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  1. They wasted their time by wiping their score and giving them reasons to dislike the game or the operation. The big thing we're all talking about. And I'm bothered that you choose to immediately generalise me with a group period, not specifically because of who you generalised me to. The operation should either be extended or DE can adjust the scores to better represent that Wave 41 mark, rather than wipe the scores entirely. Up until that point there was no foul play even if entirely by accident.
  2. Except there were probably plenty of people who saw it for the first time, captured evidence, left the match, reported it as a bug, and still got their scores wiped because they were still seen as a cheater, despite doing absolutely everything morally right.
  3. If our Kavats don't ride on top of the Domestiks/Cleaning drones in our Orbiter I'm going to be upset at lack of realism.
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