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  1. 100% before multishot is a must for status shotguns. 99.999999% and 100% make all the difference with how shotgun status works.
  2. It could work: No "magazine" or reloading You fire the thing straight from the (hopefully truly massive) ammo reserve Ammo pickups add straight to the immediately fire-able ammo pool Possible penalty for running completely dry - lengthy reload as you pick up ammo that must be completed before you can fire again Limited parkour movement while actively wielding it Aim-glide and wall latch disabled, OR Completely disables movements beyond sprinting and basic jumping It wouldn't necessarily be very great and will spell certain doom to the squishier frames, but if the DPS is high enough and ammo pool deep enough to make it an actual choice of sort, it could be usable and very cool on tank frames.
  3. Latest patch has fixed the hostage dying to the traps. Unfortunately that would mean that we'll still take massive damage from them while trying to defend that genius as he strolls through the gas chambers and what not, but at least we won't have to spam Trin Bless or revive him every 10 seconds anymore.
  4. I find the current Nyx to be quite enjoyable. Loki has stolen Chaos' LET EVERYONE FIGHT gimmick and is even better at that job, sure, but Assimilate makes Nyx a slow tank alternative to Loki's stealth-oriented playstyle while offering similar CC capabilities (and one of the best tanks in the game, of course). Her only useless ability is psychic bolt (which is admittedly rubbish), her 1 and 3 while I don't use too often (I'm mainly using her for Assimilate tanking) still have their uses when the situation calls for it. Is she perfect? Far from it. But is she good and fun in her current state? I'll say yes wholeheartedly.
  5. Synoid Simulor, Tonkor and Telos Boltace disagree though. They were quite literally bombarded by NERF PLOX threads (especially the Simulor) and DE listened. If it's anyone's fault that collective thread spamming is becoming a trend, it's DE's.
  6. Look, with a good AW and familiarity with both AW controls and the tileset, I can pull this off too. The problem with Rush is its placement on Phobos (a newbie-tier "planet"), at a non-dead end node (locking progress for newbies unless they somehow clear it), and with a timer entirely too strict for its intended audience (newbies who barely know how to AW).
  7. It's a known issue to players since the first time Kuva Fortress Defense showed up on sorties for the first time last year, but DE still hasn't said a word about it. For now your best bet should be any of these: Trin heal spam, Loki/Nova teleport spam, tank frame revive spam
  8. Bumping again for relevance due to KF defense showing up on sortie again with a suicidal defense target. Seriously, how is this not fixed, half a year after TWW release?
  9. Considering how "well-received" Razorback is (the boss itself, not the recent fiasco with its return), "invulnerable boss that you must use outside force to defeat" does not sound like a good idea. That said, Lech Kril's boss fight is more frustrating than even Razorback as it's just a waiting game after popping his pipes, so there's that. Sargus on the other hand doesn't really need a rework, as his weakspots are easy enough to hit (unlike Vay Hek), and isn't a massive bullet sponge if you do hit it, even at Sortie or Kuva Flood levels.
  10. I agree, and honestly it's getting ridiculous by this point. 600 days for a Primed mod that is a major step up from its normal variant, completely replaces Metal Auger, and almost fully replaces Speed Trigger?
  11. If I understand correctly, his suggestion actually benefits non-endless missions, as you'll get your passives working at partial strength while the activation timer ticks toward full activation, instead of having nothing at the beginning and suddenly jumping to full power at active activation. Of course, in the end it would still depend on how short/long the adjusted activation timer will be to say for certain if it's a buff or nerf to focus passive usage in non-endless, but at least it has the potential to improve it.
  12. Especially considering Sentinels have other utilities that still put them over pets, which would have been noticed if not for Vacuum hoarding all the attention. They heal you (Medi-Ray), restores your shield instantly upon depletion (Guardian), recharges your shield periodically (Shield Charger), revives you multiple times (Sacrifice + Primed Regen), and depending on sentinel and/or weapon can CC, improve ammo problems, scan stuff for codex completion, recharge your shields some more and proc Growing Power reliably with a status weapon or Artax. Let's be real here, switching to a pet already means losing all of those, do we really need Vacuum, a factor that once pushed a vast majority of players toward using Carrier (Prime) and nothing else to be the "sacrifice" deciding factor for not using sentinels on top of everything else?
  13. Once again, pretty much everyone already are putting Vacuum on their sentinels and never touching the Vacuum-incompatible pets, so reminding us of that "possibility" is a pointless gesture. And for all your "BAD IDEA" and "WORST IDEA EVER" tossing, I've yet to see any argument from you regarding why a Vacuum option would be a bad idea, because "IT'S JUST BAD" is not a valid reason to oppose something. It's simply mind-boggling since no one would lose anything if such option is to be implemented along with universal vacuum - people who don't like vacuum can continue to not use vacuum, and people who do use vacuum get a sentinel mod slot cleared up and an opportunity to try out Kubrows and Kavats. But of course, I will say that placing that option in the options would be overpowered. No, it should be in the arsenal to prevent people switching it on and off on the fly during a mission, as well as for better visibility to players.
  14. >"Varying play-style" > 95% of all players use Vacuum Sorry, what varying playstyle again?
  15. Carrier (the normal, squishy one) was stupidly common before The Vacuum Within patches changed Vacuum to an all-sentinel mod. It is only after The Vacuum Within that Carrier Prime's main strength changed from "It is Vacuum, just tougher" to "it's the toughest sentinel". Oh and Prime sentinels? Wyrm Prime has been around for quite a while before Carrier Prime came along and nobody used it.