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  1. Exactly. I was also 2/3 and the forced update made me log in literally SECONDS after the sortie expired. Extremely brilliant strategy here, couldn't the patch wait like 30 minutes? Is that so bloody hard?
  2. I've always been of the opinion that the current disposition range (0.5 - ~1.5) on a whole is too low - The super-popular weapons get worthless rivens that aren't worth the slot even with a god roll, and the weak unpopular weapons don't have a high enough disposition to make them relevant. It would be more reasonable if the disposition range is something like 0.7 - 2.0
  3. "However, many people consider him useless or boring due to his lack of ability utility." If you mean the community Discord server, they have a raging hard-on for Inaros-bashing, and it's easy to fall into groupthink under that environment.
  4. Before you ask why I mentioned both mods, think: Both mods heal you for a percentage of your max health over a few seconds, both mods only activate after you have taken damage, and both mods have a 15-second cooldown after activation. With Medi-Ray, the mod is way too trigger-happy and activates as soon as you take even 1 health damage, which in most cases will result in extreme waste and unnecessary cooldown. In the case of Necramech Repair, the mod sits around doing nothing for way too long, only activating when you're on the brink of death (20% HP), which leads to two problems:
  5. Voidrig needs to have the helmet-spinning disabled on alt helms.
  6. Enemy Voidrig Storm Shroud damage reflection and absorption needs to be capped. It cannot be allowed to absorb infinite damage into shield HP, or reflect the full player damage back. Right now it is liberally abusing the player/enemy damage discrepancies to OHK or 2HK players, while generating an absurdly powerful shield that takes forever to take down if players were not aware of its absorption phase.
  7. The absolute lack of matchmaking for the new bounties makes them basically unplayable.
  8. No, go away. There are people like me who use Nyx precisely because of Assimilate. My entire Nyx build revolves around it, down to my companion setup to maximize its uptime. I always read any proposed change to Absorb and Assimilate before anything else in a Nyx rework proposal, and I will not dignify you with reading the rest when you're offhandedly dissing the ability that a lot of (if not most) people who still use Nyx are using her for.
  9. The wiki should be an optional, nice-to-have thing to look up info in a more organized(?) manner. We shouldn't have to depend on an external source like this.
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