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  1. You're using golden instinct wrong. It has precisely one correct use: You max out the range and go to a void capture after doing all the scans. This will limit you to only detecting rare crates with it. Why!? Void rare crates can drop built forma and the power cannot be used if there's nothing to be detected so it will never waste your energy. A max range build will usually sweep the whole map with the push of a button. So if you cannot use it, you can either abort or just rush to the end with no worry. If you can use it, there's likely either a rare crate on the map or an ayatan. I found that the best way to find it is with a classic scorched earth approach where you break all the crates and get all the things Titania with max range and loot radar can rush a mission in about a minute, 5 if you detect something Ignore the tracking, just knowing there's something somewhere on the map is all the knowledge you'll need.
  2. More options are always good. Personally I'm not a fan of the more down-to-earth designs. The weirdness is why I love this game but I see no harm in letting those that don't share my view have their fun as well.
  3. In my opinion, just the idea that the spark can only be cast when there's *something* nearby and doesn't work at all otherwise is good enough to let you know it's time to take a literal scorched earth approach to the mission and just nuke all the crates 'till you find the shiny. It's faster to do as well as opposed to relying on the sometimes buggy pathfinding.
  4. So hear me out: Adds a visual Warm Coat to a frame. Doesn't matter too much what the design is, it just has to be pretty and colorable. It HAS to take up a LOT of mod capacity so it will actually impact your build. In this case, with Steel Charge and a Reactor and some Forma, you'd be left with 11 capacity which is effectively doubled if you use more forma. Just imagine how much of a power move it would be to show up on Steel Path with a coat on. Given the ridiculous power level we have at this point, I just know it would still not be impossible to do, it would just be a harder.
  5. Void Fissure Skirmishes have done a LOT of good for my endo and credit supplies. Best run either solo or with a full squad of people. Anything in between just doesn't seem to work out from my experiences. Piloting crewmates WILL shoot at radiators in skirmishes for you so no need to go out HOWEVER they may bug out occasionally and stare into the abyss instead of firing on the radiators. With a full squad that is comunicating, you can do skirmishes rather quickly and you can simultaneously farm endo, credits and corrupted holokeys. No boosters needed and I don't think they can even give you much. Just remember to endo all your blueprints, that's where the bulk of your endo will come from.
  6. ...Yeah rivens were supposed to fix this but all they've done is make mid tier weapons compete a little bit with the lower end of the top tier. When they're not making great weapons greater, they're utterly worthless because the stats are too weak or the base weapon can't be revived even by the perfect roll.
  7. If we could also use this during railjack missions as well so we can have more crewmates out even for a short while would be awesome.
  8. People wanted a "hard mode" because waiting in a survival for an hour 'till the level got to the point enemies need TWO shots to kill is really boring. Simulacrum is a controled testing area, it's there so you can test stuff, you can't get the right enemy composition you want in random missions. Content creators still use the simulacrum because the right enemy composition is more valuable than high level, Steel Path survival can be seen used as a real scenario type of situation.
  9. I'd like this a lot. I'm really curious what Exo Gokstad Officers would be like in Steel Path and just how hard I can melt them with my most ridiculous gear.
  10. Depending on what you get out of breaking stuff down, the utility of such a feature ranges from pointless to exploitable. If all you get is something like 90% of the resources but none of the rare ones then it's deffinitely pointless because with the exception of a handful of warframes, they all hardly use up any resources. Nothing a single run with Nekros can't obtain at least twice fold. On the other hand, if we were to be able to recover everything, you could use it to craft stuff using argon and effectively have indefinite storage for it, defeating the purpose of the decay timer on argon (it's to make you go back to the void from time to time)
  11. Farming Baruuk is actually really quick if you do Exploiter orb, the toroids from there have SO much standing. As for the prime... We got Nidus up next confirmed and Harrow should be next. After that we got Khora and Garuda and finally, Revenant and Baruuk. We're looking at at least 1 more year and possibly 3 more months on top of that if Baruuk isn't released before Revenant. A frame gets vaulted "fast" only if you play once every two years because if you look at something like Nekros: he was released in August 2016 and got vaulted in June 2018, 22 months is a lot of things but "fast" isn't one of them.
  12. Alright, I've done some more thorough testing now that I got a hold of all the mods and the arcanes I was interested in and now that the damage per status effect has been patched on projectile weapons... It's all good. The way I have to mod my gear is different now but I get solid results across the board once I've readjusted. I have many guns that can actually compete with my strongest melees now and reasons to use either. I still have a few concerns now: All these mods and arcanes apply their buff on kill which is fine for any of the top tier weapons we have but not so fine for the weapons rivens were supposed to help. These aditions, while great have severely widened the gap between "viable" and "non-viable" weapons (aka, weapons that can actually get their stacks in a reasonable amount of time vs those that take too long) Area damaging weapons are still dominant, even more than they were before, because now they can just stack up all their buffs in a second. Another concern would have been that all these stacking mechanics encourage people to religiously use only one weapon but they are just so easy to recover that it is simply not the case. We have so many assault rifles, smgs, snipers, bows but hardly any of them will see too much use if they are not given something to make them compete with Area Damage weapons. I am not sure if this is already being considered right now but I'd like to think it is given what was done to the Epitaph and many of the tenet weapons. The Epitaph is a weapon that I absolutely love the design of: Relatively weak area attack when rapid fired that is excellent at applying status effects and clearing out weak enemies and a single target attack that pays for it's longer arming time with outstanding damage that is effectively guaranteed to kill any normal enemy. This is a good step in designing weapons that are not exclusively Area damage while also being a worthwhile choice. We need something to be applied to older weapons that follows a similar design in order to make them into viable choices.
  13. Lets set one thing straight, the special DR on liches and sisters exists exclusively because of the Voidrig's Aquebex and it's ability to rapidfire 1 million+ damage explosives. Go on a steel path open world, roam around untill an acolyte spawns and use the Arquebex on them if you want to see what happens when the apropriate DR is not implemented. The warframe and weapon you bring to that fight is irrelevant. Banshee finally has a job now and she needs some support because despite shield gating being a thing, she is still armored with nothing but papers and prayers. Banshee needs a purpose and being a softener for liches and sisters is a really good one.
  14. Must have missinterpreted what they meant with the 3 statuses, then.
  15. Melee changes: The changes to Blood Rush make perfect sense and it all lines up just fine. No complaints there. The problem is in the changes to condition overload paired with the undocumented follow-through changes. At higher level enemies just no longer die to melee unless it's a heavy attack build. Even when adding in more crit mods, it's just not enough; the limit of 3 statuses on condition overload is too harsh, maybe make it 5 or 6. The follow-through changes also add salt on the wounds (making me weep) because what little damage is left is also diminished over crowds. Primaries and secondaries: I initially thought getting all the mods would be a bit painful but all it took was about 4 misisons with boosters to get all of them so that's really nice. Having to do roughly 8 missions for all the mods with no boosters to get all the mods seems fair. Great work on that. The extra crit chance mods are situational at best. There's very rarely a build that would want to use them could use some better stats, the other mods are all good though. The new arcanes are annoying to get (not hard, annoying) because many times there's alerts for some missions like exterminates or even some defenses are too short and don't give acolytes enough time to spawn OR WORSE, they spawn as you're about to extract. Maybe adjust acolyte spawn a bit. The bonuses given by the arcanes and also the timers and how they can also ramp down are all great across the board. All these stacks encourage using primaries and secondaries and I can see people willing to give up their stacks because they are relatively easy to recover and maintain. The problem is that now melee has the harder to maintain and recover stacks. The Dexterity arcanes will help a bit with that problem but melee needs to have its stacks behave more like those in primary and secondary, that is to say: easy enough to aquire and maintain so that dropping them doesn't feel like the weapon is worthless (talking strictly about non-heavy attack focused builds - those can get by just fine). Asking for 220 hits with a weapon that does less and less damage while going through a crowd suddenly feels like a lot compared to getting 12 kills. The elephant in the room: I've failed to mention that all my successful runs using the new mods and arcanes has been done with weapons that do Area damage and as such, getting multiple kills in a short time span is not only possible, it's sometimes innevitable. Any single target gun simply cannot compete with this. All that the new mods and arcanes have actually accomplished is to simply widen the gap between meta and off-meta weapons. We have bows, sniper rifles, assault rifles and... whatever the paracyst is supposed to be that just cannot compete with something like a Tonkor. All these single target weapons need some means to do area damage if they are to be used at all.
  16. So when are we gonna see the fun changes too? Adjustable positions for primaries and secondaries just like melee has. A complete separation of syndicates from sigils (Just how many people have a sigil on them set to pitch black and the alpha set to nothing?) What about the Theorems and Residuals being unsustainable, unsatisfying and un-effective? What about shotguns STILL not having any good crit chance mods? What about making void storms not have atrocious time in mission to relic opening ratios? What about the defense tiles for Jupiter and the remaster of the corpus ship being too big and having enemies take seven eternities and a half to actually reach the pod making the maps be less of a mission challenging your ability to defend an objective and more of one testing your patience? (WITH speeva on duty)
  17. It's simple, you don't use a Prisma Gorgon. All these new mods and arcanes will actually do with their on-kill stacks is just make people religiously use current meta weapons; the ones that can most easily get their stacks maxed out the quickest. They will achieve only the further widening of the gap between meta and off-meta weapons and pushing people further into using only 1 weapon lest they lose their stacks.
  18. "Primary and Secondary mods are weak compared to melee so we decided to not change the weak mods, weaken melee mods instead and just added some new gun mods and arcanes which can only be obtained after you've cleared the starchart"
  19. Your thought process and ways of going about things don't line up at all. So you say melee attacks too fast which breaks animation yet you lower it by 5% and just make this mod worthless on single targets. In most missions, we'll still have broken animations but now we won't be able to use this mod for stuff like bosses, liches and demolysts. Worst of both worlds That sounds good only if you don't think about it at all. That divide will be there for the entire starchart because the only mods that can lessen it are literally after the whole thing is wide open. Misses the point of reducing the gap where it matters. Worst part about this is that so many of these galvanized mods have on-kill stacks. The only guns where these mods will be good are the top tier ones that can reliably get kills in the content these mods are supposedly made for. To top it off, the stacking on kill will just make people stick to a gun and keep its stacks up. It might add variety between missions but this just incentivizes even more religious use of only one of our weapons rather than offer any meaningful synergy. Charger arcanes just makes it so you have zero stacks on both your primary AND melee so neither of them will really do anything. Y'know what ACTUALLY promoted variety in the game? That time you made all prime melees sidegrades to eachother while keeping them all at a worth while level of power. Suddenly, picking a melee became a matter of personal taste, whichever one seemed most fun was "the best one". Condition overload also provided some variety, we now use status heavy primaries and secondaries to add more damage stacks for it. With the removal of a third of its power and also limiting the amount of stacks making it stack considerably less, this mod is now worthless. With it goes the need for specialized "CO primer guns". That being said: The changes to blood rush make sense. Now there's a valid reason to pick between it and gladiator mods, this will add some variety to builds. Good stuff. Glaive changes just mean people will opt for Amalgam Organ Shatter instead of the normal one to get proper damage going, no other changes will happen. Kuva Nukor Changes - surprises nobody and is very much warranted, no complaints here. The new arcanes are kinda nice but much like the galvanized mods, only the weapons that are already strong enough to easily get kills at high level will benefit from them. These will only widen the gap between the meta weapons and off-meta weapons.
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