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  1. This is a sign of severe design flaws of this new system - whoever made this system should be made to walk to the end of the plank, admit their wrongdoings, make forced penance for this by paying 1 billion credits to Nef Anyo, give everyone a free legendary core and be forbidden from playing the game with anything but unmodded mk-1 weapons (no cheats either!) for 1 month. Afterwards, they must admit the shortcomings of their designs on YouTube or wherever and they must become an apprentice to The Arbiters faction.
  2. That's the player's fault, don't you know? Ignorance is no excuse - you have no business playing all the content in this game, greedy Tenno. You're supposed to look, not touch. It's your responsibility to understand what you're doing befo u clickeh de but'on n' toucha mah spa-ghet. /s Now that I've enjoyed a good laugh at the absurdity of it all, I'm looking forward to the next devstream to see how they're going to rework this - hopefully, they'll be able to keep Infested Alad V's sticky fingers (yech!) out of their labors.
  3. I'm definitely interested in rivens if you don't want them! But this is very bad, that a longtime player is giving up his rivens like this.
  4. Very good idea, I will use this as a basis for my game when development starts.
  5. FTFY. I wish this man would just take over the gaming industry in general.
  6. I said this years ago - increase base foot speed to make us actually feel like ninjas. Glad to see someone else finally talk about this - the hopping and such really makes the game feel less like a game about space ninjas and more like children gadding about, detracting from the "cool" factor that the developers were going for. The first option looks way "cooler" than the second one.
  7. Agreed; however, the merits of the solution aren't the problem - it's the fact that you disagree with someone, that is the problem. /s I won't be doing this Lich system until this is resolved.
  8. Chroma prefers wine and cheese with biscottis as a light lunch.
  9. This system is unacceptable. Normally, I'd go on about my business, but something this onerous needs to be addressed. After reading your post, I'm going to assume an infested Corpus overlord hacked the designs on someone's computer and came up with this convoluted...thing. I hope to see a quick, favorable resolution that is enjoyable to both players and developers.
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