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  1. Before "open world" Warframe, I never used the Itzal - never saw the need. My go to was the Amesha. Once Tridolon hunting was introduced, I started to use the Itzal. Why? Expediency. Outside of Tridolon hunting do I use the Itzal? No. And I suspect many others in the community have had a similar experience. Perhaps even a majority. The Itzal became relevant because of "open world" Warframe and specifically, Tridolon hunting. Perhaps Orb fights to some extent as well. It did not suddenly become OP across all content. The Itzal hasn't changed. The content has - and only for certain specific instances. So, Scott, give your head a bit of a shake and go back to the drawing board. What is the root of the problem here? The Itzal's Blink ability? Or the content for which it has become useful? And is this actually a problem? And why does your only solution (only publicly stated one, mind) involve deleting that usefulness? Can't you do any better than that? Here's a suggestion: Start developing content for which the other Archwings are useful, for which they might fill a particular niche. Or, conversely stated, develop content for which the Itzal's Blink ability does not give it such a stand out ability vis a vis the other archwings. You strike me as a bright lad, I'm sure you can come up with something. Something a little more nuanced and cerebral than "Nerf it!" at any rate. Or is it against your, and by extension, the studio's design philosophy to design content for which a particular bit of gear (ex. a particular Warframe, etc.) excels above others? And should we expect more musings/rumblings about future nerfs into mediocrity in the future?
  2. If you are using steam and an Xbox 360/Elite Controller, try the following: In steam, right-click Warframe->Properties At the bottom of the General tab, change the Steam Per-Game Input Setting to "Forced Off" It disables DE's "controller mode" integration with Steam and set things back to how there were before whatever update that was back whenever. I've just tested this now, after I downloaded the update and I haven't had any controller issues so far. Everything is working as it should be. If you need to rebind, you can use the Xbox Accessories app from the desktop in Windows 10. Not sure how doing this will affect a Steam controller, but it should work with a PS4 controller as well.
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