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  1. Lets set one thing straight, the special DR on liches and sisters exists exclusively because of the Voidrig's Aquebex and it's ability to rapidfire 1 million+ damage explosives. Go on a steel path open world, roam around untill an acolyte spawns and use the Arquebex on them if you want to see what happens when the apropriate DR is not implemented. The warframe and weapon you bring to that fight is irrelevant. Banshee finally has a job now and she needs some support because despite shield gating being a thing, she is still armored with nothing but papers and prayers. Banshee needs a purpose and being a softener for liches and sisters is a really good one.
  2. So when are we gonna see the fun changes too? Adjustable positions for primaries and secondaries just like melee has. A complete separation of syndicates from sigils (Just how many people have a sigil on them set to pitch black and the alpha set to nothing?) What about the Theorems and Residuals being unsustainable, unsatisfying and un-effective? What about shotguns STILL not having any good crit chance mods? What about making void storms not have atrocious time in mission to relic opening ratios? What about the defense tiles for Jupiter and the remaster of the corpus ship being too big and having enemies take seven eternities and a half to actually reach the pod making the maps be less of a mission challenging your ability to defend an objective and more of one testing your patience? (WITH speeva on duty)
  3. It's simple, you don't use a Prisma Gorgon. All these new mods and arcanes will actually do with their on-kill stacks is just make people religiously use current meta weapons; the ones that can most easily get their stacks maxed out the quickest. They will achieve only the further widening of the gap between meta and off-meta weapons and pushing people further into using only 1 weapon lest they lose their stacks.
  4. "Primary and Secondary mods are weak compared to melee so we decided to not change the weak mods, weaken melee mods instead and just added some new gun mods and arcanes which can only be obtained after you've cleared the starchart"
  5. Your thought process and ways of going about things don't line up at all. So you say melee attacks too fast which breaks animation yet you lower it by 5% and just make this mod worthless on single targets. In most missions, we'll still have broken animations but now we won't be able to use this mod for stuff like bosses, liches and demolysts. Worst of both worlds That sounds good only if you don't think about it at all. That divide will be there for the entire starchart because the only mods that can lessen it are literally after the whole thing is wide open. Misses the point of reducing the gap where it matters. Worst part about this is that so many of these galvanized mods have on-kill stacks. The only guns where these mods will be good are the top tier ones that can reliably get kills in the content these mods are supposedly made for. To top it off, the stacking on kill will just make people stick to a gun and keep its stacks up. It might add variety between missions but this just incentivizes even more religious use of only one of our weapons rather than offer any meaningful synergy. Charger arcanes just makes it so you have zero stacks on both your primary AND melee so neither of them will really do anything. Y'know what ACTUALLY promoted variety in the game? That time you made all prime melees sidegrades to eachother while keeping them all at a worth while level of power. Suddenly, picking a melee became a matter of personal taste, whichever one seemed most fun was "the best one". Condition overload also provided some variety, we now use status heavy primaries and secondaries to add more damage stacks for it. With the removal of a third of its power and also limiting the amount of stacks making it stack considerably less, this mod is now worthless. With it goes the need for specialized "CO primer guns". That being said: The changes to blood rush make sense. Now there's a valid reason to pick between it and gladiator mods, this will add some variety to builds. Good stuff. Glaive changes just mean people will opt for Amalgam Organ Shatter instead of the normal one to get proper damage going, no other changes will happen. Kuva Nukor Changes - surprises nobody and is very much warranted, no complaints here. The new arcanes are kinda nice but much like the galvanized mods, only the weapons that are already strong enough to easily get kills at high level will benefit from them. These will only widen the gap between the meta weapons and off-meta weapons.
  6. So lemme get this straight, you plan on making primaries and secondaries better for steel path by putting the arcanes and mods that let them make the jump to steel path... within steel path. AND you're also nerfing melee so we can't even brute force our way into that cycle.
  7. Right, went over everything one more time and one thing doesn't make any sense to me. If that were true, you would't need to bring melee down. Bring Primary and Secondary up to the level of melees and THAT will give people valid options. Galvanized Mods will be great if the cost to level them is acceptable. I really hope that the blue color isn't just for show and these are classified as uncommons for the purpose of leveling.
  8. I don't like nerfs at all BUT, melee is rather crazy because of these mods and removing a third of their power -while rough- seems warranted. The new mods and arcanes seem very promising and they will certainly shake things up for primary and secondary builds. Can't immediately tell how much of a change these will cause but we'll see when we get our hands on them. Can theorems and residuals be deleted, please? They are so clunky to use and so incredibly underwhelming. All they do is dillute the droptables.
  9. Would be nice if silver forma came prebuilt or heck, make it 2x and also add gold forma that is prebuilt, silver forma is just frustrating to see as it stands.
  10. There's no way to get a middleground because on one end of the spectrum we, indeed, have people unable to kill level 50s but on the other we also have people able to do 1.1 million true damage in a large area CONSISTENTLY, people hitting the damage cap and sometimes going over it so it loops back to 0 damage, making them have to actually hold back a little. There's also the fact that the kind of content where 1HKO content tends to be highly optional. DE usually balances endless missions to be easily done up to 2 to 4 full rotations. That part is especially obvious when you remember 8 years in we STILL don't have scaling rewards. They don't want us to go for hours. That being said, you do make several great points there. The way I think parasitic eximus / energy leech enemies should work is to have some form of effect you can clearly see because right now you can have one on a different floor or stuck in a wall and you can't tell where it is or how to deal with it short of map wide nuking. A nice bonus would be to have some form of digestion mechanic for energy where they need some time to delete your energy, giving back some of it if you kill them fast enough. Disruptors should not be able to drain all your energy and if you are status immune they should not be able to take ANY; this is literally why magnetic procs have been nerfed. There's too many enemies that are tanky and almost completely immune to powers, this just makes Chroma, which only really has one and a quarter good powers (his 3 and the 2 set to either cold or fire) borderline required and frames that apply debuffs on enemies like Banshee outright useless despite both types being capable of very similar damage numbers. This is why Chroma was / is heavily used in Kuva Lich and Eidolon missions.
  11. Please fix void storms having terrible time to relic opening ratios.
  12. Lets get one thing clear: Cracking open a relic was never an issue in obtaining a prime part. We have capture fissures and exterminate fissures that complete in under 2 minutes and reward the contents of the relic very quickly and painlessly. The true grind for primes is and has been obtaining said relics ever since void keys were removed. Allowing for more relics to be opened would have only allowed people with an excess of them such as myself to finally be able to use them all up at a reasonable pace. As it stands now, I often end up with more relics than I use when doing certain missions. There is no reason for anyone to do void storms as they are now beyond obtaining the new things. These missions can't even be done for the fun of it, the random explosions have seen to that. Soloing is not an option either, even with the ideal crewmates, they all just get downed by explosions. Suddenly the time to complete these missions feels like an eternity and a half because there's more things to deal with. Why would anyone play these? Worth noting: the kind of people going back to a node to do a void storm is likely not there to just do a mission and also open a relic by tolerating random explosions and epileptic seizure inducing visuals; they're likely on that node to crack a relic. If anything the MK I and MK II tier wreckage rewards are actually a down side because they take up precious space that could instead be used by a MK III. Time to relic ratio from void storms should fall in line with the rest of the relic opening missions otherwise all the effort put into this mode will simply go to waste and this game will have yet another mode people want to avoid.
  13. Yeah... it's just not worth doing. A simple fissure exterminate will ALWAYS accomplish the same result faster and with none of these irritations along the way.
  14. Only if we also get a Mutalist Quanta Predator and a Paracyst Predator.
  15. Title says it all but... 200 plat and this 54% kuva kraken lich with an ephemera can be yours.
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