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  1. Just like it says on the tin. Joined a game, got mission failed, and couldn't do anything. Wouldn't exit from fail screen, couldn't leave party. Had to restart game.
  2. When deciding what avionics to keep or scrap, the current build shows everything equally. Having a toggle to hide equipped avionics would be good, so that you don't sell equipped avionics by accident.
  3. When equipped only with Garuda's claws for melee, whenever I use ship's guns, or enter the slingshot, the melee function no longer works when I exit.
  4. I picked up Gunnery 2, so that I now have full 360 holographic sight of the combat zone. So far, so good. When I exited back to the ship, however, the ship model didn't load. I could see doors, blocky animated "out the window" images," and random hull plates whenever they took hull damage. Boarding parties appeared hovering midair at various altitudes. It only reset the ship model when the mission failed. The interior structures were still there, I just couldn't see them.
  5. Ballas made contact with Hunhow to use Margulis' corpse as a vehicle for one of his daughters to broadcast the truth to the Tenno, having a pretty good idea how they'd react. The fact that he survived to the present means he never intended to commit suicide. His intent was to wipe out the other Orokin, as punishment for killing his girlfriend. The fact that he appeared to have a plan when he returned suggests that he intended to use Natah to somehow reconstitute Margulis' mind by having Natah download into the "vacant" Orokin body, using whatever cybernetics she had to connect to the children as a backdoor through the Tenno security net the Orokin would never see coming. He wanted to have an army of useful soldiers after the destruction of the Orokin, which is why Natah's programming is altered (probably through Margulis' implants,) to make her protective of the children against her will, which is why she's so outraged during the Ropalolyst mission. What occurred to me earlier was twofold: First, assuming he succeeded, and Margulis has been restored after Natah's possession, what exactly did either of them take away from their association? Is Margulis, having been betrayed by her own people, more like the Sentients now? Is Natah, having been part of the restored Margulis for several thousand years, more like the Orokin protector of the Tenno children? Might we have a very thematic switch where Margulis sides with Hunhow and Natah sides with the Tenno in the end? Second. If Ballas was forced to decamp from Lua when Natah's solution for protecting the children was to put the whole moon in the void, he would have had to go somewhere. So for two and a half thousand years, he was doing... something... in a lab somewhere. So that second thought is... What's hidden in Ballas' Laboratory? And what might the players discover there?
  6. Will it be possible to solo the spaceflight portion? I'm leery about taking the Railjack out on a mission only to leave it to do something mission-related only to have some Grineer captain blow it up. Are we limited in our responses if we're taking the ship out solo? Also, on an unrelated note are tracebos (Traces + Placebos) ever going to materially affect drop rates? I must have spent a king's ransom in those things, and I've never seen any real return on them. There's no evidence that I can see that they offer any way of adjusting the drop rate chance more than pure luck.
  7. Something that crossed my mind a few minutes ago when I tried to jump on to that mobile transport module swanning around inside the dock (It's not physical, I fell through it.) Something like in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, when they had the beauty shot of the Enterprise from the inspection craft. Something you can take that does a slow beauty pass around the ship, and just cycles around until you tell it to go dock again.
  8. As I queue up a Kuva Lich mission, it occurred to me that what we need is a way to set the public gaming mode so that we can be auto-recruited to join other kuva lich missions. As it currently stands, either you're doing it solo, or with people you invited in. You can't just set it to "public" and draw in a random pull. And that greatly limits the ability for the player to maximize both their kuva play capacity and their ability to help the playerbase. There should be an option to set "Public - Kuva" for people who want to be pulled into public kuva questing.
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