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  1. Think others have said, but currently I'm working on buying every cosmetic and maxing conclave. You get all the ship decorations from Cetus? That took a bit.
  2. I don't think anyone is opposed to a frame requiring more "skill" to use, but there needs to be commensurate damage and if you think that comes even close to describing Ember you're lying to yourself.
  3. You don't decide what everyone does or doesn't do. The only way I'm personally affected is by harassment from people like you who want to paint anyone not exploiting the game with 3rd party sites as reprobates. Even if trade went over completely to auction houses I've been playing long enough that I can easily sell harder to obtain items which will always have value. That's if I didn't just abuse the auction house itself which I probably would. The only people you're hurting is new, free players.
  4. Interesting should mention these, because they have the exact same problem. A very small group of dedicated players that embraced BS movement years ago and now dump on anyone dumb enough to start playing. Same reason these games' playerbases are about as small as WF PvP and were replaced by more accessible first person shooters.
  5. Are you saying I should be harassed? You don't at all see a problem with people harassing those who give prices they don't like? I don't think you understand the concept of a "free market". There is no set price in a free market. You don't get to decide what the "fair price" is and harass anyone that doesn't agree with you in a "free market". A market where I have no control of the price I sell items for sounds "free" to you does it? Well I don't know that you could have better illustrated my point. To you the lowest price is the only "correct" price and people deserve to be harassed if they try to get anything beyond that. Ultimately leading to the lowest possible price for everything. No. Lower prices are not "good". Lower prices means money has more value than time. It only means the game is more pay2win. Look at what DE prices items at. The developer of the game thinks time should be valuable compared to money. Why don't you? Why did you decide brand new players should have absolutely anything their little heart desires at the lowest cost possible, but have absolutely nothing worth selling?
  6. It was a little rough, but in fairness did give me something to do. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect random ship decorations to oftentimes be rather difficult to obtain.
  7. The basic answer is because new players like you would be driven out of trading altogether by veterans like me and the game would become more pay2win. Just use the chat filters.
  8. You are correct. It's becoming increasingly popular the idea of using 3rd party sites to "price" items. So not only are these auction houses naturally driving down prices as sellers undercut each other, but the price plummets further because even at the lowest price possible players aren't buying from the sites, but instead going into trade chat expecting and often getting the items at that already insanely low price. To make matters worse sellers who ignore these 3rd party sites and don't just offer the lowest price open themselves up to being constantly degraded and oftentimes outright harassed. For a personal example I had someone try to get me kicked from my clan because I gave them a price 30 plat over "market". All that said. It's still very possible to sell items at reasonable prices. Especially right after a new Prime Access. Just be prepared to face impediment.
  9. I like the 5. Whatever it's called. The first prism from Fortuna. Kills vombylsts with one trigger pull and does decent damage on regular enemies. Also kills the portals pretty quick if you need to do that.
  10. I can see the purpose especially considering players who would try to corner the market on certain rivens. Maybe some way to like lock them on to a weapon or something would be better than just adding more slots.
  11. While nice in theory I've maxed Focus as well so would still be useless to me. To be real an endless Quill standing sink seems unnecessary. I'd prefer they just made varied ways to get Arcanes so we all didn't have so many extra shards.
  12. That was your basic argument tho, right? Veterans spend more money so DE should only care about them, right?
  13. That's because they have other things to buy. From me generally. Which I use to buy armor sets. New players. It's easy to get plat and frames as a veteran. I answered your question. Your lack of reading comprehension is not my problem. So divisive like I said. Know what might solve that problem? Variety. Which is what DE have been doing.
  14. No. That's not how the business model of Warframe is designed and not at all realistic. There isn't even enough stuff TO buy for 1% to spend more than 99% Then you've no idea what you're even talking about. There's years of content that can't be bought and no one is just sitting around waiting to spend more money on cosmetics. I have nigh everything in the game so have no issue doing anything, but that's not reality for the vast majority of players. What you're really asking is if I would rather have people to play with or have content be more challenging. I'd rather have people to play with. If I wanted real challenge I'd play a PvP game. The post right above this one thinks the only "endgame" is the old Void. Have you played the old Void? It was easy and boring. Oh and still playable btw if you want to see. Go try it. Stay for a few hours in whatever mission. Let me know how exciting that is and how not divisive it would be that were "endgame". See. I think it was boring and punished those who didn't have hours upon hours to waste and people said so at the time so it was revamped to Fissures. But maybe that's just me.
  15. No it really isn't. "Veterans" don't keep f2p games alive unless they're stupid pay2win content to milk whales. "Concerning" would be if they ignored most of the playerbase and started catering solely to the few "hardcore". (which, full disclosure, are impossible to please anyway because they all have different ideas of what "endgame" is.)
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