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  1. I've posted elsewhere on this topic, but I'll give my two cents here as well. Like many of the players in this thread, I'm disappointed with the Zenistar changes. Corrupt Charge helps, since it boosts the initial combo counter, which in turn directly affects the base hang-time for the Zenistar's disc. BUT (1) it still doesn't automatically get you to what the hang-time used to be, and (2) it costs you a mod slot. Also, if memory serves, Corrupt Charge is not one of those mods that just falls in your lap. It's true that you can build up your combo counter to get the disc's hang-time up to (and maybe beyond?) 120 seconds. And that's pretty cool. But I'd rather have things the way they were. I admit, these changes forced me to explore new ways of using the Zenistar, and I can't deny that I had a bit of fun doing that. But at the end of the day, I still feel that despite my best efforts to simply adjust and deal with the new mechanics, I very much preferred the Zenistar as it was. It was great for crowd control, especially with the help of Ivara's Navigator, and I'd rather have to re-throw it after 40 seconds or so (as was the case before these changes) than have to build up my combo counter to get that effect - or even to get 120 seconds of hang-time. The new benefits are outweighed by the costs, for me.
  2. Just please give us the *option* to have Titania's "old" flight style back. There used to be a box in one of the options menus which toggled some sort of experimental flight mode for archwings. Maybe have something like that - a box which enables you to select the flight style for Titania/archwings. I really get the sense that this is something DE can do, if they choose to. So, DE, I (and surely many others) EMPLORE you to make this happen! Titania was my second-most-used frame. Now she just frustrates me. (Kind of reminds me of ... never mind.)
  3. THIS!!!! At least give us the option to have her old flight style back, pleeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz!
  4. Wanted to chime in here. Titania might not be quite as buggy since the last update (or two) but the way she flies now is way too twitchy for my taste. I always loved the way she could glide around - and how she'd *coast*! But now flying with her is too much like Wukong's Cloud Walker. I know for a fact that some players prefer this kind of flight behavior, but I'd sure like to have the option to get the "old" Razorwing flight style back. (The same goes for archwing flight changes, but that belongs in another thread, I guess.)
  5. This is an excellent point, for those of us who're frustrated about the way the Zenistar has been affected by the update. I mean, it's not the perfect fix, but it'll do for now ... I think. (I think it's "Corrupt Charge," though, not "Corrupted Charge.") THANK YOU!!!!!! ... oh wait, just tried it. ... and it doesn't seem to work properly. As others have pointed out, Corrupt Charge is buggy at best when you're not host or solo. Oh well.
  6. Can we please keep talking about how the new melee system has affected Zenistar? I'm seriously missing being able to just throw it out there and let it hang for 45 seconds, without first having to ramp up my combo multiplier. Maybe reset the default hang-time to 45 seconds BUT make it so that a higher combo counter prior to throwing it doesn't add quite so much time as it does right now?
  7. NERF COMPLAINT: I have to agree with the few folks who've voiced their disappointment about the way the melee changes have affected the Zenistar. Now it only floats for ~10 seconds by default, compared to 40 or so prior to the update. This is actually quite a nerf. I know it's supposed to be much easier now to build up your combo multiplier, which in turn increases your float duration (possibly far beyond 40 seconds). But this still leaves me feeling pretty disappointed.
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