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  1. What I'd suggest for the scavenging auras: Combine all of them into a single "Ammo Scavenger" aura that increases ammo pickup by 150% (or lowered to 100%?) across the board Give it a rank 1 Ammo Mutation effect across all weapon types, stacking with itself, Ammo Mutation mods and Ammo Case As it stands these mods are way too limited in scope and doesn't really benefit everyone since not everyone are bound to use the same weapon type as you, and unlike the damage auras (Steel Charge, Rifle Amp, etc) there really is no excuse to ask everyone to coordinate on something as trivial as increased ammo pickup. Combining them all into one and giving it a very small mutation effect would not only make life easier for the user, but enhances the experience of other team members regardless of their choice of weapons.
  2. There are a few "perma-available" Primes in the common tier that are worth 25 instead of 15, namely Lex, Braton and Fang's BP and Paris' upper limb, the last of which is so obscure I had to look up the wiki to even know (instead of remembering) it's one such part. Besides, the devaluing of Kavasa Buckle and various Ash P Access Primes at release of Banshee P and in advance of Ash P's vaulting in a few months pretty much means that DE will keep doing this sort of thing in the future.
  3. I think what we really need is a ducat value indicator to save us the trouble of remembering "this particular common/uncommon is worth a bit more than usual" or "this rare has been downgraded and doesn't sell for 100 anymore".
  4. ... as opposed to Warframe energy color, for various reasons: It's a power of the weapon, not the frame There are already frames with abilities that use "link" effects (Trinity, Nekros, Nidus), having EM Shielding use weapon color can allow players to choose different colors to better differentiate them from each other Nyx, one of the more popular frames for using EM Shielding, has visibility issues with Absorb's FX which make some players (myself included) use black as their Warframe energy color, making the links really hard to see
  5. Time to do a little victory dance.
  6. Trinity? Really? What you really do is bringing Nidus or Inaros (the latter with a Medi-Ray sentinel), and literally sit on the rover or tram while Nidus' health regen or Inaros' Medi-Ray sentinel out-heals the health drain. OT: While I like how it is now for how hilariously easy it is, I do agree that it could use some change.
  7. This is my "main" build, which I find perfect for general use and especially great in Fissure Survivals*. Arcane sets are Grace (my catch-all Arcane) and Pulse (on helmet, for even better Despoil health recovery). Despoil, Health Conversion and Equilibrium synergize stupidly well and do a good job keeping you stocked on both health and energy (which I mostly use for shadow maintenance). Not polarizing the aura slot also gives you excellent flexibility when it comes to aura choice - I usually run Rejuvenation just because, but can also run things like Corrosive Projection painlessly when required. (Note: This screenshot is a bit old, I've since maxed my Primed Continuity) * If you cast Shadows of the Dead fresh (i.e. zero active shadow) while the corrupted buff is active, you can permanently maintain 90% Shield of Shadows link with only 7 shadows even without building for strength (and wrecking efficiency), as long as you don't let them all expire (in which case you'll have to start over with another corrupted Warframe buff). I have a max range build for maximum desecrate that I mainly use in JV, replacing Shields of Shadow and Intensify with Overextended and Cunning Drift or Streamline, but that one isn't quite as tough.
  8. Stalker's mod drop doesn't interfere with his BP drop anyway.
  9. Well, there's always Excal Umbra that may come before we all die of old age. Sure, it would make no sense for you guys to get Excal Prime skin for normal Excal since Excal Prime is better than it, no matter how small the difference is, but I can't imagine Excal Umbra, if released after all these years of Prime powercreep, to not be straight upgrade to Excal Prime.
  10. The charge alone makes it unfun to use though. It just doesn't fit the pace of this game.
  11. There's already another thread, literally still on page 1. As much as I support the idea, can we stop being one of those obnoxious "NERF SIMULOR" types who start a thousand threads on the same thing?
  12. That would be powercreep. What we're suggesting here is simply a QoL change.
  13. Inaros already has: Pocket sand + finisher combo (instant 20% heal) Devour where you can quite literally eat in peace Releasing Scarab Armor for a quick heal Insane synergy with Medi-Ray Insane synergy with Meridian/Loka proc Insane synergy with Arcane Grace If you're still getting killed regularly even on non-endless then as much as I hate to say it, I'm afraid it's a git gud issue.
  14. It's simple to fix though, just turn existing Arcane Helms into Unique Arcanes that are specific to their respective frames, and make it so only one can be equipped at any time.
  15. The nullifier target even sends out shield ospreys that are friendly to you as opposed to buffing him. This is clearly not intended.