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  1. Mastery Rank 10 test is..... stupid

    If you can't git gud, you can always cheese with Titania.
  2. Darvo's Absolutely Legal Gunsale

    Considering that the Endo system pushed most people to break down their old mountain of mods into Endo, not really.
  3. The Never Ending Nerf Story

    Oh, good lord, how dare they do that in my dear Gift of the Lotus alerts? NERF EMBER! Open world isn't going to fix anything, but it will require a different approach than the existing, super-CQC-heavy gameplay. (That is assuming open world will stay relevant instead of quickly falling into obscurity like Kuva Fortress) For one thing, combo-based melee won't scale nearly as much as they do right now (you can't possibly maintain an ongoing combo unless they dial enemy spawn up to eleven), and AoE weapons will feel a lot less powerful if they tune the enemy AI correctly (as they will no longer be herded into groups by the terrain, which makes them just ripe for a Lenz arrow or Ogris rocket flying toward a chokepoint).
  4. Why have we MR requirements for prime weapon trading?

    As a seller, I agree that lifting the trade restriction on unbuilt blueprints and components and replacing it with a warning to the recipient is a good idea. Unlike ready-to-use special weapons like those offered by Baro and the syndicates, Prime and Invasion Wraith/Vandal blueprints and components cannot be built without reaching the MR requirement (and thus cannot be used), and allowing them to be traded would solve one of the biggest frustrations to both buyers and sellers alike.
  5. There NEEDS to be an auction house, nuff said.

    Exactly. Trade chat keeps prices up because not every seller are competing against each other's neck on every minute like an auction house would. Even prices are stabilized this way with only the prices listed by Online sellers mattering to people. An auction house where everyone can just list their stuff and forget about it until it sells, will quickly escalate into a self-destructive war of "let me offer this item for sale 1P lower than the current lowest offer to sell faster".
  6. Assassination Sorties

    At least Lephantis is fairly open about exposing its weakspots for you to shoot at. Just bring an ammo-efficient weapon and a tank frame and you'll slowly but surely grind him to death. Lech Kril on the other hand...
  7. Ogris kills not tracked correctly

    It has occurred more than once to me now that the Ogris simply does not track its kills correctly on the stat screen, especially if the kills were made through either the blast AoE or Nightwatch Napalm's fireball (direct hit with the rocket itself generally works, but even that doesn't always do). This breaks some of the random challenges (rifle challenge in particular, while total kill challenge appears unaffected despite the kills not being tracked on the proper mission progress stats), as well as making the Ogris user appear to be slacking on first glance despite killing mobs left and right. Please fix ASAP.
  8. Plains of Eidolon

    If it releases soon on PC then perhaps consoles will get it this year. Releasing it on all platforms at the same time should technically be possible, but definitely not wise - PC can afford to have the latest stuff because it can deal with bugs and problems with a flexible patching cycle, while console patching is limited by Sony/MS bureaucracy, meaning anything that gets released there better be relatively bug-free. This is also the reason why console is currently lagging behind in updates.
  9. 100% Status Kohm Build

    100% before multishot is a must for status shotguns. 99.999999% and 100% make all the difference with how shotgun status works.
  10. belt fed machine guns

    It could work: No "magazine" or reloading You fire the thing straight from the (hopefully truly massive) ammo reserve Ammo pickups add straight to the immediately fire-able ammo pool Possible penalty for running completely dry - lengthy reload as you pick up ammo that must be completed before you can fire again Limited parkour movement while actively wielding it Aim-glide and wall latch disabled, OR Completely disables movements beyond sprinting and basic jumping It wouldn't necessarily be very great and will spell certain doom to the squishier frames, but if the DPS is high enough and ammo pool deep enough to make it an actual choice of sort, it could be usable and very cool on tank frames.
  11. [FIXED] Sortie - Kuva Fortress Defense

    Latest patch has fixed the hostage dying to the traps. Unfortunately that would mean that we'll still take massive damage from them while trying to defend that genius as he strolls through the gas chambers and what not, but at least we won't have to spam Trin Bless or revive him every 10 seconds anymore.
  12. Nyx Is a Dull warframе that nееds changеs

    I find the current Nyx to be quite enjoyable. Loki has stolen Chaos' LET EVERYONE FIGHT gimmick and is even better at that job, sure, but Assimilate makes Nyx a slow tank alternative to Loki's stealth-oriented playstyle while offering similar CC capabilities (and one of the best tanks in the game, of course). Her only useless ability is psychic bolt (which is admittedly rubbish), her 1 and 3 while I don't use too often (I'm mainly using her for Assimilate tanking) still have their uses when the situation calls for it. Is she perfect? Far from it. But is she good and fun in her current state? I'll say yes wholeheartedly.
  13. Let's Have Real Companion Diversity

    Synoid Simulor, Tonkor and Telos Boltace disagree though. They were quite literally bombarded by NERF PLOX threads (especially the Simulor) and DE listened. If it's anyone's fault that collective thread spamming is becoming a trend, it's DE's.
  14. Look, with a good AW and familiarity with both AW controls and the tileset, I can pull this off too. The problem with Rush is its placement on Phobos (a newbie-tier "planet"), at a non-dead end node (locking progress for newbies unless they somehow clear it), and with a timer entirely too strict for its intended audience (newbies who barely know how to AW).
  15. What is going on with Sortie 3 today?

    It's a known issue to players since the first time Kuva Fortress Defense showed up on sorties for the first time last year, but DE still hasn't said a word about it. For now your best bet should be any of these: Trin heal spam, Loki/Nova teleport spam, tank frame revive spam