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  1. So two whole months of sitting at Bere doing nothing but press 4 on my Banshee for an hour or two, for one school. That and the hassle of actually finding Bere groups since it's nowhere as popular as Draco once was. The grind wall for focus is so hilariously bad, both by the ridiculously slow gain, and the sheer difference between the arbitrary daily cap and the amount required to make any real progress in any school, it encourages people to give up on it. Yes, it doesn't encourage people to play more. It doesn't encourage people to actually touch it. It doesn't even encourage people to keep buying boosters and grind the **** out of it in Bere every single day (which is what I suspect DE is after). What it does encourage is for people to look at it and say "**** this crap" immediately.
  2. Hydron is way faster actually, but Akkad does have more useful resources. Biggest neurode farm would be from the Lua sentients however. But anyway back to the topic: "People were fine before <X> was added" is a poor excuse to say no to any QoL feature being expanded. Picking up loots is fine, but if people aren't hellbent on defending poor design out of sheer fanboyism, it should be a no-brainer that having to spend time walking over loot, instead of having a reasonable auto-pickup distance (Vacuum) and focusing on the actual gameplay (i.e. the pew pew that people came for), is a vastly inferior design for a loot shooter*. * Borderlands doesn't auto-pickup guns, but those take up limited inventory slots, which isn't a thing with any of Warframe's loot.
  3. As in the title, the "object" version of Condroc that spawns in the sky, with no health bar when aimed at and doesn't take critical hits (even with >100% crit weapons), but spawning normal Condroc loots and granting 50 affinity when "killed", does not count toward the Pest Control achievement. Seems like an oversight to me since it shouldn't really concern the players with which version of Condrocs they're shooting at.
  4. I'm done with fishing and PoE

    You're missing the point completely. This is a game with space ninjas jumping faster than a car, structures from a long-gone super civilization staying mostly pristine after god knows how many centuries, and "void energy" which is magic in all but name. Hard Sci-fi realism has no place here.
  5. Archwing in plains. WOW it's disappointing.

    What Skywing damage should be: Normal Archwing health, apply debuff to user if the AW is destroyed by enemy fire before ejecting. What we got instead: Archwing displays normal health and shield, but dies if the Grineer sneezes at it. What Skywing summoning should be: Craftable segment, infinite-use gear with cooldown (Landing craft air support charges already have a cooldown mechanic) What we got instead: A resource sink to dissuade players from using it at all, and if you really are filthy rich in the resources you can chain-pull them for your entire team and then some.
  6. Love to see how everyone is forgetting Chains of Harrow and the MR24 test.
  7. I'm done with fishing and PoE

    High-end Hok and Suumbaat offerings are locked behind fishing for that simple reason.
  8. Bounties should not use the Daily Standing Cap

    Well the difference between syndicate missions and bounties is that syndicate missions refresh every 24 hours, while bounties do so every 2.5 hours. I agree that there needs to be at least one way to bypass the limit, but it's debatable whether it's bounties or turning in resources that should be the one to bypass it.
  9. I'm done with fishing and PoE

    Let's not forget the extremely complicated and grindy "You must grind fish A, B, C to make bait 1 for fish D, grind fish E, F, G to make bait 2 for fish H, then grind fish D and H with bait 1 and 2 to make bait 3 for fish I" mess. Using naturally-spawning fish unique parts as a perquisite is alright, but once it requires bait-only fish to make bait for another bait-only fish it becomes very silly.
  10. Focus economy is bad too

    The dumbest thing about Focus is that because the conversion rate is so ridiculously bad, you will either never unlock anything remotely good, or you'll spend hours sitting around doing practically nothing but watch mobs die in XP caves like Bere and Hydron. If the conversion rate is decent enough, or the unlocking costs low enough, sitting in XP caves would be an option, not the current "you either sit in one daily or you don't make any progress ever" non-sense.
  11. Before the hotfix, the three spears acted as straight upgrades to their lower-ranked predecessors, which means you only have to carry one spear with you at any time. (Similar to the mining tools, another infinite-use gear item for collecting resources in the plains) Now if you want to catch every fish optimally, you have to bring three.
  12. A way to save loot and continue playing?

    Would be an excellent compromise between being imprisoned with a party, and the unavoidable hell that is host migration if the host decides to solo-extract (assuming that's made possible). I'd like to see it.
  13. Some basic concepts DE needs to understand

    Operator was fine in Focus 1.0 before TWW happened. It was a backdrop, it wasn't a necessary component to any mission you play, and only stood to enhance the base Warframe experience of, you know, WARFRAMES. Now instead of actually making Warframes fun again, all Focus 2.0 did was to take away that enhancement to Warframes just to shove more Operator "gameplay" down our throats. Disgusting.
  14. Void Traces for PoE Rewards - NOT an Improvement

    I'd rather have PoE-specific uncommon/rare resources as possible rewards, like unique fish parts and alloys, i.e. things that are actually useful in Cetus/PoE, and actually make some sense to be awarded by the Ostrons. And yes, Zaw component blueprints would work.
  15. .... Because bringing 3 spears for every fish pushes the full package of PoE gears up to 5 gears (Mining tool, Archwing launcher, 3 spears), which means I have to actually sacrifice an existing pre-PoE gear from the 8 old slots to squeeze them in. It's also an unnecessarily complicated "feature" that is not fun in any way.