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  1. Why does trading in this game have to be so terrible?

    One solution to stop bots on an auction house is to add a trading cost. For example, add 10% platinum fee on auction house trades, while keeping manual trades platinum-fee-free. This would kill bots instantly. Buying and reselling would have a loss.
  2. If you have for example, a rifle, and for sake of easy math, 100% multishot, and 100% status chance, can you proc multiple times per trigger pull? Can different rifle bullets proc the same status, from a single trigger pull? For example, if you have 100% multishot, and 100% status, would you proc twice every trigger pull? How does this work?
  3. Warframe Builder

    Warframe specific weapons appear to not be on the builder dex pixia diwata artemis bow hysteria exalted blade These weapons have defined stats, which can be modified by power strength. I went to go make a dex pixia build, and couldn't the weapon