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  1. Please remove the insane Archwing momentum

    Well, that's the problem. Turn it off. Legacy control is much more controllable, especially in the tight Corpus/Infested (JV-only) tilesets.
  2. The universal Vaccuum or not?

    Um, what? Sentinels restores your shield (Guardian, Shield Charger, Taxon), heals you periodically (Medi-Ray, now a shared utility with pets with Hunter Recovery), revives you up to four times (Sacrifice + (Primed) Regen), apply status reliably (Prisma Burst Laser, Sweeper Prime, Artax), perform CC periodically (Wyrm, Djinn, and to a lesser extent Diriga and Dethcube), maintain ammo for all but the most extremely-inefficient weapons (Carrier), and scans enemies for codex completion and sonar spots (Helios). Only the cats and Huras (stealth, because Shade sucks) are remotely competitive in terms of utility, and using a Smeeta is basically bringing a slot machine with you instead of anything reliable. And sentinels have the additional advantage of not running all over the place or affected by the atrocious AI. Pets are better at damaging and killing things, and they're generally tougher on top of being able to be revived and healed more easily (at the cost of getting targeted and downed more often, but still), but they're not sentinel's equals when it comes to utility even if we ignore Vacuum.
  3. Decent PVP would intice a whole new market

    Find an actual PvP game and stop bothering us. We already know how well Warframe players like PvP when they shoved Conclave events down our throats two holidays in a row (Christmsa 2016, Valentine's 2017). It was an ugly affair.
  4. Lock bounties behind MR

    I've specified in an earlier post that I support a quest lock (TSD and TWW for Bounty 4/5 respectively), not a hard MR lock (although the quests' requirements themselves would put the MR requirement at 3 and 5 respectively). Nothing high, just enough solid progress through Starchart to filter out people who are really new, and should have no business with either the difficulty or rewards of these two bounty levels.
  5. Lock bounties behind MR

    It's not really elitism when you're dying left and right even though you're a non-contributing leech, and getting rewards that are completely irrelevant to your current progress. It's basic logic.
  6. Lock bounties behind MR

    There is a need for some sort of gating. It's already painfully evident to any slightly experienced player that the current bounty 4/5 offer little to nothing for newbies, even if they leech through it: Bounty 4 is about Lenses (useless before TSD), stances (there are alternatives), and set mods (which are either useless or end-game min-maxing), and unlike Bounty 3 it doesn't have any Gara part to make it remotely relevant to newbies. Bounty 5 rewards are almost purely geared toward players who completed TWW. Wisps and Breaths are only used for Operator-related items, Kuva is only used for rerolling rivens, a few TWW-themed weapons, and Nidus (which requires TWW). Traces and relics are the "trash reward" that can be obtained relatively easily through other means, and newbies likely don't have access to Axi fissures (or the ability to clear them without help) anyway. Their standing rewards are unnecessarily and almost comically high for a low-MR player's daily standing cap. You can hit the cap within one reset easily. Personally I lean toward Quest-gating them over hard MR-gating as suggested by DarkRuler2500 though.
  7. I feel useless in PoE bounty quests

    As an MR21 who has freshly graduated from the Bounty 1 RNG hell (yes, Bounty 1), I must apologize to you guys who wanted to enjoy the mission. Hell, I do too, but after dozens of runs with nothing but junk I have absolutely no need for, I can't help but to be fed up with the continued effort required in my casual Assimilate Nyx / Sybaris P combo. First I changed to Mesa, and after finding even that too much effort for the heinous grind, I found myself backed into a corner of "use WoF Ember or get burnt out in the next 10 minutes". So half-AFK zombie Ember I did. And abusing the hell out of parkour 2.0 and Naramon/Zenurik 200m Void Dash to get to places while I was at it (still slower than AW or Nova Portal, but way faster than just parkour, let alone newbies inexperienced with parkour). The only real way to "fix" high MRs ruining Bounty 1-3 is to fix the god damn RNG. I feel like ever since Nidus DE has been testing the waters of "how far can we get away with not giving quest frame parts in the quest and gate them behind screwed up RNG instead".
  8. Cross Platform Account

    Updates between PC and consoles are out of sync - This is the most important one. Unless DE sacrifices PC for consoles' sake (and with it their "test on PC live and patch quickly, then release stable build on consoles" development cycle), cross-platform play will never be possible. Platinum discounts work differently on PC and consoles As a partial consequence of 2, player market values have a massive PC-console gap TennoGen purchases work differently between PC and console
  9. .... or fix Host Migration failures causing the loss of all rewards. Disabling Leave Squad seems to be the faster way since that was a band-aid asking for exactly this sort of problem to begin with.
  10. Why limbo's the worst team frame

    Problem with Limbo is twofold: When used correctly in a situation where he excels, he's ridiculously cheesy (Rescue, MD, Sortie Defense) When used incorrectly, whether through incompetence or malice, he's a pure troll frame that only serves to make the game unfun for other players on the team He's just in a bad place overall, and I shouldn't have to bring an Arca Plasmor or a Kohm just because a Limbo might show up and spam stasis (and even that only "solves" one of his problems).
  11. Get rid of Vaccuum

    The quote on statistics was before Ammo Case, and before Vacuum was made sentinel-universal. Know your updates. Ammo Case is also not the only draw of Carrier post-TVM, as Carrier Prime's relative toughness (best among sentinels) makes Vacuum more reliable by not having the sentinel die every other second.
  12. Get rid of Vaccuum

    The statistics have everything to do with this. Pre-Ammo Case Carrier was an accurate depiction of how many players used Vacuum, because it was the only companion with access to it. Guess what? It was a majority so overwhelming it's not even funny. Yes, most of the Kubrows will remain useless, but at least Kavats will be salvaged (especially since the latest Hunter mods gave pets better damage and utility, the latter was something that they were severely lacking even without accounting for Vacuum). And guess what? You can keep defending this glaringly poor design decision, because I'm not switching to pets even with Univac since sentinels have considerably better utility other than Vacuum, and my only stake in this mess is whether I can get one more slot on it. It's a long way to make pets actually worth the trouble they bring, and Univac is just one major step in the right direction. If you want to say that "taking one step won't fix it, so we should never take any step to fix it at all", be my guest.
  13. [improvement] Euphona Prime

    Yes. It doesn't matter which button I bound alt-fire to, a weapon that I'll only ever press alt-fire is just wrong.
  14. Disclaimer: I don't care much for the actives, so I mostly look at the passives and the regen. Zenurik Passive, 2: Converts 20% of health pickups into energy. Energy Regen: Regenerates energy by .5/s I'm sorry, what? You do realize that this is worse than Energy Siphon, a mod long-acknowledged by the community to be practically useless when used alone? And that health > energy is generally the useless half of Equilibrium unless you're Nekros? A passive regen between 2 to 3 per second is more appropriate (adjust Energizing Dash downwards to compensate), and passive 2 needs to go straight back to the drawing board. Unairu Passive, 1: Regenerates 9 health per second, +2 revives Passive, 2: Increased Armor, 20% unused ammo is converted for equipped weapon Energy Regen: 20% of damage taken is converted into energy. Yes, I know Unairu is super-underwhelming in both Focus 1.0 and 2.0, but this is broken OP. Seriously, 3x Rejuvenation, 2x Arcane Revives, Ammo Case, and R1 Rage that works on shields? You gave Zenurik crap Energy Siphon, gave Vazarin, Madurai and Naramon super-niche energy regens that are either hard to trigger or can only be reliably triggered with select frames, and you somehow think it's appropriate to give Unairu super-Rage, even in your scope of balance?
  15. snipetron buff?

    What's the point of ranting about the originals when superior versions exist, and in most cases readily available (in Snipetron's case, more available)? It'd be nice if they get buffs along with their superior versions, but ultimately I don't think people will break too much sweat about the base versions being rather lacking while the special versions are good. Yes, you'd think that a sniper rifle with practically no special strength would at least have high fire rate and negligible recoil. But no, it's practically worse than my Rubico in every possible way except reload speed and one more round in the mag, along with recoil as big as an anti-tank rifle while not having the power to justify it.