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  1. It would be great if we could just push a physical button to switch between Palettes and Favorites. I suggest the Middle mouse button and / or Tab (so it behaves like the chat window) while we're picking colors. The old ui had a much larger favorite button and it was fast enough to click but now it's a little awkward to use.
  2. I specifically said "where it makes sense", meaning not every augment will be sharable. Existing builds would basically remain the same but have room for more mods. Keep in mind that the augment slots will also take up mod capacity, if you want to use up all your mod slots you'll need more forma, the combination of those two factors is plenty of consequence. This change gets rid of precisely no consequence. As for build variety: We have too many augments that are "must-haves" and the best way to remedy that besides an overall buff (by making it built into the frame) is to make another mod equally valuable so you have to pick between the two based on the situation (DE is trying that specific thing with amalgam mods). This can open up the possibility of 4 people to have the same frame but do different things.
  3. Right now there's no real reason to dedicate a slot to an augment because of the way they are being made: One augment for each power, 4 per warframe. What if augments could be shared between frames (where it makes sense)? For instance Iron Shrapnel could be used to allow you to cancel any self buff with an HP value on it and cause damage in the area around you (this could apply to Nezha's 3 and Gara's 2) Since combinations like Pilfering Swarm with Despoil no longer combine to allow for extra drops, what if Pilfering Swarm could be applied to other abilities as well such as Nidus' 4 and Inaros' 4 (it wouldn't really affect drops, it would actually broaden the spectrum of frames viable for farming) The ramifications of this are broad as many augments could potentially work on many current or future warframes (Volt's speed augment could potentially work on Gauss as well) This change might make it so a new frame could have several augments from other frames on release. The work required for this could also potentially be ludicrous but the value of some of the augments would deffinitely go up and we'd also see more variety in builds. If all of this happens and we have several augments to pick from (of which only one can be equipped per power) only then would having slots dedicated to augments actually make sense.
  4. For the first one, I can see the issue but there is sort of a workaround for this. If you already own tennogen for a frame you can equip it on the prime and enable prime details. Switching to a tennogen after that will let you see it with prime details on. It's annoying and it really shouldn't require you to already own a tennogen skin to be able to preview new ones.
  5. To get to this, I went to the Larunda Relay, went to Darvo, helped Clem, came back, walked to the ship and it was like this when I got here.
  6. Really hoping to get some answers on how Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds will work with light attacks.
  7. Heavy attacks use up all the combo which you build up with light attacks. No combo means Maiming Strike can't loop 7 chugillion times through Blood Rush any more. You'd get one good hit and that's about it. Spamming heavy attacks is not viable by design.
  8. There's only one thing that can determine how good or bad this rework is and worryingly it's the one thing that I saw no clarification on. Will Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds apply to light attacks? If they do not then this rework is a massive nerf to the scalability of melee which is what makes it great right now. If they work then it's a great change. All that's needed to fix the spin to win meta is to make maiming strike apply only to heavy attacks as opposed to spins and that's that.
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