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  1. I’ve never heard of anybody getting stuck in a T-pose in warframe but yeah it was probably cause of bad connection, but man one time i just randomly got a host disconnect after doing a tridolon huge bruh moment
  2. i’d be fine with that as long as we didn’t get a nightwatch reaver type enemy, those guys are worse than nullifiers
  3. it ain’t that bad it takes like a day or two
  4. This game isn’t balanced at all someone is still gonna be able to beat that stuff, and it’s not gonna be the “meta” that isn’t even what’s broken Let’s say that this gamemode actually gets added in, unless the enemies are immune to warframe abilities, i can’t see any enemies being able to survive from one octavia mallet, or two sonar spots stacking, or a covert lethality finisher, because that kinda stuff just deletes enemies regardless of level. no need for arcanes or rivens, just weapon and warframe synergy Unless DE nerfs players which I doubt they will, we can’t have a balanced endgame because we are just too strong for the enemies, but the community doesn’t want to nerfed anyway Besides DE doesn’t know how to add difficulty without adding invulnerabilities to everything
  5. when you’re at that point in the game i wonder if they even find warframe that fun in the first place
  6. i heard gara was super op but im not gonna use her until i decide to get her tennogen skin she just looks too weird without it people also talk about the 18 million damage, but nova does, like a lot damage too
  7. i think the komorex is a cool weapon but i can’t say that about it’s stats
  8. Man people were complaining that the nightwave challenges were too tedious and now we got easier challenges this week but nah we still gotta complain because DE reused them. The heck lol I mean for me grinding in warframe is hella boring so the easier the better I can’t complain
  9. dude, hate to say it but bad weapons are still bad even if they have 5 disposition. not really understanding why the viper, vasto, miter, and others are getting nerfed, players rarely use them. don’t know why we’re getting nerfed but we’re honestly so op it doesnt matter. DE should give us challenging content to actually use those powerful weapons, there is no content in the game right now where you need rivens right now unless you play endurance runs. The fact that they nerfed lato and vasto rivens even though they were unpopular and underperforming goes against the concept of riven mods itself. I like that they’re attempting to buff underused weapons but most of them just don’t do enough damage in the first place
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