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  1. Multishot might be an incredibly commonly used stat, but it's got some weird interactions with how it works with shotguns, beam weapons, hunter munitions, and status chance, and since the stat's fairly important for the subject of my next series, I wanted to go ahead and make kind of a general guide to it. I tried to make this as clear as possible, and hopefully it's useful for both new players, and more experienced ones who haven't really looked at the stat too closely.
  2. Just want to say that, in general, I really like this idea... but at least with Limbo's banish, if this were implemented it would need to be set by individual frames, rather than just a blanket "no". Getting banished as something like Rhino might suck, yes, but if you're playing Excal, Saryn, or Mesa, you might legitimately want to be banished, and having to go into the options menu to turn this on or off every time you swap on or off one of those frames would get old really fast.
  3. In Titania's case, it's less of a direct positive and more of a "it doesn't hurt, and speeds things up a litte bit". Since Limbo can use Rift Torrent to increase his damage, that means faster rounds, and having a titania around just means you might consider targeting different heads simply because you'll both be nuking them down so fast. He also both stasis's all of the boss's ranged attacks, and sends him to the rift, which gives you two layers of protection against the only thing that the boss can do that might actually be able to hit you. And since exalted weapons go through the rift, you can pretty much just not care about positioning or anything else except doing damage. So not huge things, but it doesn't hurt you, and it speeds up the run even more. So as far as I can see, there's literally no negatives here if you're running Titania, and while the positives are just "slightly safer" and a seperate DPS who's doing a lot of damage(For reference, generally each head only needs to open up 1-3 times depending on the hemocyte's level before I can nuke it down when solo, and if anyone else shoots it, it's even faster), that's still going to result in a faster run even if your own DPS isn't boosted. Except it doesn't require exalted weapons. What it needs is either that, or that you fight the boss inside the large cataclysm that Limbo will be placing down. Which means that the scythe head is "slightly" more dangerous because you can't deal damage if you spread out "too" much (the amount of room you've got to spread out in depends on how carefully the Limbo's managing his cataclysm's size, but is often enough that you can get well away from that head if you want), but the other two aren't a problem at all as their attacks are blocked by stasis, and you don't need to worry about adds while fighting in the cataclysm, and Limbo gets a massive damage buff from doing this, which results in faster runs. Um, a few things here. One, generally on my channel (Which is heavily Limbo focused) I tend to argue against the huge bubbles unless there is a major purpose for them, like with this strategy for the Hemocyte fight. If you use a big bubble in the wrong area, it ends up either slowing the mission down, not working well due to things like nullifiers, or just annoys your teammates. So usually between 40% to 124% range is all I ever suggest using, as that's generally going to protect anything that you're needing to protect, which means that teammates generally have tons of room outside of the rift with any setup that I actually suggest using. Second, I also actually hate that stupid little puddle thing, and have complained about it in at least one of my videos. The ability to go into the rift on dodges is great, and a core part of his kit, but the portal that he leaves has no practical function outside of conclave other than to just be annoying. For normal gameplay though, he already has two, far superior ways to get allies to the rift if he actually wants them there, so the only times when someone can actually take advantage of the portal, are when limbo either doesn't know that a player wants to be rifted, or just has too low energy to cast banish, which should basically never happen. Meanwhile, yeah, it regularly sends both other players, and Limbo himself, to the rift when none of them wants to get sent there. So while I'll basically always be willing to argue for all for all of the rest of his kit since they all have some kind of useful purpose that, when used responsibly, can be a great help to the team, that portal should probably be removed from his kit. Finally.... you can shoot in the bubble now dude. They removed stasis stopping bullets almost a year ago, so feel free to go ham, you just can't shoot across dimensions. Uh, yeah, except not every non-limbo player knows how Limbo works. I would love to say that people all know how the rift works, but not only have I hit mastery 25's who didn't know you could roll to get out of the rift, and just had to tell another person in this thread that you've been able to shoot in the rift for over a year now, there are people who've never played Limbo himself, and he's uncommon enough that not everyone necessarily fully understands his mechanics. True, this setup is best with a premade team. It shouldn't be much of an issue with the build I suggest with a Pug, and the ones that I've used this with haven't had any issues(And I actually did ask them after using this if they did hit any issues, the only responses I got were fine), but yes, this is going to, naturally, be a little better with a premade team. But there's nothing here that's particularly complex for other players to deal with. Yeah, but only between boss phases. At which point you can either drop cataclysm and nuke everything down like normal, or turn off stasis so that everything can charge in all it wants and do the same while gaining energy back for each enemy killed. Also, you can probably catabomb everything with this setup if you've got spare energy, as the regular infested are low enough level that that should be effective if you're willing to spare another 100-200 energy. No S#&$ they don't need combining. You don't need rhino or any other frame for this either. In fact, you barely ever NEED a specific frame at any point in warframe, unless maybe you're soloing. If you've got the gear, four people can probably get through 8 waves of ESO just fine without using a single ability, but that doesn't stop there from being at least one person running Saryn in the vast majority of those missions. And yes, Limbo can solo the mission too, in roughly 15 minutes for all four stages of the mission and all four fully buffed hemocytes. The whole point of this, and any other strategy for the boss, and basically anything else in warframe, isn't because you actually NEED anything, but because it is an option that can help, at least if you play it competently. Which doesn't mean spamming cataclysm by any means. The absolutely worst that should happen is "maybe" refreshing cataclysm once every 20-25 seconds, which stops your allies from hitting the boss for literally no time unless they are outside of the bubble that you're about to place... which should be bigger than the one that was already placed down, and so naturally allow anyone who was in the previous range to still be able to hit the boss.
  4. Actually, I mentioned that in the video, and that you've already got the solution set up if you're building for the Hemocyte: a long-range bubble will also CC all of the adds in that section before they can usually start shooting the terminal, so it's pretty safe. Also, enemies have to target the terminal, and not the vehicle it's in, which also helps protect it from ranged attacks. Actually, I mostly mentioned the "stay inside the bubble thing" because of people who aren't aware of Limbo works, rather than the size. Generally if you're in a team, just dropping a stretch/overextended bubble that doesn't have narrow minded shrinking it is enough to last you through at least a couple of heads without really causing issues. And if the boss moves too close to the edge, just move cataclysm and you'll have room again. It's generally not a problem as long as you keep an eye on your team's positioning and they don't spread out to ridiculous ranges. And by staying in the rift, they can deal full damage, so that shouldn't be much of an issue, leaving you with a frame that gets rid of the adds, and can usually gain between two to three times as much damage amplification as what a full power-strength rhino can with just 76% power strength thanks to all of the adds here boosting rift torrent's damage amp. As for nova/Rhino/chroma/titania/anyone else who does something good here... yeah, they can be used, but seriously, I can't think of any reason why you can't combine this with their strategies. Most of them are either tanky enough to survive even a direct hit from the scythe-head(And they shouldn't need to actually tank that if you are willing to go long-range and move your bubble at times), or in titania's case, can simply fire from outside of the bubble since her guns are exalted weapons, and so shouldn't be effected at all by the rift.
  5. Meh, you can dislike Limbo if you want, but the only issues that Limbo's teammates should face with this setup are just that they need to fight inside of a large bubble, and in return, they get a faster fight that's a little safer and doesn't have any adds attached to it. The point is that you can get rid of all adds, ranged attacks, and deal 3-10X damage while doing it. Sure, it's already an easy fight, but that doesn't stop there being value in making it even easier, especially since you kind of end up grinding the hell out of it if you want to stock up on the easy forma.
  6. This strategy is fine for working even in pugs, you just need to make sure everyone understands that they need to either fight inside the bubble, or use exalted weapons like titania's pistols to damage the hemocyte. Other than that, it should work just fine alongside any other strategies for fighting this boss. Also, you can play around with the build for this all you like, but the setup I personally thought worked the best was Primed Continuity, Primed Flow, Overextended, Stretch, Umbral Intensify, Vitality, Quick Thinking, and Rift Torrent. I also used Corrosive Projection and Pain Threshold for the Aura and Exilus slot respectively, but that's simply cause I didn't bother trying to optimize them.
  7. It's counted as a sniper by the game, and has access to both sniper mods and the class's ability to generate a combo when zoomed. It also has the potential to one-shot even high level enemies with a good headshot on the zoomed mode, though that is semi-rare on armored foes if not using the anti-armor setup. That said... yeah, it's the weirdest sniper. With vile acceleration equipped, it almost ends up feeling like a semi-automatic version of the Grattler, and I sometimes use it to carpet-bomb areas in content that's low enough level that I'm not worried about my combo bonus. As for the purpose of the punchthrough mode, just think of it as a tool for ramping up your combo meter for high level content. For normal combat, you can ignore it completely if you'd like, but if you're dealing with higher level foes you can swap to it, shoot a line of enemies, a nullifier bubble, a bombard, or just something else that you can charge a bunch of points off of, and then swap back to the explosive mode for the majority of combat. As long as you can get used to occasionally pulling the punchthrough mode out to stack points, you should be able to fairly easily keep between a 100-150% total damage buff up.
  8. So, I just finished updating my series on Snipers to include the newest one, the Komorex. This video covers both the usual build info, as well as all of this thing's weird hidden mechanics Hopefully you guys will enjoy it. Also, in case anyone's interested in learning about sniper mechanics, what mods are generally worth considering for snipers, or just my take on the other snipers currently in the game, here's the rest of the series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8QXK4pu56FDIGB5le18oeU8HiWZAGx6i
  9. Since you're currently trying to overhaul Arbitration, please, PLEASE take a good look at the Arbitration drones themselves. In their current form, they've got some issues, and at least in my opinion, they're a much bigger reason for me not to want to do arbitration than the perma-death or high level. 1. They're really bad for color-blind people. This is probably the thing that you're most likely to change, but seriously... Those energy waves don't show up well at all for some of us, which can lead to all sorts of problems. If something's shielded by them, and not within about 10 feet of me, I cannot tell that it's protected unless I hit it with something. 2. They push people towards certain weapons. I've seen so many people run things like the Arca Plasmor here specifically to counter these annoying things. They have relatively decent AI, are small and hard to hit, they tend to hide behind enemies, they still don't have the best hitboxes, and they are extreme priority targets thanks to their aura, so bringing an AOE weapon to deal with them is always going to feel better than trying to kill them with something more accurate. And since Abritration handles death so harshly, and since the Cautious Shot mod is completely worthless on anything but the tankiest of frames, there's very little practical options in what you can bring to counter them. 3. They add yet another reason to stay away from the squishier Warframes. There's a degree to which they share this issue with nullifiers, but things that ignore abilities are annoying to deal with, and in some ways are even worse than ones that just remove them. This is a problem for a lot of frames, but let's go with what's maybe the worst of them for this problem: Let's say there's a Limbo, and one of these goes inside his bubble. You then have three options. You can ask him to drop his bubble, which if it's on an excavation machine will probably result in that thing's destruction, so generally a bad idea. You also can step outside of the bubble to try and destroy it, but depending on Limbo's bubble-size that might not be even possible depending on where you are. And you can swap to operator to try and destroy the drone, but operator's aren't all that hard-hitting even with the best amp, and you just buffed how fast things level up here, and not everyone knows you can do this because Limbo mechanics aren't something that everyone who plays this game knows well, even at high levels, so this option's kind of iffy, especially in a pug. So, that's a problem, and it's not one that's specific to Limbo, he's just the one who makes this the most awkward with it's inclusion. Having a bunch of things suddenly ignore CC is annoying or outright dangerous for literally anyone who's not a tank-based frame, and those are the ones who already tend to thrive in arbitration, and would continue to do so whether or not these things existed. In fact, because these things only make things immune to abilites, and don't strip ones protecting players like nullifiers do, these add in yet ANOTHER reason to go a tank frame here. So, please. Take a look at these guys. While none of their issues make the mode unplayable, even with the stuff they counter, they're just kind of annoying, bad for color-blind people, and help push you into using only certain weapons and warframes here, some of which would already be suggested here due to the high-level enemies. They need to be changed in some way, such as a more visible energy color, a larger size, a different effect or one that also hits tanking abilites, or even just straight up removed. I don't think there's anyone who'd be sad to see them gone, and honestly, I think there's quite a few a people who would like the option to just jump into a level 100 survival without having to deal with any additional gimmicks.
  10. Love the ability to buy the fortuna parts, but am still wondering if you're going to fix the fact that Fluctus-wielding arch-gunners ignore the quick thinking mod. I'd be fine if it was a magnetic proc(even though the fluctus doesn't do this) or some kind of energy drain(even though I don't think the fluctus does this), but ignoring a specific mod just feels bad.
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