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  1. I know DE is kind of meme-ingly known for anti-fun, but this is just a BRUH moment, bramma I can understand that would be op, but the lenz? come on.
  2. Its been quite a while since we've had a healer based warframe like trinity or harrow, so here's my idea Pozitor the Guardian warframe Pozitor's was desinged as a Protecter, defneding and watching over others Passive: Status effects last shorter on Pozitor 1st skill: summon a Lance to pierce an enemy restoring shields to Pozitor and her nearby allies (grants over shields) 2nd skill: Raise a Barrier for [X] blocking all projectiles, at the end of the duration, nearby allies are granted [Z] health regen with duration being based on how much damage the barrier blocked 3rd skill: (toggle) connect a restortive beam to an ally, restoring health to pozitor if attached ally is full on hp 4th skill: Sacrafice a quarter of pozitor's max heath and shields to give an ally a charge of protectorate, if an ally takes fatal damage while affect by protectorate all health a shields will be restored to full and pozitor's sacraficed health and shields will be restored
  3. Redeemer Prime (mine has 102.0% Status) seems to be procking a disporinnate ammount of Impact I Mean like 6-8 Impact with only 4-2 other procs I know its not a shotgun but it fires pellets as if it is one
  4. I never understand how people come to the conclusion that [x] update is a failure, the one singular update that I've seen almost unanamious dislike for, is the Lich system every single other I've seen dating all the way back to when Vauban and Nova where first added, has been equaly liked and disliked, its just the running theme for this game, [X] people will love the update, and [X] people won't, its always been this way (with the exeption of Kuva Lich, that was a yikes)
  5. no, if they drop RJ and go back to the core game, RJ will end up in the exact same state that Archwing is in, cause thats what they did they intented for Arching to be intertwined with base game, people asked them to focus more on core, and then Archwing got left in the dust what they Need to do is continue to make the base game and RJ one, and intertwine it like they wanted to do with Archwing, and that will make the base game so much more than what it is now and I have done many a pubs without anyone ever useing the side guns, going out with a good archwing, is plenty enough, if you really want to use your Warframe, go invade the objective, killing enemies and collect the loot, that benifits everyone
  6. If you consider how much they've manged to add to the game they've achived quite alot, many many many many many other games would of stopped adding stuff YEARS ago cause "the code wasn't built for it" while Buggy quite often, and sometimes Game breakingly buggy, its still a game you can enjoy. thats an big achivement in my books
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