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  1. 2 hours ago, NateRu said:

    Please revert the Varida set. It was so sleek and now it looks kinda ugly. Or at least give us the option to remove te new added parts.

    Exactly. How did all these plat cosmetic decision got through?
    All armor sets now look awful. 



  2. I'm not sure how did this get approved DE.
    Aesthetically the waistband looked ten times better and it would be nice to have it back as an option instead of that awful turd around neck. 

    Sad to see something bought with plat got changed to worse.

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    Afk system got worse, nothing to do in 5 freaking weeks, now you took away E gate. What am I suppose to do now? 
    This is the first game that I'm casting abilities hard on my keyboard and still counts as afk.

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