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  1. And you're assuming it isn't the case. See how this goes both ways. The response "take a break" isnt indicative of implying someone only plays warframe and nothing else. It is a legitimate response in all situations in which you perceive something as irritating, frustrating, too bland, or providing legitimate feedback. Step away come to some more conclusions decide what really makes you feel the way you do and then come back and see if that's still the case. This can be a problem if warframe isnt the only game you play and even if you play infrequently. Take a break is an entirely valid response.
  2. I am free to pronounce the name of a fictional character in a work of fiction however I please, even if it shares the spelling of or is inspired by something real. It's how fantasy works.
  3. You're aware this is telling you to do what the folks you're arguing with told you to do right? Call me crazy but "-" is a pretty universal exclude.
  4. Have you tried being personable and contributing to the clan? I find that helps.
  5. You're right, watching someone's couple hour long playthrough vs your 20 minute re-reun through the quest is quite the decent tradeoff.
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