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  1. Honestly? **** the Conclave. I play Warframe to escape from the usual PvP cesspools, not diving straight into another one. I'm begrudgingly fine with its current state on life support because it's not taking up significant dev time, and DE seems to have learned their lesson about shoving Conclave down our throats after the overwhelmingly negative feedback of two Conclave fake Tactical Alerts (which most people just traded wins for anyway because guess what, people don't like Conclave). But to suggest that DE invest more resources and dev time into Conclave? I'll voice my opposition to it.
  2. The biggest gripe I have with using HM on slow-firing weapons is their sheer inconsistency. 30% chance per projectile (assuming >=100% CC) isn't exactly good when you're only firing like one round per second. Though if you can get over that, they do proc some hilariously-powerful slash.
  3. If you don't have a fixation of having to apply slash via status chance, Crit-status hybrid weapons w/ Hunter Munitions like Tiberon P are viable options. Leave the slash procs to HM and use dual stats to build for Viral. Quick untested build I put together in Builder for the Tiberon P. You can probably do better: (Per projectile: ~40% chance to proc viral, ~17.5% to proc slash from status, 21% independent chance from HM to proc slash)
  4. Yes, I'm well aware that the mod was accidentally released and is most likely incomplete (as its inaccurate description might suggest), but I'd like to give my feedback nevertheless. Simply put, the current advantage it offers over the normal version is practically non-existent (at most, you'd be reducing the amount of strikes required to fully heal a critically wounded Inaros-linked companion from 2 to 1), and simply adds mod drain to your build for no reason. The "simple" solution would be to make the current description true (i.e. 66% lifesteal-link regardless of weapon type), but that would be hilariously OP as a strike or burst from practically any weapon would fully heal your companion, even if it's linked to an Inaros. What I suggest instead is to keep the current 66% lifesteal-link melee-only, but add a very weak secondary lifesteal-link effect that works for guns (e.g. Have it top out at 1.1% at max rank, meaning a 100k damage shot (from things like a riven Opticor or Rubico) would heal ~1.1k for your companion), which makes it a useful upgrade over the original, and more balanced despite still being arguably very overpowered. (There is precedent to a Primed mod offering additional/alternative benefits over the original - Primed Regen extends the invulnerability period over the original, but also offers increased revive counts at higher ranks)
  5. ALL of the ammo scavenger mods should just be condensed into one, singular Ammo Scavenger aura, and be given a minor boost to either ammo mutation or maximum reserve ammo.
  6. Simple and elegant and should've been the case to begin with.
  7. While I am capable of doing it, I'm so done with my friendlist constantly getting padded by Nightwave "friends" and having to clear them out constantly. Remove this crap please.
  8. Unless the build requirements for baits are reworked so they don't use specialized bait-only fish parts (i.e. no Murkray or above) and make sense (i.e. no more Glappid (sea) bait requiring Norg (lake) and Cuthol (pond) parts), they should continue to rot.
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