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  1. Can't go through your whole post and give proper response yet, but for this part I think I can comment. My take on this is that their intention for these two mods is for endgame players who use equipment with synergy to health/energy orbs (e.g. Health/Energy Conversion, Arcane Pulse/Energize, Synth Fiber). And my issue with them is that they're unreliable. 50% for something that only works very seldomly (Mercy mechanics are extremely wonky, as you've described) is very low. You go through all this trouble to Mercy a non-thrall enemy, and you get... a coin flip to see if you actually get rewarded for it? What the hell?
  2. On the contrary, using it in live convinced me further that it's hot garbage. Heavy Attack taking as much time to fire as DE releasing U26 makes it almost unusable in live combat, both for survivability concerns and the fact that you have to keep your aim on the target for far longer than before in order to hit.
  3. Ironically, High Noon's new forward combo is now miles better than Bullet Dance's new and trash forward combo.
  4. Several things I'd like to point out as a Gunblade user: Speed up heavy attack to match pre-Phase 2 charge attack. It's way too slow to use as a substitute even though it's the same animation. It feels like the accidentally-nerfed Redeemer from Silver Grove all over again. Allow us to execute heavy attacks directly from "holding a gun" if we bound a completely unique key for it, instead of having to switch to melee first no matter what, to closer match the overall feeling of pre-Phase 2 charge attacks. If possible, make it so heavy attacks can be executed by holding E and not releasing (wouldn't clash with the new hold E and release combo this way) Bullet Dance in its current iteration is completely borked. The stance is supposed to be all about constant shooting and no actual melee. We don't want pointless slashes, just give us a good shooting stance that doesn't teleport us everywhere. Bullet Dance, at the very least, should have the forward combo's first attack switched back to a quick shot.
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