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  1. If you read my whole response you will find that I only really see two issues that the game could fix, namely the bad value deals in the market (remember the frugal credit bundle) and the cost disparity between buying a frame and rushing its crafts (75p to get a potatoed excal with a slot vs 125 to rush, no slot, no potato) My problem isn't that the option to buy the thing is there, my problem is that the deal is effectively a trap that wastes your money if you don't know better and given the good deals DE offers, I KNOW they can do better.
  2. If you can't criticize what you like, you're not a fan, you're a fanatic. Criticizing the things we like means we can see the flaws and want it to be better. That being said, there's a few things I'd like to touch on. There's a number of things that Free to Play games are allowed to do in order to make money. Every category I don't mention falls within the "It's ok when a free to play game does it and it's not a bad way of implementing this" category. All of these are annoying by design in order to tempt you into spending money and that's fine when done in this context. Conf
  3. I took Excalibur Umbra out with the Necramech so I'd have my weapons in use while I blast away as the Necramech. Interesting note, while controlling Excalibur Umbra, I can press 5 to enter the Necramech directly however Excalibur Umbra's "sentience" does not activate, he remains there as any other warframe. If I bring out the Operator first and then transference into the Necramech, Excalibur Umbra retains his sentience. The bug happens only in this latter case. When pressing 5 to leave the necramech, most of the time aiming towards my Excalibur, but other times even when I do not, the came
  4. I walked up to the zone in the necramech and had this happen to me too.
  5. Why on earth would you nerf interactions in order to even out usage? You can make all the abilities on all warframes do absolutely nothing except for Mind Control and I would still never put that on any frame. No amount of nerfs will make other abilities more compelling. The way to combat having just a handful of great choices is by giving us MORE great choices. Reave, Ice Wave, Decoy and Airburst will never make for compelling options, not in the state they are now. We've been promised that powers that needed it would be buffed in order to make the choice of what we replace more di
  6. The problem with the MR 8 change isn't that it's no longer MR 15, it's the fact that we've been told that this is a system for experienced players. We've seen graphs and most people that stick around warframe tend to linger in the MR 10 to 13 range. With that in mind, sure, MR 15 stands out as a more experienced player that likely has many more warframes. You can easily hit MR10 and only ever get 3 warframes in total so I find it hard to buy the whole idea of it still being for experienced players any more.
  7. Ok, I went over the recent changes and it all makes sense BUT can we please get numbers on these things? Can we also get more clarification on the subject of damage buffing abilities such as shock and smite with their respective augments and how they interact with other damage buffing powers (if at all)
  8. I understand your frustrations with the game and on paper all of those ideas seem fine but in practice they kinda fall apart. A better matchmaking system sounds great but you gotta keep in mind that there's a LOT of nodes in the starchart and also a LOT of players at different stages so getting one node to stand out in a sea of nodes from within the ocean of players... is a bit difficult. How could you do it and have it still be practical? Warframe already feels like a spreadsheet type game that's unintentionally effective at scaring off newcomers so despite that being potentially the most
  9. I'd argue Steel Path is endgame since you need to either have a serious weapon setup with a frame that can survive there or extensive knowledge of the game to make do with less than ideal weapons. What Steel Path isn't is GOOD endgame content because it doesn't have anything really worth coming back to. Arbitrations fall in the exact same category for the exact same reasons. DE can't challenge us with numbers because warframe powers are too good at disabling enemies, letting us deal with anything. I've only really spotted exactly 2 threats to our ridiculous damage outputs: Nullifiers
  10. Clearly you are missing the point with warframe being a free to play. It's testing your patience so you'll spend some plat. If this were a paid game, sure, this would be absolutely unacceptable but as it stands, this is an apropriate action for a free to play game to take. If you want more forma either learn how to make profit off trades or start forking over money. The entire monetization of warframe is and always has been to pay to go faster and pay to look nicer.
  11. Why do people keep freaking out over this? Tencent got several other companies as well and proceded to change nothing.
  12. I came here for the looks, customization and gameplay, stuck around for the lore, movement system, exploration and despite being stale right now, the modding system.
  13. Pretty much everyone I've brought this up to has absolutely loved this so it might be a bit too strong BUT... What if maxing command allowed the pilot to fire the side turrets and the forward artilery from the pilot seat as long as nobody is using them? Maybe make the side turrets do less damage and the forward artilery take longer to fire when used like this to balance it out.
  14. Steel path is an interesting addition, finally something to justify overkill builds. The spawn rates for these high level enemies is also pure bliss to rip through. I only really have one problem with it: the rewards. Sure, mod drop chance booster and resource drop chance booster are neat however getting something like a credit cache out of a spy vault or a sabotage cache feels like someone topping a cupcake with a pickle. The regular rewards in steel path need some work, would be great if the relics came refined, maybe not necessarily radiant but any of the other grades would be just f
  15. Smarter AI means absolutely nothing when you can press a button and make them unable to fight back and we have SO many frames that can do that. With this mode, I can finally justify overkill weapon builds and the spawn rates in survival missions are pure bliss. Only real problem with the mode is how stingy the drops for steel essence are.
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