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  1. Health Conversion Should NOT Exist

    I only really agree with "shield shouldn't cause stack loss". Just because a mod only has niche applications for a few select frames doesn't mean it's bad. If it's good on those frames (and from my experience with Nekros is very much is) then it's good.
  2. Please Change how to Perform Finishers for Melee

    I don't have the energy to read the whole thing right now but I agree it's an issue. It's also why I don't pocket sand recklessly with my Inaros when an ally is using melee.
  3. Nyx is cool but....

    .... Probably Endurance Drift in the sense that having a (ever slightly) bigger energy tank keeps her 4 going for (ever slightly) longer. I could be wrong, since I'm not him and there's no exilus mod that directly increase duration.
  4. Inaros ability to tank

    This to me is his biggest appeal: Extreme ease to use. If you haven't charged scarab armor for the extra armor (which you should for higher-level missions but still), you can even walk straight into a nullifier bubble and laugh in his face, which no other tank frame in this game can do. He isn't the tankiest or the most survivable frame in my opinion, but he's just satisfying to use.
  5. I still have hope Focus will be fixed

    As much as I drool over that for my Inaros, that sounds hilariously OP.
  6. While I agree it's a bit complicated, it's currently the most elegant solution I've seen for the problem of damaging the other plane while you're not Limbo, and is not really obstructive to use either.
  7. Seeing as a lot of Zaws in their current state are already on par with or even surpassing their non-Zaw counterparts (... other than in aesthetic), I don't see why not.
  8. Remove Stasis from Limbo

    The latter would just be another variation of the current issue of Limbo, and arguably worse since you can't even melee an enemy on a different plane. Banish potentially creates the same issue with Limbo banishing the wrong enemies into rift and rendering them effectively invulnerable for a duration, but it would not be nearly as bad as cataclysm automatically doing the same thing over a wide area.
  9. There ought to be guns that feel beefier

    Don't forget you have guns like the Tenora, which is visually pleasing (a big, long machine gun that dwarfs the Opticor) but very lackluster when you actually fire it, with its very weak sound and rather boring standard tracer/muzzle effects that don't really scale with the size of the gun. It's not just in the visual department where guns should feel good, although admittedly that helps a lot.
  10. Vacuum Mod for Kubrows,Kavats?

    Yes, if only Universal Vacuum is a thing already, ikr?
  11. So Sound Quake is still a problem.

    Ember WoF is mobile. It even says right there that the dev alluded it to "a mobile [pre-change] Resonating Quake". That mere fact gave Ember WoF a lot more use over stationary DPS frames like Saryn and Banshee RQ wasn't, and still isn't, a mobile area of death like Ember WoF was. Regardless of my or the dev's opinion on WoF that's completely irrelevant to what we're discussing here. Try again.
  12. Riven disposition requires urgent action

    The "quirky" lucrative riven weapons like Kohm, Opticor and a few others are actually fine. What I really have an issue with how low both the bottom and top end of riven disposition is: On one hand you have the 0.5 disposition ultra-popular weapons (... at the time of riven disposition introduction anyway) like Lex, Tigris, Soma and Simulor where 99% of the rivens aren't worth the slot they're being put on, and that 1% is a minor improvement not worth the investment whatsoever anyway. On the other hand you have the 1.5~1.6 disposition "who even uses this crap" weapons (barring suddenly-buffed ones like Sicarus and the new Tiberon P) where even that isn't good enough to salvage them. My idea: Bring the bottom line of disposition up to ~0.8 (where Boltor, Dread, Ignis and Cernos currently reside around) so the rivens for perceived meta weapons are worth the slot, but still not too much of an improvement for those already-strong weapons. I'd say "bring the 1.5/1.6 disposition weapons even higher", but after the mega-buffs earlier this year it's better do so a bit more modestly, like up to 1.75.
  13. So Sound Quake is still a problem.

    [Citation needed]
  14. So Sound Quake is still a problem.

    It's also quite comical that you keep trying to represent both DE and the entire playerbase with your personal opinion. I for one welcome AoE killing frames with open arms in Hydron as long as I'm not leveling a Warframe, due to how the affinity system works.
  15. So Sound Quake is still a problem.

    After the RQ change (which stated reason I agree with, an augment should make an ability do something different, not a direct upgrade to its base functionality), RQ Banshee is now just one of the many "DPS" Warframes that spams a button to clear trash mobs for XP (and focus) (as opposed to old RQ where you press 4 and make a sandwich), explain how she's any different to Mag and Saryn to actually warrant a singled-out NERF PLOX thread. Protip: She doesn't, and this is clearly a case of nerf-mongering just from a perception that "DE nerfed Banshee and she still dares to be good at killing".