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  1. my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined so a 10% buff after nerfing it by 86% hmmm. whoever made this change i dare you to farm 1200 for wisp and another 800 for the new weapons you can even use a booster and one looting frame. farm that amount and tell me this drop rate is ok, with the rarity of amalgams being close to oxium ospreys and the amount dropped being similar its strange that is not 100% drop rate at a lower amount. i feel like the community has been pretty open about this but, no one want hexanon in the wave rewards, they should only drop from amalgams, and then they should drop, 50% minimum. every time a change comes out of DE that feels like a knee jerk reaction the community reacts pretty #*!%ing negatively, and in this case even i feel pretty livid
  2. this mildly triggers me, me and my friend started playing 12 hours apart he will get this and i want, i started like 3 hours after closed beta ended sigh.
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