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  1. Any other Vet thinking of dropping WF?

    Level 60 Grineer is barely Sortie 1 and well within one-shot territory for many weapons with a very comfortable margin, what are you talking about? You speak like new player experience and veteran endgame content are inherently mutually exclusive. They are not. At worst you get a constant influx of new player content while vets get squat, or vice versa. It is only when DE do something as dumb as retiring raids and throwing its actually desirable rewards into something significantly less endgame-y than raids (which, mind you, are far from perfect to begin with) and its dedicated communities under the bus (pun intended), that the two butt head with each other.
  2. A reminder for the upcoming beam weapon change

    I'm afraid that without the ability to proc multiple statuses per tick, even going back to status-per-tick would solve little. Let's say we have a Dera Vandal, a "normal" gun that recently got a status buff to 30%, which (although really unnecessary) can be modded to have a full 100% status. Using normal gun mechanics, this Dera Vandal with 100% status chance, 150% multishot from Split Chamber and Vigilante Armaments, and its base fire rate of 11.25, can be expected to pump out ~28.125 status procs every second. By comparison, the Cycron (which can achieve 100% status per tick even now by hitting 400% status-per-second and 4 ticks every second... and expend its entire ammo reserve in a splitsecond) gets a whopping 4 procs every second, according to wiki math. It would be a start to let beam status weapons in general hit that 100% status-per-tick mark, but they still wouldn't be any good compared to normal guns unless some sort of multiple-proc-per-tick mechanic is introduced.
  3. In Keeping with DE's new philosophy other nerfs are needed

    You've just described the never-ending cycle of nerf-mongering - There will always be another "OP" thing after you nerf the previous to the ground. Even if you nerf everything to the ground, something will still be better than the others, and then you'll have to nerf that again.... and then something else becomes the least trash out of a massive trash pile, and so on... Just look at Planetside 2 and its miserable state for an example of what happens when these endless nerf-mongering actually go through the devs and get deployed.
  4. sentinel weapons need buffs. here are some ideas:

    Buffing just status to 15% would already make the Deth Machine Rifle useful. For comparison, the Prisma Burst Laser has a 10% base status chance, average fire rate even if you pump all the fire rate mods onto it, and has god-awful accuracy with its non-hitscan projectiles, and that is currently among the best status hose sentinel weapons if you mod it for pure status (i.e. ignoring damage and go straight for status/multishot/fire rate). Having the DMR at 15% base status would basically make it a flat-out better PBL. Although the PBL uses pistol mods (which offer higher fire rate and multishot), the DMR's high base fire rate and hitscan more than makes up for it.
  5. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    It's already a thing with Teralysts. You're either bringing a meta efficiency frame or you won't be bringing anything, as far as Recruiting is concerned.
  6. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    The fewer players allowed, the more strict the frame requirements will become for efficient runs. LoR/JV frame requirements are very lax compared to Eidolon Hunts. JV in particular allows quite a lot of frames that don't help with their abilities at all, as long as your team has brought the few that mattered (Nekros, EV, Equinox, maybe a Speedva). Replacing raids with Eidolons raise the bar for gear requirement.
  7. My Honest View of getting rid of Raids

    They used Dark Sector as an analogy to its "temporary" removal, which if you do not remember (doubt you do, its "temporary" termination is older than either of our accounts) is gone for almost 3 years, and DE still hasn't shown any real progress on it. And no, a starchart icon in the background during a devstream that was not elaborated on isn't progress. Oh and as an icing on the cake, they specifically mentioned working on raids in the "distant future" too. If "temporary" means 2+ years in DE terminology, one has to wonder just what "distant future" means other than "never".
  8. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    I guess you know how for the most part Eidolon Hunting, in its current state, is mostly a self-contained loop of "Hunt more Eidolons to Hunt Eidolons more efficiently so that I can hunt more Eidolons"? Which is problematic on its own, but even more deeply troubling when you gate some real reward (first Brilliant Shards, then Riven transmutation, and now raid Arcanes) behind it as it creates the exact problem that you're describing - new players are screwed because the only way to prepare for the Hunt is to do the Hunt.
  9. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    In an online co-op shooter, no less.
  10. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    I've been blasting them for the dumb decision to "temporarily" retire raids since the start of this thread. Are you mistaking me for someone else?
  11. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    Personally I think most of them are at least decently-designed. Agility Drift is the only one that I positively loathe for various reasons, one of which is that it's anti-teamplay.
  12. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    Eidolon Hunt strategy in a nutshell: Steal two balloons from the kids Grineer Shoot little orbs with kiddie toy gun Shoot bullet sponge with kiddie toy gun Shoot bullet sponge with Chroma nuke Shoot bullet sponge with kiddie toy gun Shoot bullet sponge with Chroma nuke Shoot bullet sponge with kiddie toy gun Shoot bullet sponge with Chroma nuke Shoot bullet sponge with kiddie toy gun Shoot bullet sponge with Chroma nuke Shoot little orbs with kiddie toy gun Shoot bullet sponge with Chroma nuke That's not what I'd call "better designed".
  13. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    Or Kuva Fortress. Or Lua. On a whole they're just terrible at distributing "stuff that you'll want to keep farming" to different places, and now they're worsening that situation by killing off raids and adding them to *gasp* PoE, which is already oversaturated with stuff.
  14. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    1. The same can be said about their replacement. Eidolons are even more focused on build composition for efficient teams because of the lower player count. You can slack a little in LoR (and even more in JV) unless you have an absolutely-critical job like EV or Vauban because others will cover for you, not so much in Eidolon hunts. 2. Nobody except the host is allowed to follow the hijack core. Desync and lag means anyone else pushing the core risks pushing it into electrified rail on the host's screen (which is all that mattered). This is not some sort of elitism, just garbage netcode and how we deal with it. And if you're running a frame with massive energy reserve (or willing to pop your own pizzas) you're free to request for the position of battery carrier, the point here is that we don't want anyone dropping the battery just because EV couldn't find a target fast enough. Criticism to the raids is fine and all, they're definitely not perfect (JV in particular is a bloody mess, which is not helped by the disorienting infested growths all over the place), but I just don't find any merit in yours. That's before accounting for the BS that the current raids somehow must be teared down while they work for their replacement in the "distant future".
  15. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    To be fair, we're only discussing raids because while raids are an abandoned child to the dev team who now wants to euthanize it, Conclave is apparently still the pet project of at least some significant dev who would not let anyone touch it, and in fact would try to shove it down the general playerbase's throats (i.e. the fake Tactical Alerts that gave Oro decorations) despite it being absolutely despised.