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  1. I usually am not that good at giving feedback. Even if its constructive criticism that the person would be thankful to receive, I still feel weird telling them they did something wrong. This is probably why I am...startled (couldn't find a word to explain what i meant) whenever I come across a thread of what can only be described as...angry. I know that Warframe isn't perfect, that DE isn't perfect, and that the core group of devs we talk to every day aren't perfect. But I don't think they deserve the onslaught of unbridled rage some people submit as comments/forum posts. This is compounded even further when I see the calm, undisturbed tone of the devs/mods when they reply to these posts. I know that this loud, screamy group is a minority, and I am grateful that the game I love has a community that I can also love. But right now, I speak to that minority, and whoever has written an angry, extreme post "talking" about some issue within the game: Think The people that have to respond to you and fix the issues you present are humans to, and capable of mistakes. As far as I know, calmly addressing an issue instead of jumping to extremes gets things done the best, most efficient way. You don't need to scream at someone to have them fix something they love. PS: I know, sometimes "harsh" or more intense words are needed to spur things into action, I'm just talking about the people who seem to forget they are playing a game that is first and foremost, fun and free. PPS: I "moved" this from my original post in Off Topic cause no one saw it and this is one of the few things I've ever said that I feel people should think about
  2. Maybe you have precognition, and one of the warframes released in 2019 will be named Ivac
  3. I have legit been having Fortuna related dreams for the past two nights. GIB NOW PLS
  6. I'm happy Khora finally got released, but a little disappointed that there wont be a quest involved. I guess most of the quest making energies are going into the Apostasy and Sacrifice
  7. legend of Khora Korra would be Khora Mako would be...idk Bolin would be Atlas
  8. What I did was I put it in google slides (or powerpoint for those guys) then I Copied and pasted it into my submission
  9. I'm so glad that I had a moody captura shot laying around! May the best cover win!!
  10. I'm assuming that Khora is going to have a quest alongside her release? If I buy Khora before her quest, I'll get a riven, right?
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