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  1. Hmm. I'm thinking the overall goal is to allow each frame to remain unique and distinct. Considering how agile Merulina is, there may be a hidden damage debuff on incoming attacks that reflect her passive dodge skill while riding Merulina, which doesn't show in a hard DR analysis. I'm not sure how you'd measure for that, but if her hitbox is so hard to target while she's in motion, that might provide the extra defence you were mentioning.
  2. The changes are nice. Something you might want to look at that occurred to me a while back was being able to slot K-drive mods on Merulina. For trick stunting, things like increased air time, magnetic rail attraction and boosted grind speed make it fun to do stunts on K-drive. If the concern is too much might make K-drives obsolete, what about having some version of these abilities as custom powers unique to Merulina? That way, you can use the standard weapon/warframe leveling system to level up Merulina's boosted performance abilities.
  3. I haven't tested it with the other frames, but since this is the first time I've noticed this, it may be just Yareli. 1) In the orbiter, park Yareli somewhere, and then switch to Operator. 2) As Operator, approach Yareli. The 3D immersion is fine... until your operator's animation overlays Yareli's. What's supposed to happen is your character would clip into the visual of Yareli, seeing as you are closer to the camera and all. But that's not what happens. It's like the moment you move your point of view so that the operator obscures Yareli, the warframe becomes a foreground image which imposes itself over the image of the operator. This creates a very Escher-ish moment of visual distortion as Yareli looks normal, at normal distance from the Operator when seen from any other angle. But the moment you shift the camera to put yourself in front of Yareli, she's somehow a 2D static image imposed in front of your character. Very much a head-twister.
  4. Merulina works like a regular K-drive in all aspects, including tricks, grinding pipes, etc. I've tried it, so I know it works. But without the ability to slot K-drive mods, it's not as effective as the ventkids device, which seems like a step backward for Yareli's personal K-drive mount.
  5. Something that occurred to me earlier today when I was customizing Yareli is that you can't put K-drive mods on Merulina. This seems like a wasted potential. Yes, this one warframe thus has her own K-drive, and doesn't need to buy one, but is that a bad thing? It also allows you to combine the flexibility of a K-drive with Merulina's preferred travel companion, which would just play well.
  6. I know there are people out there who look at K-Drives as a whole, and are asking me "are you nuts?" But hear me out. First, the challenges are actually really simple. Every level has basic K-drive aerial stunts which can be performed in quick order for fast progression. Next, you have the point-driven objectives. In case anyone reading this hasn't heard, there's a bit of a trick if you don't mind a bit of repetitiveness. The giant pipes behind the Fortuna doorway. Get up some speed, jump on it, and grind it. Jump occasionally, do a few simple flips and spins, and then keep grinding. When you get to the end of the line, jump again, then steer yourself around to land on the pipe, and keep grinding, doing simple tricks where necessary. For reference, I'm pretty ham-fisted when it comes to K-Drives myself, and I was still able to put in a good performance this way. I recommend the mod that boosts your pipe grinding speed, as well as the one that increases pipe magnetism. That does make it easier. For the seemingly impossible ones like, 5 seconds of air time, that's dead simple. Fly as high as your archwing will take you, then jump off it and immediately switch to K-drive. Then just fall. Or do tricks on the way down. Your choice. All in all, the challenges really aren't that hard. Just chain a few simple moves and do a lot of grinding for the point challenges. For the rest, just practice, or get some air with the Archwing and practice on the way down. Oh, and the k-drive slam? Bit of advice in case it's driving you nuts. Altitude isn't really important here. You have to land on the person you're slamming. Don't bother with robots, just people. And it really takes a direct hit or two. Once I understood that, it was easier. So, all in all, a very challenging group of missions. But not too hard for the average gamer. I'm about as average a K-driver as you can find, and I managed well enough. Just practice, and remember to chain the jumps while grinding for best points!
  7. It's disturbing that so many people seem to be hung up on the idea of modern concepts and references showing up in a game which is set (roughly) ten thousand or so years in the future. Bear in mind that from a storytelling standpoint, you have to make what you write relatable to the reader. It doesn't matter if your book or movie or whatever is filled with incomprehensible gibberish and made-up slang terms. If no one can follow it, and no one wants to get invested in the character's issues and background, the reader won't care one way or another what happens to those involved. So, do the Warframes and game world make references to things in our own world today? Absolutely. Because we can't be expected to care about a social issue involving semi-sentient plankton growing on an unrecognizable planet cultivated by strange, barely humanoid cyborgs. But we can be expected to care about a cloned human army building a bioweapon to destroy the rainforests of Earth, while we pilot mechanized human weapons to stop them. By using references we can connect with, the story means more to us, and that gets us engaged. So, yes. There are references to current culture in the game. They're there to enhance your ability to connect to the game and care about the characters. Move on. :)
  8. <blinks after reading some of the stuff above.> Wow. Okay... Not where I was going, but okay... The only thing that occurred to me was - considering where Warframes come from - who was the poor unfortunate who became the living template for Yareli? I know the Orokin were jerks, but doing that to a twentysomething girl is just hideous. It gets back to something I've wondered for a while. Is there any chance, as the Operators learn the harsh truths of their technology, that they can start to "wake up" the personalities locked deep inside their warframes?
  9. Came across this earlier this evening. This guy does some seriously top notch covers. Take a listen for yourself. Sleeping in the Cold Below Cover
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