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  1. Warframe isn't about "showing off" to me. Warframe is about collecting all the stuff and the things. Skins are a thing. Because your time schedule accommodates that. Nice for you. You must realize the problems with a mode that can only be played during a select few hours a day. How quickly we resort to "git gud". And you wonder why your "community" has such a bad reputation. Has it occurred to you there might just be serious problems with the mode? "progression" is getting all the things. Yes, Conclave is hindering my progression. If it wasn't for the rest of the game the mode they enjoy would have been gone years ago. They've had their exclusive skins and such long enough and sorry I don't feel we owe them anything just for enjoying something most of us hated. That's aside from how unfair it is to those that can't play PvP because they can't get matches. And it's not like most players wanting standing haven't just cheated anyway. Is that "fair"? Cheaters have these skins, but legit players who just hate Conclave don't.
  2. The lack of players make it an exercise in frustration to even get matches. The reward system was designed around a large, dedicated playerbase that doesn't exist. Conclave is fundamentally broken to begin with. When introduced to a reward system they are encouraged to continue and would very quickly learn how little standing "universal" medallions offer compared to participation, making them likely to at least try it. If the player really just hates PvP why not offer an alternative way to get these rewards? Why try to force players to do something they hate? I've grinded out literally everything and nothing has taken the time PvP does. Including systems that have long since been changed to be less grindy. Maybe this made sense when Conclave was envisioned, but the reality makes such a reward system ridiculous. Such an underplayed mode, with such a desperate need for players, so reliant on players should be just showering anyone bothering to look at it with rewards. Broken and dumb. I could at least get matches before hitting rank 3 or whatever. Now it's literally impossible unless I play during very specific times. It takes almost no time whatsoever to reach a rank where you can no longer use Recruit Conditioning. Are you honestly going to tell me I compare in any sort of way to players who've spent years playing Conclave just because I've reached rank 3? You're contradicting yourself. My post was responding to you talking about "content drought". A poor excuse anyway. I play plenty of PvP games alongside Warframe and I'm sure I'm not alone. See my response to them. I'll pose the same question to you. Should players be forced to do something they hate? What should be priority at this point is a system with some anchor in reality. The playerbase they expected isn't just going to suddenly spring up out of nowhere. The reward system should be tailored to something more reasonable.
  3. Part of it is the natural exclusionary practices of cliques which is exacerbated by forum ranks and the idea of a "design council". Part of it is inexperienced mods that are manipulated by these cliques and weaponized against newcomers.
  4. Then you have no idea what it entails and should not be criticizing a change in its reward system. Your opinion comes from a place of complete ignorance. Of course one of the reasons you're unlikely to ever even try PvP is because of its disconnect from the rest of the game. One of the major flaws of PvP is the reward system and the unreasonable standing grind. UM's while not a solution would at least mitigate the problem somewhat. Another issue is the lack of player engagement period with PvP. UM's would encourage players to at least try PvP. Like how most games give you a bit of starter plat to encourage you to check out the market. That's assuming a PvP system with a reasonable reward system that people enjoy playing. Otherwise it becomes overwhelming and only accelerates burnout.
  5. Not a common complaint and forum regulars do tend to dismiss and/or ignore these types of complaints. I'm not saying they always do what the community wants, but it's as much of a mistake to assume they never do. And more often than not when they listen it's to the forum community with complete disregard for the playerbase as a whole. "Player feedback" was clearly instrumental in the change to "universal" medallions since DE said as much and went back on what they'd originally intended. No, I don't remember seeing a lot of posts about raids. There haven't been. Not in comparison to posts advocating Ember be nerfed for example.
  6. They clearly do listen to the forum regulars when deciding many things. The forums often not being representative of the larger community is where the disconnect lies.
  7. Warframe is all about collecting all the stuff and the things. Doesn't matter what they are or what they do. I don't use most of the mods or skins in the game. Collecting them is the fun part. Or usually is.
  8. It's extremely disingenuous to pretend PvE and PvP aren't far more closely linked in most every game that has both. Yeah most of time it involves paying/grinding for better gear that can then be used in PvP to increase rewards. Is that really what you want for Warframe? A pay2win model like most games? Because the rewards are more important to you than the community. Yeah we've been over this. It encourages more to try it that might and there are lots of things that are enjoyable in smaller doses, but not in large quantities. Try a spoonful of cinnamon sometime.
  9. You and I have very different ideas of what "finish"ed means. Max rank is nothing compared to the amount of standing required to obtain all the mods and skins. 50k is one skin of which there are 32. That's 32 weeks of weekly challenges. Which no easy task when there are literally no matches to be found even in the US except during the few peak hours. No, problems like the one I just mentioned. I was speaking purely about issues with the game mode of which there are many.
  10. I see no evidence to support that. For the first time in years DE did something to better integrate PvP and you've done nothing but make excuses to oppose it. The topic of this thread is how interconnected PvP and PvE are already. Either you want PvP better integrated or you don't. Standing is the large encumbrance and reason a lot of players are too intimidated to even try it.
  11. Of course. You're just better at games than us. That must be why no one likes Conclave. It's not like I play popular E sports despite not being the best at them. None of us spend any time whatsoever with the many successful PvP games that are not "easy". It can't be the myriad issues discussed in this and many other threads. Certainly can't be the nigh impenetrable standing grind. Ah yeah just dismiss everything I say because I was just commenting about how I like to troll. Oh wait...
  12. Because I gave you the benefit of the doubt in assuming you weren't being intellectually dishonest and/or ridiculous. If someone was inclined to cheat they would use the far more efficient, safe, and easy way to do so that already exists. They don't need the convoluted imaginings you've concocted. @StormdragonYou don't see me throwing a little fit that they reduced the drop rate on ephemera. In fact I'd be just as irate someone whined about it and they reverted the change despite my already having farmed them.
  13. If you want PvP to be more integrated and accessible there are concessions that need to be made that you're unwilling to make.
  14. I have. You didn't like my suggestion. You decided having exclusive rewards was more important than having a community. You decided alienating huge swaths of players was better than having the oh so pristine nature of your rewards jeopardized.
  15. Then Conclave should be removed entirely. Are you really that ignorant of the rampant cheating that most players wanting Conclave standing do and have done?
  16. I grinded (literally) out K drive standing. Don't hear me whining about how unfair it is I had to do that and someone else might not. Same with Simaris rep. Same with mining. And fishing. And Fortuna rep. And Cetus rep. And umpteen mods. And ephemera. It's great when DE opens up multiple avenues to receive rewards because it doesn't force players to do things they dislike doing. Can be objectively measured however. When only one player finds something fun for every hundred thousand that don't? It's not that fun. If Conclave were the entire game it would be long gone.
  17. I'm supposed to respect the preferences of a half dozen players when they don't respect those of thousands? What I'd call hypocrisy is complaining about an utter failure of a mode being disrespected while dismissing the entire actual game as "passive". And got burnt out trying to grind standing in that nightmare of a mode. I come back overjoyed to see a patch that would supplement the insane grind only to have it snatched away because your tiny community decided to be egomaniacal. I think I'm justifiably angry and Conclave's removal has been long since justified.
  18. It's fun enough I wouldn't have to is the point. Quite the contrary. I've done a good bit of PvP. Why I understand how important supplementing the pathetic grind for standing would have been. If all I wanted was the items I would have cheated to get them like I was told repeatedly to do. What I want is the game improved so players don't feel it necessary to cheat.
  19. As we should. It's a broken embarrassment. Universal Medallions might have encouraged players to try PvP, but you don't want that. You enjoy feeling like you're in some exclusive club.
  20. If we're all so concerned with keeping PvP and PvE separate why do I have to play PvE content to rank up with Conclave?
  21. Yeah. Like most players don't just cheat their way to Conclave standing anyway. Your argument is a joke. But screw those of us that actually wanted the standing legit and maybe didn't care to design their entire day around conclave standing I guess.
  22. This. It's not like players haven't cheated to get standing anyway. Have any of you actually tried getting that much conclave standing legit? It's a nightmare especially if you use s controller. Oh but suddenly DE gives a crap about Conclave. As for "Player feedback"? Go right to hell Conclave players. I hope they remove your garbage mode like you deserve. All 3 of you.
  23. Think others have said, but currently I'm working on buying every cosmetic and maxing conclave. You get all the ship decorations from Cetus? That took a bit.
  24. I don't think anyone is opposed to a frame requiring more "skill" to use, but there needs to be commensurate damage and if you think that comes even close to describing Ember you're lying to yourself.
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