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  1. This update feels like work, not fun. Whats the point of making the liches so damned tanky? The fight isnt even fun. I see no improvement on the supposed murmur buffs and the lich going to saturn proxima is an unnecesary change which makes the whole experience more frustrating. Sorry but this update is very lackluster.

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  2. 23 minutes ago, IceBen said:

    To add a bit:
    Sadly the crania's base is always black (tenebrous is fixed color too), but energy color affects the occasional color splashes - however these splashes are not visible in the arsenal currently.

    You're right when you load in mission it does show a bit of color. In arsenal its completely black. However at the start when the ephemera was introduced it was still a lot more visible. Even when you use bright colors now its still barely there.

    Here's a video from august 2020. Its a lot different than it is now.




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  3. The ephemera is always completely black and cannot be colored. I've tried all available color slots on appearance and it stays black no matter what.

    Also related but unsure if its a bug or intentional. The tenebrous ephemera directly on warframe also cannot be colored. The smoky aura of it can.

    Here's how the ephemera currently looks. I'm using bright purple and bright yellow in the emissive colors.




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  4. This thread is a good refresher for me to be reminded why I no longer participate in the forums. This poor op actually makes some good points and I see peoples posts with "dont like it leave/ it used to be worse/ game not 4 u/ this grind is normal" dominate. Warframe being known for having a nice community is definitely not because of the forums.

    Op you're better off dropping this thread and seek for support in the game itself. Good luck.

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  5. Here's what I think about it. I've been playing railjack in the last weeks for the mastery points.

    Its gets more fun the stronger you get. At first I didnt have fun because I didnt understand anything and warframe has a common habit of not explaining anything so wiki is a must. For example I didnt know about the artillery fire, getting slingshot with archwing and that you could forge things in the back. I thought once your resources reached 0 the game was done for. I didnt know what an omni tool is, later on that you can teleport to your ship with it. I discovered these things thanks to some nice players I played with.

    Its more fun with a full squad. Shooting together, working together to destroy the crewships and doing the objectives in the vast open space. The problem is you get very little intrinsics and the best way is to solo to get the most out of it. It should be the opposite for a game mode thats designed to be a team effort. You need a lot of intrinsics if you want to max out your railjack.

    Now that I've maxed it out I wont be playing it again. The reason is it offers very little. Barely anyone plays it, when you do play its expected to be a specific way for efficiency in a pub and all the missions are the same. Its a shame. I also like archwing but dont do the missions for the same reason. I might play it to help others through the missions for the weapons but thats about it.

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  6. The echo lures dont work the majority of the time. Even if you aim at the right direction or other directions at every single angle. It simply wont work and the only thing you can do is abandon it and look for the next one. Its incredibly frustrating when this challenge returns to nightwave because I know I'm going to have to do at least 20+ attempts just to complete the challenge.

    The echo lures are broken. Pure and simple. 

  7. 6 hours ago, Luciole77 said:

    to me was a awfull experience...totally unfun.

    Completely agree. I'm glad I dont have to do them again. It was not challenging or even difficult. Just plain unfun, tedious, annoying and unnecessary. God damn it was just awful 🤮. I'm having a suspicion that its on purpose to push people to buy Grendel with plat. Gotta say I was tempted but I will not support this type of business strategy.

  8. On 2019-09-11 at 2:57 AM, taiiat said:

    unless you're being lied to in one case or the other, that can't be the case.

    however, if you have a single Display and otherwise using Exclusive Fullscreen, checking with Task Manager doesn't sound all that useful since you have to minimize the game to check? that will skew your data.
    a more dedicated tool that will track data over time will solve that for you, as you'll have history data that you can read so you can exclude the past couple seconds of you having the game minimized. 🙂

    Heya, bit of a late reply but thought maybe you'd be interested in knowing. You were right. I recently got a second display and checked out the GPU usage and it turns out the usage is the same for borderless and normal fullscreen. Minimizing the game does show different data on the task manager. Limiting the frames appears to be the factor in the GPU usage. Thanks for all the info :)

  9. 52 minutes ago, Dark_Lugia said:

    Mhh, the high workload shouldn´t damage your gpu, but imo it´s still a bit high for just warframe

    I have a msi gtx1070 8gb (and ryzen cpu) but my workload is just at 30-40% on fortuna

    Do you have a fps cap? If you have no limit the gpu might take all its resources it can get, which results in using all the workload

    Edit: If i have it uncapped i´m around 80-96%

    Its on unlimited yeah, but its the same on just fullscreen. Which is why I found it odd. Putting a limit on borderless does make a difference in the GPU usage. But then why doesnt it make a difference on fullscreen? Like idk man.

  10. 35 minutes ago, taiiat said:

    it's odd that the Utilization changes, but you could look for explanations. take your pick of GPU Monitoring Software (lots of them, most of them even use the same backends), and use one to get a better idea of what's going on.

    is the GPU dramatically changing its Clocks in one mode vs the other?


    additional useful questions to ask yourself or data to use:

    • is there anything about your usage case that would be considered out of the ordinary that maybe could explain it? (playing across multiple Displays, Et Cetera)
    • is the other video Mode you play the game on Exclusive Fullscreen, and is that perhaps running the game at a lower Resolution in that state?
      Borderless Fullscreen would force the game to run at your native Desktop Resolution, while in Exclusive Fullscreen you could scale to a different Resolution and stretch it to fill your Display, and that could have major impact on Utilization/performance.
    • does your performance while playing the game seem any different in A vs B?
    • is one video mode vs the other perhaps VSyncing while the other is not (on the same side atleast)?
      if in Borderless Fullscreen you aren't limiting the Framerate in some way, while you otherwise would be in another video Mode, that would certainly explain a difference.

    Yes its exclusively the mode that makes the difference. When I switch between the two modes literally nothing changes in the settings from resolution, framerate, refresh rate, Vsync etc.

    Nothing out of the ordinary. I have one display only.
    Nothing changes between the modes.
    The performance doesnt seem any different between the two. The only difference is the GPU usage as far as I know.
    The Vsync is off on both modes.

    I will check out on the GPU monitoring software. Thank you for the tip! As the other guy mentioned though its probably the GPU taking advantage of its capabilities. There havent been any issues. I was just wondering and concerned in case it might cause trouble later on.

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