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  1. An idea I had to refine this: Ordis calls you into the Helminth room. Inside, there's a neutral statue made entirely of what looks like completely transparent glass. Ordis tells you that Helminth has built a totally "neutral" warframe. No natural genetics, no mental imprint, and no powers. It's as close to being a totally artificial, nonhuman construct with no pattern of any kind as he could make it. To that, Helminth proposes adding a single strand of the Operator's DNA. Since the Operator is immune to the infestation, this should prevent the proposed new suit from losing control during
  2. Okay, I'm not blind. But one of my teammates is pretty close to. And he was griping earlier about feeling "forced" to buy tags for platinum because his eyesight is so poor that he can't track targets on Deimos. So I got to wondering... What if the Oxylus sentinel also made tracking targets fluoresce when you bring it with you? Or if it was an option you could enable in the settings, so that people with reduced-vision issues could still partake in the tracking and conservation arc of the game?
  3. Personally, I think the people involved are just deluded. It's a powerful artifact, sure. Just not what they say it is.
  4. With the release of the new Helminth system, I had a really cool and unorthodox idea. What if the next warframe is the Operator themselves? Here's how it works. The warframe is essentially a more adult version of the character. Since there's hints that you have a system set up for that in the Duviri Paradox, this would be able to use that process after Duviri ends. The warframe has no powers in any of its power slots. It also cannot carry a weapon in the secondary slot. That is permanently occupied by your amp. The warframe allows you to use Operator powers in warframe mode. To
  5. As for why now, obviously some other change is interacting with this. First Law of both nature and computer programming: "You can't change just one thing." 🙂
  6. I'm having the same problem. I'll see if this works, but as I get older, I need larger icons to see what I"m doing. I'd appreciate if DE fixed this soon, as I'm sure we all would. Edit: No go. The desktop is set to 100% and I'm still having the same issue. Edit the 2nd 🙂 : A workaround a friend found is that if you wait for the music to start playing and tap the spacebar, the game starts. But you have to wait for the music. If you start tapping early, it won't work, and you have to start over.
  7. You should consider putting the modified Jackal somewhere on the map on a more permanent basis. It's an awesome encounter! Slick, polished, and fast-paced. It's what boss encounter content should be like more often. It avoids the pitfalls of Profit-Taker, and adds the difficulty of multiple attack phases from Exploiter Orb. The addition of the parazon mechanic adds a nice bit of flavour for the game, since this is nominally the first boss encounter new players face, and is a good way to introduce the parazon. All in all, an awesome encounter! I hope it takes a permanent place somewhere.
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