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  1. Mattoropael

    There needs to be more ways to get Endo (and credits too)

    As much as we all complain how garbage Anasa/4000 Endo is for sortie rewards, getting them repeatedly day after day is probably exactly why many of us survived The Sacrifice's "five Primed mods for you to max at once" surprise just fine. Credits on the other hand does need more than just Index as an efficient farm. Raids used to be this alternative (especially if you're the kind of people who timed their JV finish to get the daily first win bonus), but that's gone and likely won't come back ever (they said they're bringing it back in the future but let's be real, so is Dark Sector).
  2. Mattoropael

    Operator mode and Umbra Excal

    And it also adds the health debuff as if your operator died.
  3. Because the distinction is, to my knowledge, not marked by their function (combo-based mods), but by their origin (Acolyte mods). Gladiator Rush is probably bugged.
  4. Mattoropael

    Could you NOT give out the next Umbra frame so easily?

    So you'd rather make it a glorified Focus/Amp/Magus Arcane gear check? Because that's what it will be if you add real consequence to the kiddo deaths while fighting a Warframe that can damage you through void mode.
  5. Mattoropael

    Baro dialogue with certain unique Warframes need a look

    It's called consistency. The Inaros problem is particularly jarring when Baro went from licking his god's boots to dismissing it like a common beggar in 5 seconds. Yes, it's a very minor thing that we all could live with it broken forever. That doesn't mean it somehow should not be fixed or mentioned.
  6. Mattoropael

    Request to Revamp Aura Slot Forma-ing

    I literally mentioned "extra time". It's already present as default on a few frames (Nekros, Nekros P, Excalibur) and it's very workable with if you really need the aura flexibility.
  7. Mattoropael

    Request to Revamp Aura Slot Forma-ing

    Or you can de-polarize the aura slot and polarize more normal slots to compensate, which apart from the extra time and formas isn't a problem with most builds.
  8. Yes, of course I'm talking about Umbra (hence the just-in-case spoiler tag), but also Inaros. Right now, Baro doesn't recognize Excal Umbra whatsoever and uses his standard lines toward non-Prime frames. Umbra isn't a full-blown Prime, sure, but he is still an Orokin-era relic with gold bling. Even if you aren't going to give him unique Baro dialogue, it would be nice to just reuse the Prime dialogue for him. On the other hand, while Inaros received unique Baro greetings, Baro still dismisses Inaros the same way as any other non-Prime Warframe. Baro's more respectful parting lines for Prime frames are generic enough to suit Inaros, so why not?
  9. Mattoropael

    Health Conversion Should NOT Exist

    I only really agree with "shield shouldn't cause stack loss". Just because a mod only has niche applications for a few select frames doesn't mean it's bad. If it's good on those frames (and from my experience with Nekros is very much is) then it's good.
  10. Mattoropael

    Please Change how to Perform Finishers for Melee

    I don't have the energy to read the whole thing right now but I agree it's an issue. It's also why I don't pocket sand recklessly with my Inaros when an ally is using melee.
  11. Mattoropael

    Nyx is cool but....

    .... Probably Endurance Drift in the sense that having a (ever slightly) bigger energy tank keeps her 4 going for (ever slightly) longer. I could be wrong, since I'm not him and there's no exilus mod that directly increase duration.
  12. Mattoropael

    Inaros ability to tank

    This to me is his biggest appeal: Extreme ease to use. If you haven't charged scarab armor for the extra armor (which you should for higher-level missions but still), you can even walk straight into a nullifier bubble and laugh in his face, which no other tank frame in this game can do. He isn't the tankiest or the most survivable frame in my opinion, but he's just satisfying to use.
  13. Mattoropael

    I still have hope Focus will be fixed

    As much as I drool over that for my Inaros, that sounds hilariously OP.
  14. While I agree it's a bit complicated, it's currently the most elegant solution I've seen for the problem of damaging the other plane while you're not Limbo, and is not really obstructive to use either.
  15. Seeing as a lot of Zaws in their current state are already on par with or even surpassing their non-Zaw counterparts (... other than in aesthetic), I don't see why not.