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  1. Is this the fix we were waiting for? :) can't wait to try it.
  2. my bad, stutters aren't fixed. I guess it gets better when all shaders are compiled and cached, but it seems they aren't stored on the harddrive and need to be compiled each time.
  3. seeing the bugfix in the latest patchnote (30.0.6), I hoped it would be this. Too bad :)
  4. ok, it's kinda fixed if you turn on the prime details.
  5. Same with the emblem. I'm using Rhino Prime with the Rhino Dex skin. Here is a screenshot. https://imgur.com/a/7g5g8rE Nice skin though.
  6. it's much more efficient to do Eidolons for focus farming. You get 150k per 3, and it's not capped by the daily cap. If you can do 2x3 like a noob like me, it's 300k, and you can do that multiple times a day. My daily cap is also around 300k. And you also get a bunch of arcanes by doing so. And you're not restricted by the lens you put on your frame or weapons, you can allocate that focus wherever you want.
  7. Reward and replayability are important if we want to talk about end-game. I'm afraid that adding more content that requires team comp will just split even more the community. One of the strength of Warframe is you can just take your favorite frame and you will most likely succeed Eidolons is a good example, you can try to join a PUG and do 2x3 (3x3) if you're lucky). But an organized group will do 6x3. Are people really farming Eidolons anymore after Scarlet Spear and Orphix Venom? I stopped farming Eidolons when I maxed out my focus, and I was able to max out Energize as w
  8. I had some purple flickers in the sky during day time (raining) in the Plains of Eidolons while firing my bow (it was for a riven, kill Dargyn with the bow)
  9. 4s is pretty low, 8s would be better IMO.
  10. Since I'm playing a shield build, I replaced Discharge by Pillage, since it's synergize well with duration and strength, and doesn't really care about range. This gives me 2300 overshield and synergize well with Adaptation and Arcane Aegis. Shock Trooper is a free mod slot if I need a damage boost, but this could be replaced. I don't have any problem with energy with the duration I have, Speed last 25s, so no need for Energize. I do use Zenurik though, but I'm playing a Heavy Attack build with Stropha.
  11. I think I tested Dx12 a few months ago but had some crashes, so I switched back to Dx11. I tested it again yesterday and no crash for now, I'll keep testing Dx12. It's working fine, and it seems I don't have any visual bugs. I have a GTX 1070 with latest drivers.
  12. That's my build. Adaptation does wonders, I just cast Pillage when I lose my shield. He's quite tanky like that, but anything is tanky with Adaptation and a way to replenish shield (unless you do Steel Path for 1+ hour, then you need to abuse shield gating)
  13. if people are annoyed by Volt's Speed, it should be a setting for the other player to choose if he wants to opt in by default, like what they did with the tap/hold config. There are other frames where is quite annoying to be the target of a skill (Limbo's 1, some people also don't like Ivara's invisibility arrow, Nekros players with an Oberon in the team). I really like having the buff when I don't play Volt myself, but it shouldn't fall into Volt to decide if other players should opt in or not.
  14. I wonder if they will move this to another mission. The drop rate is pretty low and the mission is quite long to farm...
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