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  1. Exoskeletal warframe. Takes direct inspiration from many insects and arachnids, including things like grasshoppers, spiders, centipedes, with an iridescent, chitinous plating, and hooked/pointy toes/fingers. What I initially envision is something that has very gentle curves on the plates, and when a turn must be made, sharp, triangular angles are used. The chitinous plating might have a green-blue-brown sheen to it that changes depending on the angle of the lighting at base, with the actual sheen colours changing depending on tints/emissions. Body would consist of plating with minimal fleshiness shown between aforementioned plates, mostly at the joints, possibly tufts of 'fur' sticking out from under the plates, reminiscent of moths or tarantulas. Deluxe skin can take inspiration from things like crustaceans and mollusks, having a more bulky, tanky look, with the elegance of stuff like clam or snail shells. I envision the abilities being themed around traps, scavenging or generally predatory behaviours.
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