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  1. You're fighting a losing battle against clutter, but Ember, Oberon, Frost, Volt, Garuda, and Ash systems. Volt and Ember helm, Frost Chasis, and Saryn Systems for Chroma. I can't think of anything else that uses them.
  2. What type of items do you think new players are likely to have? "Well I'll be fine." isn't an argument. The main topic is someone thought they should have plat despite not having time or money to spend on the game. That's not how games work.
  3. It sounds really strange and like they've just accepted there being one archwing to rule them all. Which there is anyway so proly doesn't matter and is in theory an improvement. I assume we'll be compensated for forma, levels or whatever.
  4. This isn't "extra" work. This work is currently being paid for. You want to remove it. Well guess what. You're also be removing the plat that can currently be earned doing it. The third party sites already drive down prices and you're either too shortsighted to see the consequences of this or don't care. If you want the plat you're currently earning it does. This plat you think you're entitled to just for playing the game same as everyone else is a fantasy. Oh and I think we should step back and remember why this thread was started. Someone that doesn't have time to play the game and also doesn't want to spend money thinks they should have plat. Ask yourself why you think this works as a business model. Giving away content to those that don't spend time or money on your game.
  5. Sometimes I've had to wait an inordinate amount of time, but it's always eventually loaded. Is your cache optimized? Are you playing on wifi?
  6. We can argue semantics all day, but that's not remotely on topic. DE already do to a large extent (They make the very currency we're using.) and I don't know why you're writing this to me. Did you maybe quote the wrong person? I never said anything about DE doing anything. The current trading works well as it is as you indicate. So an auction house. Know how you were just talking about how easy it was for you to make plat even as a new player? Say goodbye to that. What exactly do you think happens to prices should it become convenient for millions of player to passively list every piece of trash in their inventory? If watching chat for a bit is too big a hardship for you? You don't deserve free plat.
  7. Make a black space where you want it to be. Oh and thanks for the update DE. Please fix the tactical avionic grid upgrades not applying in mission.
  8. The absolute lowest possible price is not "good". It's in fact exceedingly bad for the game. Prices being low means time has less value than money. Ala more pay2win. Lower prices means it's harder for new free players to get any plat. That site is a perfect example of why an auction house is a really really bad idea.
  9. Upgrading the grids of tactical avionics still does nothing.
  10. They just need to fix affinity not being shared so someone can go off and stealth kill while everyone else does the actual mission and everyone gets XP. It's not that big a deal to get intrinsics anyway tho. I'm at 9889 and have never done the stealth thing.
  11. The railjack guns and battle avionics could stand balancing (the ability to armor strip being required should the Roar thing be fixed), but overall I like the mode. Engineer is especially fun although I would like the tactical grid upgrades to apply properly and for there to be more tactical avionics. Using WF abilities with the tactical menu seems pretty useless. The combat is fun, but there could be more varied enemies and mission types. Loot/XP needs to be shared regardless of the mission so everyone doesn't have to go into the sentient ship and stealth killing isn't a solo endeavor. Putting the drops from the sentient caches into actual railjack mission rewards would also be welcome.
  12. I personally avoid the missions with more objectives than just killing and I feel like the ability to remote hack them would be an improvement. Having a minigame attached a bonus. Also be really cool if the objectives were actual spy vault like objectives that then like the engineer could make easier with remote hacking.
  13. Upgrading the grids of tactacal avionics does not apply in mission.
  14. You can keep repeating this ad nauseam, but that doesn't make it true. Because they're at least something to add variety to a ridiculous grind. Unfortunately the mode and its reward system are broken.
  15. Have you any idea how many medallions it would cost to get everything in conclave and how rare a drop they are? If a player is willing to put in that amount of effort to "bypass" your mode that's pretty telling. And you've already been answered. Did you not like the answer or do you need it explained to you?
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