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  1. You can fly upside down with "Experimental Flight" enabled, which was the new six-axis Archwing physics that was universally loathed to the point that DE put the original system back in place. Granted, it's less fault of the physics itself and more of Archwing tilesets being horribly outdated, especially the Corpus ship trench run tileset which is nightmare to navigate with the six-axis flight model.
  2. And let's not forget how terrible Arch-gun mods are even after the buffs that came with the update. Take the Velocitus as an example, on Warframe Builder (with a blank rifle template for the atmospheric stats, and using riven with underleveled mods to simulate the Arch-gun mods, since Builder hasn't updated to Fortuna part 2 yet), the average per-shot damage with Base Damage + Multishot + CC/CD + four elementals is merely 73k, while with regular rifle mods it would be more than doubled at 168k per shot. That's how bad those mods are.
  3. My half-awake wild guess is that they're reserving the "accurate hitscan automatic" role to a future primary kitgun. But yes, would be nice to have the Rattleguts be just a little more accurate.
  4. It's almost funny to remember that they fixed long-standing QoL issues with tank Chroma having to constantly and carefully time recasts and manage bonuses.... at the same time that they gutted tank Chroma so thoroughly, it isn't worth using over other tanks even with the QoL changes. The damage calculation can stay as-is, but the decision to "fix" armor calculation is misguided at best.
  5. The Hek's firing sound also leaves much to be desired. Its whole sound package just begs for an overhaul.
  6. It's already a thing with Teralysts. You're either bringing a meta efficiency frame or you won't be bringing anything, as far as Recruiting is concerned.
  7. The fewer players allowed, the more strict the frame requirements will become for efficient runs. LoR/JV frame requirements are very lax compared to Eidolon Hunts. JV in particular allows quite a lot of frames that don't help with their abilities at all, as long as your team has brought the few that mattered (Nekros, EV, Equinox, maybe a Speedva). Replacing raids with Eidolons raise the bar for gear requirement.
  8. I guess you know how for the most part Eidolon Hunting, in its current state, is mostly a self-contained loop of "Hunt more Eidolons to Hunt Eidolons more efficiently so that I can hunt more Eidolons"? Which is problematic on its own, but even more deeply troubling when you gate some real reward (first Brilliant Shards, then Riven transmutation, and now raid Arcanes) behind it as it creates the exact problem that you're describing - new players are screwed because the only way to prepare for the Hunt is to do the Hunt.
  9. I've been blasting them for the dumb decision to "temporarily" retire raids since the start of this thread. Are you mistaking me for someone else?
  10. Personally I think most of them are at least decently-designed. Agility Drift is the only one that I positively loathe for various reasons, one of which is that it's anti-teamplay.
  11. Eidolon Hunt strategy in a nutshell: Steal two balloons from the kids Grineer Shoot little orbs with kiddie toy gun Shoot bullet sponge with kiddie toy gun Shoot bullet sponge with Chroma nuke Shoot bullet sponge with kiddie toy gun Shoot bullet sponge with Chroma nuke Shoot bullet sponge with kiddie toy gun Shoot bullet sponge with Chroma nuke Shoot bullet sponge with kiddie toy gun Shoot bullet sponge with Chroma nuke Shoot little orbs with kiddie toy gun Shoot bullet sponge with Chroma nuke That's not what I'd call "better designed".
  12. Or Kuva Fortress. Or Lua. On a whole they're just terrible at distributing "stuff that you'll want to keep farming" to different places, and now they're worsening that situation by killing off raids and adding them to *gasp* PoE, which is already oversaturated with stuff.
  13. 1. The same can be said about their replacement. Eidolons are even more focused on build composition for efficient teams because of the lower player count. You can slack a little in LoR (and even more in JV) unless you have an absolutely-critical job like EV or Vauban because others will cover for you, not so much in Eidolon hunts. 2. Nobody except the host is allowed to follow the hijack core. Desync and lag means anyone else pushing the core risks pushing it into electrified rail on the host's screen (which is all that mattered). This is not some sort of elitism, just garbage netcode and how we deal with it. And if you're running a frame with massive energy reserve (or willing to pop your own pizzas) you're free to request for the position of battery carrier, the point here is that we don't want anyone dropping the battery just because EV couldn't find a target fast enough. Criticism to the raids is fine and all, they're definitely not perfect (JV in particular is a bloody mess, which is not helped by the disorienting infested growths all over the place), but I just don't find any merit in yours. That's before accounting for the BS that the current raids somehow must be teared down while they work for their replacement in the "distant future".
  14. To be fair, we're only discussing raids because while raids are an abandoned child to the dev team who now wants to euthanize it, Conclave is apparently still the pet project of at least some significant dev who would not let anyone touch it, and in fact would try to shove it down the general playerbase's throats (i.e. the fake Tactical Alerts that gave Oro decorations) despite it being absolutely despised.
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