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  1. The tail goes to the middle of the screen and then to the right but never to the left side. Literally unplayable.
  2. Title says all that needs to be said, really I know I've skipped a lot more than just one challenge. Relogging can fix this on rare occasions. Seems like completing certain acts doesn't allow for more to recover, hacen't been able to pin down which ones do this.
  3. How is it a synergy if the kitgun arcane is required for the warframe arcane to do anything?
  4. The Dastard moustache seems like a solid fit for anyone doing stealth runs especially if you're worried about being spotted by a mere butcher. The fact that it looks like eyebrows on my frame is a bonus I cannot ignore. The image is unedited, coming hot out of captura.
  5. I've had this happen when I equip an augment for an infused power on one loadout and then swap that mod config with another that doesn't have the infused power. The augment is then replaced with an aura for some reason.
  6. Why not add the orokin ciphers (the ones awarded from opening derelict vaults) as resources for bile? They currently serve no purpose beyond obtaining Mirage's quest.
  7. Wild Frenzy appears to be coded to fire for as many rounds as you have in the magazine as opposed to "until magazine is empty". Since Energized Munition grants 75% efficiency, you will fire as many rounds as you have in the magazine but only use a quarter of the magazine in doing so. All the "empty magazine" firing weapons do this exact same thing with Energized Munitions. Curious fact about Energized Munitions: it is not RNG; it appears to be hard coded to use 1 round every 4 fired consistently.
  8. Moas show up under sentinels for some reason but that doesn't really matter. I kinda doubt the necramech gives 7k MR
  9. I've basically obtained all the mastery a non-founder possibly could (except for 2 intrinsics) and I've compared how much mastery the game says I have to how much I should have given what I leveled. Most of it is correct save for a few points. There are 18 Sentinels in the game, each should provide 6,000 Mastery for a total of 108,000 mastery so there's 24,000 missing There's a total of 15 companions in the game at 6,000 each for a total of 90,000 Mastery meaning a mysterious 36,000 is added on top of what I should have. Venari apparently grants Mastery as well so that could account f
  10. If you read my whole response you will find that I only really see two issues that the game could fix, namely the bad value deals in the market (remember the frugal credit bundle) and the cost disparity between buying a frame and rushing its crafts (75p to get a potatoed excal with a slot vs 125 to rush, no slot, no potato) My problem isn't that the option to buy the thing is there, my problem is that the deal is effectively a trap that wastes your money if you don't know better and given the good deals DE offers, I KNOW they can do better.
  11. If you can't criticize what you like, you're not a fan, you're a fanatic. Criticizing the things we like means we can see the flaws and want it to be better. That being said, there's a few things I'd like to touch on. There's a number of things that Free to Play games are allowed to do in order to make money. Every category I don't mention falls within the "It's ok when a free to play game does it and it's not a bad way of implementing this" category. All of these are annoying by design in order to tempt you into spending money and that's fine when done in this context. Conf
  12. I took Excalibur Umbra out with the Necramech so I'd have my weapons in use while I blast away as the Necramech. Interesting note, while controlling Excalibur Umbra, I can press 5 to enter the Necramech directly however Excalibur Umbra's "sentience" does not activate, he remains there as any other warframe. If I bring out the Operator first and then transference into the Necramech, Excalibur Umbra retains his sentience. The bug happens only in this latter case. When pressing 5 to leave the necramech, most of the time aiming towards my Excalibur, but other times even when I do not, the came
  13. I walked up to the zone in the necramech and had this happen to me too.
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