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  1. Would be nice if silver forma came prebuilt or heck, make it 2x and also add gold forma that is prebuilt, silver forma is just frustrating to see as it stands.
  2. There's no way to get a middleground because on one end of the spectrum we, indeed, have people unable to kill level 50s but on the other we also have people able to do 1.1 million true damage in a large area CONSISTENTLY, people hitting the damage cap and sometimes going over it so it loops back to 0 damage, making them have to actually hold back a little. There's also the fact that the kind of content where 1HKO content tends to be highly optional. DE usually balances endless missions to be easily done up to 2 to 4 full rotations. That part is especially obvious when you remember 8 years i
  3. Please fix void storms having terrible time to relic opening ratios.
  4. Lets get one thing clear: Cracking open a relic was never an issue in obtaining a prime part. We have capture fissures and exterminate fissures that complete in under 2 minutes and reward the contents of the relic very quickly and painlessly. The true grind for primes is and has been obtaining said relics ever since void keys were removed. Allowing for more relics to be opened would have only allowed people with an excess of them such as myself to finally be able to use them all up at a reasonable pace. As it stands now, I often end up with more relics than I use when doing certain
  5. Yeah... it's just not worth doing. A simple fissure exterminate will ALWAYS accomplish the same result faster and with none of these irritations along the way.
  6. Only if we also get a Mutalist Quanta Predator and a Paracyst Predator.
  7. Title says it all but... 200 plat and this 54% kuva kraken lich with an ephemera can be yours.
  8. Animation is irrelevant to it, the leg plates just float no matter what.
  9. I've saved this glorious post as a txt file, readjusted the format and now I can run a script and this whole thing will be simultaneously played in my minecraft server and the linked discord channel.
  10. Gunnery 10 is currently horrible, making it activate for a longer time and also have a higher heat cost is just making it worse. If anything, give us an option to just disable it while getting the Mastery out of it. This feels like an extremely high cost down side.
  11. Rest in peace, machinegun vectis specters... You will be missed. Would be nice if higher tier specters would be given this functionality.
  12. Some icons show up more narrow than others, they return to normal when out of view and get brought back in but not always. Here's a small demonstration with the Exilus Weapon Adapter blueprint.
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