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  1. It's clear that Warframe on PS4 meets the maximum PC quality (or pretty close I feel). This of course causes the frame rate to run at below 30 most of the time, mainly when there is heavy action (I bet if there was an fps counter, it would show around 20 sometimes).


    This makes it really hard to play for me because i'm so used to 60 and higher on my computer. My computer is just busted right now and I either play on my crappy laptop which runs it worse than PS4, or on PS4 with barely any unlocks.


    With that said, it would be unfair to have certain graphics options lowered in something mandatory, when i'm sure lots of people are fine with the frame rate. So my question is, is it at all possible to include a certain setting that you can switch on or off, that makes the game locked to 60 fps, and automatically changes some graphics options?


    This way people can choose whether to do this or not, and everyone is happy. I'm not very technical so I don't know if it can be a thing. But in the new inFamous game there is an option to make the game run at a locked 30 fps, so I wonder if the same could be done in Warframe with 60 fps that just turns off a few things like AA or lowers shadows etc. I know console games never allow you to tinker with actual graphics options, but just a simple 60 fps option where you guys choose which options to lower/turn off, that is able to be switched on and off.


    Frame rate to me is more important to Warframe than some shiny, sharp looking armor/effects. Plus there is already a few tweaks on the PS4 version such as bloom and something I else I can't remember. Thanks! I hope you are able to take a minute for this question on the stream!

  2. Those are hotfixes that are downloaded each time you start the client. 11.0 is what matters.

    Right, unfortunately DE haven't specified whether or not hotfixes will matter in terms of the 2 being in sync. I personally think they will matter, because hotfixes have small bits of stuff that aren't in the previous versions before it, so i'm not sure how they could be in sync simply by PS4 being on U11, and PC being on 11.1.3.


    Either way, I just really hope we get account migration soon, I can't tolerate the wait any damn longer :/ I put the game on hold back in September cuz I was waiting for the PS4 version to hit, and I just had a feeling they would let PC accounts transfer over, luckily I was right. Only it wasn't at launch to my disappointment and now i'm stuck waiting an extra half a month so far. HURRY UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPP!!!

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