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  1. Seems like it depends. Blade Storm allows the weapon to show but Mirage clones do not. Super annoying.
  2. I get what y'all were trying to do here, but you take mandatory damage - a lot of it. I could understand if there was an element of avoiding enemy fire to conserve health and avoid critical hull breaches, but in reality you either have the stats to survive or you don't. Dodged enemy missiles just loop around and hit you anyway. This is also why only Amesha is viable, you're not really engaging the enemies, you're just cheesing them or being cheesed by them - warframe in a nutshell. It would be nice if enemy missiles had a tracking cone where if their target leaves the missile's field of view they would no longer track. In other wards, making dodging effective and rewarding. The experience isn't very engaging when it's just stat fighting.
  3. Lowering railjack enemy armor isn't enough. They scale WAY too hard, including their health and damage. Additionally, enemy missiles should not continue tracking their target after they're dodged. Why do you think Amesha is the only archwing used? You MUST tank all hits to engage enemies. There's not even a visual effect when players are hit, and the missiles are basically silent with no map element - how are players supposed to engage 20 enemies if they're just spammed to death from all sides with nothing significant communicated to the player? Does DE even consider things like this or are only the visual aesthetics and stats given any mind? Avionics capacity should have been worked into a progression instead of a raw RNG drop. Same goes for all the salvage drops. Don't go duplicating Anthem's loot system - there are reasons that game is dead.
  4. That would be admitting rivens were never about bringing up weaker weapons to match - which never made sense when DE always had full control to change stats and balance themselves. When rivens launched, there were no dispositions and it just amplified the better weapons while doing nothing for the weaker ones - it was terrible. The absolute RNG is a problem for sure, but DE has no respect for their players' time so it won't change, and they'll make excuses about why rivens can't be long term progress.
  5. It sure would be nice to be able to get all the kuva weapons without having to kill over 50 liches on average.
  6. Somewhat related, new weapons should really start with low riven disposition. Without a riven, non-riven Kuva Twin Stubba is stronger than my perfect riven Viper Wraith (which has gotten two disposition nerfs), and the Twin Stubba starts with 1.0 disposition. That's ridiculous.
  7. I didn't know advanced parkour was going to get nerfed. Maybe it was an accident?
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