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  1. Appreantly you didn't get it. They nerfed the kuva grattler because kuva grattler has 2 percent more crit chance
  2. Seriously why did they even nerfed the Kuva grattler
  3. we need a solution for this Getting only 3.7 percent elemental damage buff at the end of nearly one hour is feeling painfull , and we are constantly getting low percentages (25-35percent) so pleaase put some buff to this cause there are lots of weapon to max out and this cycle is kinda bringing a burnout to the players . And please put a quest for Kuva Liches as well Some old corpus tilesets has sometimes got the wrong light effects on doors
  4. 4 second is way too low duration for meciless arcanes. To my opinion it should be at least 10 seconds
  5. None of these band-aid solution will work the content fun to play or will give a feeling to player that we are fighting with our nemesis which we barely even see right now because of the current desing . These solutions will only cut the duration of the current content and that is it . We will still be doing regular missions and hunt for blue grineer if these are the only changes to the system. Libaration of the nodes or planets still doesn't have any meaning at this point. Lore still has plot holes (actually barely any lore behind the lich content while sisters of parvos has a very decent start for their lore ) Getting the right weapon is still a pain and constantly getting lower percentage weapons to upgrade the weapon for only 5 percent damage buff with more than hour or hours of play is not satisfiying as well. So trust me we need information about upcoming changes or dev workshop
  6. And to my opinion that makes the stiuation even more dire. I hope this is not their solution to make this content fun to play. I mean we know they will put the lich hideout feedback with giving liches and sister to a massive ship and at least sister of parvos has a decent lore unlike the liches and sister have spesific thralls with unique models but do liches will get these benefits as well ?
  7. We are edge of getting sisters of parvos update yet we don't get any information or devworkshop about lich system improvements . There are lots of good feed backs on the forum but because of the silence of DE I am not quite sure we will get significant changes to redeem lich content as a fun to play content or give this content a lore that can fill the plot holes that came up with . This content realy need masive changes and pretty big lore . Please give us any news about what we can we expect from the new version of the lich system. Here is another topic that I put nearly one year ago because of the silence about this content. You may see some decent feedbacks on this topic as well as original official lich system feedback topic but it is very hard to find the official feedback topic in the forums right now.
  8. Steel Path is already lacking rewards and there are not much benefits for the veterans to do steel path other than getting an umbral forma maybe 3 regular forma packs since the nerf on getting steel escense amount. Besides Arbitrations has already way to much in it so if these are not loots from arbitrations missions there should be in the steel path vendor if they are loots in arbitrations this will be a terrible drop choie for them cause with tons endo and ayatan rewards even maxing an arbitrations arcane (which you need 21 of them and this is a real nightmare for the new players ) and there are many arbitrations only mods in loot table as well. So getting those new mods froms arbitrations will be nearly impossible cause loot table is already crowded.
  9. Maybe with this new big update they adress codex related issues too. After this topic came up I finally saw the spawns of corpus ships on jupiter tile set so that means devs are hearing are concerns but we need bigger changes as well
  10. some of the grineer tilesets has wrong lightmaps on doors Low resoulution textures on earth tile set as you can see on the wall
  11. Will there be improvements for Grendel and Lavos and will there be reworks for Banshee and Valkry ?
  12. No , it isn't outdated . I can give you some proper builds if you want. I will glad to help and explain him
  13. Are we going to see any improments to current lich system, there are many many very good suggestions in the forum. Cause right now doing a lich hunt is the most unfun thing in the game
  14. Yep grendel needs some little changes too I hope DE will do something about him too
  15. Actually this made way more sense compare to meaningless knockbacker version right now
  16. Apparently you have very limited understanding of the game and Lavos too. Let me explain to you all again cause you didn't bring any solution what I was saying in the opening of the topic. As a new player like you (yes your account start date can be seen in here ) may not understand some of the game logic so let me help you . For a movement abiity viral rush was a terrible choice even if you have cast it on the air in you will still need a ground to move with it efficiently, even Hydroid's tidal surge is a better movement ability let alone many warframes has a smilar and better charge ability like this . Reason behind the viral rush is not a very decent ability as movement skill , this is not its main purpose . Main purpose of this ability is the putting status effect as many enemies as you can, and helping your ultimate or cedo do more damage. but because of the warframe's sheer speed on gameplay , all of your team mates will kill all of those enemies that you put status effect with viral rush with less than 5 seconds . So basicly viral rush is just a offansive support ability in COOP GAMEPLAY. Yet again you think desing flaw is a feature and hitting enemies multple times is helping your gameplay but apparently you didn't read starting post properly. Cause I already talked about transmutation probe's purposes and its main purpose is reducing the cooldown of the ultimate ability cause your first and second skill already has lower cooldown than probe and no body will use it for neither as a minor cc nor as a status deliver ability to mass enemy groups cause with 10 seconds cooldown it is too valuable to use for other side purposes . Besides hitting the same enemy couple of times won't reduce your cooldown multiple times cause probe is reducing cooldwon only once per enemy it hits so again you failed the understand that part my friend . Problem of ultimate and transmutation probe's desing is devs desinged the probe and drones of the ultimate as solid objects in the begining but thanks to many feedbacks on lavos feedback topic , many players suggested that ultimate should act like gara's wall and both probe and ultimate should pass through walls and luckly devs at least make the ultimate pass through walls , but because of the probes stucking problem on every tiny object mostly (especially on infested tile sets) it is stucking to every tiny detail on room and you can't use the probe or your ultimate for at least 10 seconds but in coop gameplay like I have said in the begining you cound't manage to kill enemies if you have experienced players on your team cause in warframe even 5 second your team will demolish even 1000 level enemies . So all I am trying to make Lavos is a better warframe like Nidus with recent changes for COOP GAMEPLAY. Cause in solo play with decent placements lavos can do everything as intended. I hope I manage to help you and I hope you manage to understand what my feedback is all about .
  17. Let me explain the biggest problem of lavos with an example . Old Nidus until recent changes has kinda getting hard times for collecting stacks in coop missions cause whenever you put a larva your team mates will destroy the enemies in there immediately and you can't get any stacks and because you are having hard times on getting stacks you can't open up your 4th ability to get even alternatively more stacks but because of gameplay speed on any missions your getting hard time on that but developers added a little extra like killed enemies in larva by your team mates will give nidus stacks and whole problem solved and Nidus is becoming a playable warframe in any coop missions not just endo farming on vodyanoi . He was pretty fun and strong in solo but until that change was pretty useless in coop misions. Lavos has kinda smilar problem but in Lavos' case problem is bigger. His Transmutation Probe is still stucking walls but his ultimate ability thanks to recent changes is not stacking the walls Because of that and because of innate cooldown of transmutation probe most of the time in coop missions you will stuck in there without any abilities. All we need for lavos are simple tricks. 1) Let the trasmutation probe get through walls and objects like Lavos' ultimate ability cause without it cooldowns even with fully efficient builds can be meaninglessly long for a game like warframe. Like molecular prime of nova it should pass throuh walls cause in lore wise this make sense too . He can alter the matters after all 2) Transmutation Probe is the only supportive skill of Lavos , soft cc and very good combo opportunity for to spread more status effect more controlably unlike vial rush but no one will use that ability other than waiting for a decent size group to come and hit them with it to get more cool down reduction. So basicly because of the current desing of this ability we can't get advantage of most of the oppotunies that ability brings to the gameplay of lavos. Here is my simple sollution for that situation and it is kinda smilar solution to the old Nidus . Let every universal hp/energy orb and universal ammo pack taken by allies and lavos remove 1 more second cooldown so lavos can also act as protea's dispanser ability and can give better support to his team 3) Remove the cooldown of the transmutation proble and let it use 15 percent hp of lavos so this create a synergy with his Ophidian Bite and with this change we can use transmutation probe as soft cc, status spread and support abilities as well. These simple changes will fix Lavos and make him a meaningfull choice to play on coop missions. Cause right now he is very fun to play on solo but unbearable to play on coop Have a nice day
  18. First of all Thank You for the new railjack update, it is actually prety fun to play and I hope grineer ones will get the same love as well cause desing wise we can't compare the detail amount of corpus ship tiles with grineer ones. But I have request from you dear developers. Scaning fighter ships on railjack is a tedious experience . Actually some units in the game is realy hard to find for scaning. You may think completing codex is not important but trust me , because of codex completers like me , warframe wikipedia is getting a lot of informations. So actually we are helping the comunity as well. So please change railjack and archwing mision enemies scaning progress to rathum or index's scaning progress. In both rathum and index because we can't use the gear section all enemies that we killed are considered as scanned enemies. So if you will turn the scaning progress for ships in railjack missions(both fighters killed with ship weapons and crew ships that killed with artilery) like index's and rathum's progress for scaning this will help a lot to many players for scaning them . Also there are many units and objects that are hard to find in the game hard to complete the scaning . Here is the some units for very very very hard to find : Manic Bombard Eximus (you need to sound tier 2 alarms to get a chance to spawn one in uranus sabotage missions which is taking to much time in the game. My suggestion is making them guaranteed spawn on that sabotage missions cause we can get the regular version on Tyl Regor) Jackal Eximus(orb vallis) (it is the hardest to get scaning target , you need to do tedious progress for even getting one in orb vallis so my suggestion is spawning them as a guaranteed spawn on thermia fracture missions) . Vapos Condor Dropship/Vapos Elite Condor Dropship They should have been bring down troops in open part of the jupiter tile set and defense mission of jupiter tile set but they are not working probably cause I only see one vapos condor dropship in on open part and that one was just a part of the map and it fly away so it wasn't a unit like regular dropships , just a object in the tileset Vapos Aquila , you can see them some times in open areas of jupiter but they flying way too fast and scaning them with manuel scaners can be very hard. Gving them more spawns or making them slower will do the trick. Carrior Charger Eximus(white one) you have 10 percent chance to spawn one in defection missions. You already know defection is the least favorite endless mission type by the whole warframe comunity so getting there and failing objectives to get one scan target with only 10 percent chance is not good idea .So my suggestion is making their spawn chance 50 percent so at least it won't be an exaustive expereince like right now Deimos Jugulus Eximus , in that one's case I realy don't have any idea to spawn one . There are some suggestion on wiki about finding them on arcana bounties but after many many arcana bounties I can safely say they are not easy to get or suggestion on wiki are not working as well. Any Ramsled type, even trying to scan this unit type is a proof that all railjack scanning progress should change , for scaning them if you are playing solo you need remove your crew from guns than jump from the railjack and make it open to any harm and than you should use amesha and slow it down and than scan it. For team version you need to ask your team mates to jump from ship and not to kill it in progress. Does this looks like realy part of the actual core gameplay loop of warframe ? All unaffiliated animals in open world maps, They should have scan count only 1 cause hunting cause trying to find an animal in any open world for 20 TIMES is also and exaustive experience. Besides you already get many feedbacks for hunting animals is not fitting to the warframe's core game loop so please make their scan count only 1 Many Cambion drift Eximus unit have 30 scan for compliting their entery so making their scan count 3 like every other eximus scan in the game would be way better option Lancer Survivor/Trooper Survivor, they need 20 scans to complete their entery while their boss garv has need only 3 scans. Trust me doing deimos bounties with mobile defenses and trying to find that bounty mission for 20 times to scan them is also tedious as well. So my suggestions is lowering their scan count to 3 like their boss Garv Gyrix and İonyx (sentient fighter ships that came with scarlet spear) after scarlet spear they can't be scanable and they should turn to index rathum version of scanning progress as well Any Rare chests of any race, they should have only one scan to complete their entery . I mean they already very hard to find so scaning them for multiple times is not a helping idea either. These are some of the hardest or cumbersome targets to find scan targets for codex so please make the synthesis and codex scanner scan tripple times faster cause in current state it is taking to much time to scan one unit . So please help codex scan completers so we can help comunity and you :D
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