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  1. Awkwarden

    Chat loads infinitely

    Same problem, relogging doesn't help.
  2. Awkwarden

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    SIgh, I wish i checked the amount of endo I had on me before I used the thing. Still, thanks for the tip.
  3. Awkwarden

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    Right, so our clan started ascension ceremony and when i used the altar it said "Failed to participate" but on the second use it said "you have completed the ceremony". I was wondering if this was DDoS attack related issue or just a general bug? Can;t really tell if I got anything from the ceremony or not...
  4. Awkwarden

    Update Failures

    Today's update results in failure with the following message: Update failed!Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers. Please restart Warframe to try again.The update will be restarted shortly.. Upon restarting, the launcher shows a content update of 6.0 kb and promptly fails again. Judging by the threads that started popping up, it's a problem mainly for players from Asia. Solutions that I tried: 1). Rebooting router 2). Verifying game data (with 64-bit mode on and off). Result: the game verifies data a couple of times and fails an update afterwards. 3). Starting update with Bulk Download and Aggressive Download turned off. Result: no visible difference.Update fails. 4). Uninstalling game from Steam library and reinstalling it again from scratch. Result: after solution number 3, the launcher proceeded with an update around 1 GB, then failed. Upon restarting , launcher attempted a smaller update and then failed again. Now it is stuck on the same 6.0 kb content update again. --- SOLUTION that worked for me: Installed and launched a VPN thingie (Hotspotshield but anything would've helped probably), set the country to USA and started the launcher. The update was finally done. Turned off and unistalled Hotspotshield, the game seems to be working fine. Submitted a ticket to tech support with Launcher log just in case, hopefully that will help figure out what happened and how to not repeat it for the next update.