage was just did marginal damage and didn't insta-kill most frames that would be okay too. And there are exceptions like the Lenz where they did a great job visually showing the AoE range and giving it immense power to justify the self-damage, but for the most part the community really hates self-damage.
  14. As a balancing mechanic in Warframe, I believe self-damage is a mistake. Your weapon should not be a bigger threat than the enemies you're fighting - that just feels bad. Zhuge Prime is mechanically themed to have delayed explosive crossbow bolts. I like the idea. Since changing or removing the explosive delay would be changing the intended theme, I think we'd be better off saying the self-damage should go away, and it's not like we're dealing with Lenz-size AoE here, it's a lot smaller. I don't have anything to add about the damage being split between the initial hit and the explosion - seems like y'all have covered the problem with it already. I'd be down for a reload speed increase as well.
  15. Is there any change enemies controlled by Nyx 1 could get the same aggressive AI as Wukong's twin? Or maybe Nyx can get damage added back to Psychic Bolts? It would also be nice if Scindo Prime got a rebalance against Galatine Prime and Gram Prime? Especially when its riven disposition is *worse* than Gram Prime.
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