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  1. It is currently possible for the Orphix's linkedydoodledronerinos to spawn inside some of Jupiter's SECRET ROOMS. The ones that require a whole process to open. This presents an issue for many runs.
  2. Any chance of the Infested Chamber having its lighting fixed? There are objects that are part of its environment that always give off red light, no matter what you change the other lighting to. Having red sheens on everything in a room that's supposed to be blue, for example, is incredibly distracting! Also, perhaps in the future, it'd be nice if we could get recolourable decorations (infested ones in particular), or pools of water (recolourable) where the edges can be trimmed into a custom shape.
  3. There would appear to be an issue where some items in the Infested Chamber are not changing properly with the polychrome lighting, and still giving off their default red light.
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