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  1. These kind of bugs are still existing , after ensmallment update game filled with low resoulution textures and broken reflection on many places, new deimos isolation vaults logic completly unfun experience with unlogical desing choices and bugs and you are putting a sound team stream like everything is fine at this state. Yep realy logical move
  2. Low resolution textures on scimitar while exiting from the mission. Armor parts and sydana losing colors on cave that used in the first profit taker bounty mission . While in shadows those parts are losing all the light. Reflections are broken on many places , reflections are need a huge fix , here is another screen shot for the same issue Ensmallment update is a huge backstep for graphical quality for the game please take a option to turn to old settings.
  3. this bounty type needs a fix too on both regular cambion drift bounties and new ones. at the last stage of this bounty after you get the parts from mobs you are waiting for enemies to come in to the the ring and you need to kill certain amount of them to finish the second stage but either enemies are spawning far away and try to shoot you or they are spawning very slowly. Solution for this second part of the bounty is spawning enemies inside of the cauldron ring with cacoons like they spawning near the obelisks. Secondly there shound't be any armored infested other than the bosses like le
  4. Umbral forma should be a purchaseble every week on the vendor , clearly a shotgun riven and an umbral forma doesn't have the same value for the players so none of the comunity especially the newer players shouldn't wait for that much for getting one more umbral forma. 8 weeks for one umbral forma is not a player friendly desing
  5. Obviously none of the developers had tested or played these bounties. A game's first priority is being a fun product and doing these tedious bounties and doing old isolation vaults before them is no where being a fun experience. I seriously can not understand ,how someone in the development team suggest mandatory use of isolation bounties before new ones . And new ones not working as intented too, in mission type with killing tumors and charging the device bounty, sometimes there are enough mobs spawns but sometimes you can barely found 4-3 mobs at the same time to mark them with device. Bonu
  6. Will there be fixes for Texture and Reflections bugs and low resolution textures that comes with ensmallment update ?
  7. Broken reflections on Asita Rakta sydanas bottom blade. Guys seriously I want my old textures back this is realy a backward step on graphical quality of Warframe
  8. You should make a separeted topic about that . I am totally agreed with you
  9. pixeleted pipes in uranus tile set low resolution doors in uranus tile set.
  10. Missing textures on captured sentient on Jupiter spy room
  11. Europa pixaled manhole covers Low resolution textures on ship wreackage parts on Europa Low resolution textures on Nyx Nemesis Skin
  12. Pixelated ground on kuva assault misson first door Very low resolution reflections on earth strata relay
  13. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/586114833397579776/774711568742219816/unknown.png pixelated moa pixelated ground on pluto orcus relay pixelated center or the door on same relay low resolution textures on column on the enterance of orcus realy
  14. Very low resolution on the center are in exit room on earth tile set Pixalated low resolution textures on earth tile set lockers
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