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  1. My focus is fun, a lot of the arcanes are super cool, and could have super cool interactions. Balance holds no candle, for me, to fun. I don’t care to be super challenged...real life has more than enough of that. I play games to have fun, feel powerful and escape the real world. But I figured many wouldn’t like this, and that’s ok. It was just a hopeful suggestion from one person.
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    I know some will be opposed, but I think the ability to grind arcane slots for frames and operators would be super cool and fun. Much like an additional loadout slot and additional capacity upon MR rank-up, you could add the ability to grind the crafting of additional arcane slots. Say for every even MR rank attained above 20, an additional arcane slot could become available for frames and operators. Arcanes are cool, id like to use more. It would also provide an incentive to increase MR progress. Which could feed platinum purchases and market volume.
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    Idk, I loved reforging in D1 too, I also love engineering in Elite Dangerous...so I guess, to each their own, right...
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    I know this is a charged topic, with many threads. But still... DE, please either increase Kuva rewards or decrease reroll cost. Rerolling could be one of the most enjoyable things, for me. While farming Kuva, the least...so I just don’t do it, even with the booster. My guess is trading is a factor, well I learned my lesson after spending 2k on a nice lanka riven to have it nerfed into oblivion. Now, I simply refuse to pay any more than 500...and I’m not alone. If it were my decision, and I’m being honest, I’d quadruple Kuva rewards. A single siphon mission should award at least enough for a full fare reroll (3500). Please consider this...I know I’d play much more than I am now. And the more i play, the more plat I buy, and I seriously doubt I’m alone...so it’d be a win/win, and that’s good.
  5. Why is void dashing, back and forth, with a controller, so much less consistent than with mouse/keyboard? It stands to reason, if you don’t change where ur looking, it should use it prior pop as the vector...sometimes it does, often it doesn’t, while other times it squirts sideways. Which is always a real treat. I wonder if disabling the increased distance talent would help...I will try this. Didnt help...dukes.
  6. Oh man, AGREED! It’s way too low. It’s been awhile, but I recall it being like 1 every 40-60 runs. Just way to low. Saps the fun right out of it...
  7. Tieing the bonus to a moving average of a more or less one and done activity isn’t great. Within 72 hrs we got fractures to ~30%. 24hrs later it had returned to +90%. Im doing fractures, match making matches full squads instantly so I know people are participating...24/7. Please rethink this...it’s not fun. Resource boosters or in this case, Valis bonus, is fun. Please rethink...
  8. Within 72 hrs of open we got fractures down to about 30%...but it recovered back to +90% within 24hrs. Come on now...and it’s not like I haven’t been trying, as well match making matches instantly, so I KNOW people are participating around the clock. Soooooooo, where’s the fun in this??? It is supposed to be fun, right?
  9. So disappointing, more than half the time for valis resource bonuses is gone. I’ve been doing fractures...nothing. This is a piss poor mechanic...
  10. The Valis bonus is a great idea but making the qualifier a running average isn’t...without a tangible benefit for anyone that’s “completed it”. Some have said “the bonus should be enough incentive” and I might agree if ones personal efforts guaranteed bonus activation. I’ve run them for 2 days and the bars still going the wrong way. That’s woefully discouraging. This should be reconsidered.
  11. There’s an issue where piping into operator somehow alters the time reported on an affinity charm.
  12. I see what you mean now. It adds time, somehow...about the amount tek increases the base charm duration. Just had a run with 60sec in frame left. Popped to operator and it was like 80 seconds. Or was it 40 and 60, I’ll post the vid. But ur right, i wouldn’t have been looking for something like this had you not mentioned it. Thank you.
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