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  1. OK so once again nerf something fun, so what guns can use synth charge huh? tell me that
  2. Ok Finally somewhere to post this bug. Keep getting separated from a party after doin lich nodes like defense. Please fix this soon , DE
  3. Currently, the mod CRUISING SPEED, a rank 10 mod, has rank 9 & rank 10 showing 100%, causing people to needlessly rank to 10 wasting alot of endo & credits. Can this be updated to show & upgraded to110% justifying the enormous cost. Thanks
  4. I was trying to do a kubrodon hunting capture for nightwave & the kubrodon lure is gone from tranq rifle, I went to The Business to see if I can buy & it says I own it, but still I cannot equip it under tranq rifle
  5. Hi! Its sort of bad when hired crews expire causing us to constantly spend creds/resources to hire someone new. Also how come a lich's weapon makes crew members not equip same type of weapon that doesn't belong to lich? And it would help if dorsal guns manned by a hired crew wouldn't deplete the overheat bar, makes it hard to fire forward guns as I pilot Dorsal guns should have their own overheat bar separate from forward guns. For that matter, at least bring back the polar coil mod (increases heat cap by 66%) with both guns using the same heat cap it depletes very fast while
  6. well I didn't get it yet & yes to all the obvious questions cuz I didnt screw up
  7. Actually it didn't even give me 1500 pts as i had 3500 pts before & it still is 3500.
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