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  1. So wait, this means that Tennogen creators can release Solaris-themed stuff now? Does that mean the original Mesa Corpra design can come through as Mesa Solara?
  2. Unfortunately, I do not feel like automatic blocking is the way to go with regards to Melee 3.0. It causes far too many issues. Running along with Volt and get shot as you pass by? Block, stop. In the middle of a melee combo? Block, stop. Don't have a secondary equipped, and go to aimglide whilst holding a Thermia Canister? Switch to primary, drop canister, canister explodes. Datamass drops into an impossible hole. Automatic blocking combined with the lack of proper melee aimglide has caused too many issues, and locking it to a melee-only playstyle only creates its own issues. I'm probably not the only person who was looking forward to 'distance-closing attacks' when attacking out of block in Melee 3.0, or shorter rolls. Perfect blocks being a consequence of switching to your melee proper makes more sense than auto blocking in general whilst still having the damage reduction style. If nothing else, I feel like you should make a menu option that switches from auto blocking to normal blocking, with the consequence being that you have to left click once to switch to gun before you can aim or shoot - or just make aiming gun-only and still make left click shoot. I dunno, but I certainly feel like you've streamlined this a bit too hard.
  3. NYX Psychic Bolts: Will Bolts still just fling randomly, or will we have better control over its aim? Can it target enemies in a cone or an aoe? This is massively important to the ability's utility overall - if it still just randomly flings X number of bolts in a direction and said bolts go their own way, it may end up being the case that the enemy you most wanted debuffed will get missed. What's the possibility of making it operate slightly similarly to Seeking Talons, in that there are as many bolts as enemies targeted in the area? What about an expanding area of effect for holding it at additional cost? Mind Control: Simply multiplying the enemy's already existing damage feels like a little bit of a missed opportunity. Is there no possibility of affecting its damage type output dependent upon the damage types going into it? Absorb: I'm not so sure about this one, Scoob. Dynamic damage type sounds good on paper, but when you consider that the damage types that enemies tend to deal also tend to be the damage types they're best protected against it feels... a little weak. There's a reason why Corpus weapons do so much puncture, why Grineer weapons do so much impact, because they're effective against the other faction. As for Infested, all I can say is, if there's a toxic ancient around, blasting enemies with toxin damage gained from collected damage isn't exactly gonna do much. I feel like Absorb should either deal 'True' damage or adapt to the health type as Danse Macabre does. -- TITANIA Tribute: Truthfully the auras we have now are just a tad bit lacklustre. Dust is great everywhere always, but the other ones need more. Thorns - DE, I know you like reflected damage, but it's never good. It's not good on Unairu and it's not good here. A simple test will show you just how ineffective reflected damage is at ALL levels. I very strongly recommend that you update Thorns to inflict an impact proc upon the attacker when allies in range of the Thorns effect are damaged. This would be truly appreciated, as it would prevent sustained fire from any single source, although it would hardly defend against crowds or AoE, that's what Dust is for. Entangle - This really needs to either have a bigger range, or be affected by Ability Strength, as it is an inconsequential bonus elsewise. Full Moon - I would like to suggest that this provide a little more than just damage to allied companions: 5% Lifesteal-Link, 15% Bleedout-Link, 10% Stat-Link (Armour, Shields, and Health). In the case of dead companions - the Sentinel has run out of Regen lives, the cats, dogs, and moas weren't revived, Titania's Razorflies were shot out of the air, I would also like to suggest that Full Moon is capable of reviving dead or bleeding companions. This would have a 2-minute cooldown. In the case of Razorflies, they would be refreshed with every collected Full Moon with no cooldown. I would also like to suggest that Tribute's various effects have a 10 second lingering period, adjustable with Ability Duration, so that Titania doesn't need to stick to her allies or enemies like glue.
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