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  1. I wish the community would move away from the term "difficulty". It's not wrong, but I feel the real problem is lack of engagement. Everyone keeps looking at warframes, weapons, and game modes. Changing these things isn't going to reduce boredom, and just ends up shifting the game towards task management instead of space ninja. I'm not saying to get rid of all fodder - not at all! But relying on sheer numbers to generate "difficulty" isn't very good. I don't think the AI really matters either. Enemies don't need to be smart, they need to present legitimate threats and look/sound cool whil
  2. I'm starting to wish we could give our rivens legacy status - keep the percentages but make them uncycleable and untradeable. Had my Kronen riven before the melee rework, and now it's practically useless.
  3. I was hoping a script would take into account current subsumed and infused - but maybe this was the best that could be done. So, nav coordinates for bile then. It's something, so thanks for that too.
  4. I do think the energy cost on Xaku's 3 could be reduced. Gaze already wants extremely high range and strength, so that would let us cast more often, particularly if we're encouraged to spam Deny for raw damage. On Grasp of Lohk, it seems like the max range is something DE is already happy with, which is fine IMO, but you might consider increasing the base range and reducing the efficacy of range mods. That way we wouldn't feel forced into Stretch + Overextended.
  5. My play time with Mag says otherwise, although I understand the skepticism since you don't know me.
  6. That was before I started playing the game, and it has never had a line-of-sight limitation since I've been playing. I guess that change didn't hold or was reverted without making note of it.
  7. Greedy Pull now line-of-sight only. This was the biggest reason to put Pull on any frame. There's no harm in pulling all loot in range, it's just utility. If it's a goal to make all of the helminth abilities appealing in some way, this was a move away from that. I believe this should be reverted.
  8. The problem with the drop table is very obvious. A workaround does not fix that, but the tip is appreciated.
  9. We know you know about scintillant being practically excluded from drops.
  10. It seems obvious the drop table in bounty 2 is intentionally wrong. Scintillants are shown as common in bounty 2, but they're much more rare than even the rare drop. I can understand wanting to get a few people to spend their platinum on Xaku initially, but this is unethical.
  11. Okay so, it's seems obvious some abilities were chosen over others because some abilities are just too good. But if we're now nerfing some abilities to balance them within the helminth system, it seems like the list may need to be revised. For example, I assume Nyx is giving Mind Control because Psychic Bolts stripping the defenses of 6 enemies is considered too good, and you just wouldn't give Chaos or Absorb. However, if we're adjusting abilities within the helminth then I think it would be much better to give Psychic Bolts, but it only shoots 2 or 3 bolts. Of course, then you would want to
  12. MR8 players don't even have half the frames yet, and they may end dumping resources they need for something else. Why should they get to start swapping abilities when they're barely into the game?
  13. Would it be possible to bring the critical chance of quick fire on the Rakta Ballistica in line with the charged shot (20%)? At the moment, since you can only optimally build for one mode, you tend to only use the firing mode you've built for. This change would be in line with Ballistica Prime, which has the same crit stats for both charged and quick fire. Also, it seems Rakta Ballistica may have been missed when the stat screen was updated, as it only shows information for one firing mode.
  14. Ember's Fire Blast sometimes has hit detection issues when playing as a client. Doing transference or /unstuck has no effect. I have only seen this bug in the void but I'm not sure if that's a coincidence. I noticed this before the update today.
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