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  1. There's nothing wrong with that imo. Maybe do better the next time if that happens. People will find a way. People will develop their own styles and this is what i feel should happen. And I have been in so many mission across the veil and maybe i fail 2-3x between being a captain or crew. It's very forgiving as it is already. It's intertwined but yes, it makes you feel like should kill the boss this time does it not? But yeah, dark souls is a bad example, maybe hardcore Path of Exile, it's a massive waste of time when you die (more punishing than the proposed railjack death penalty) and just a complete grind to get back to where you're at and there's no cushioning when you deplete your hp unlike here in warframe that has a catastrophic failure timer, yet people still do it and enjoy it. I'm suggesting a mild form of that because i know warframe players won't be able to withstand that frustration. There should be consequences of failing, so not failing will have meaning and doesn't feel like you've just completed a chore. Edit: The Primary objective why i proposed Penalty on Railjack death is that so 1) Immersion 2) Encourage improvement of skill/coordination 3) remove the "I just won't give much of a f* because ship is immortal anyway" feeling 4) People don't forcibly take their weak ships in high tier missions relying on teammates to archwing-it. 😉 5) Encourage players to be crewmembers more since you risk losing less(just time) as crewmembers
  2. It takes a lot already to deplete revolite that if it gets to that point, then the captain just messed up or the ship isn't ready for that mission. Not so much for those already swimming in resources, and yes that is the point of it encouraging being a crewmember. Remember, the ideal ratio is 1 cap : 3 crew This statement can be applied to most games already. Example: In Dark Souls, you die a lot and the consequence is you waste time a lot going back to the boss, it's frustrating. I don't see the point of this argument (i'm not personally attacking you, just want you to elaborate this argument).
  3. Yes, they have strong ship therefore should have less chance to mess up. Yes, therefore encouraging them to play as crewmembers more. This one i disagree, it doesn't discourage it, it's a mechanism to prevent it. A currency sink if you will to prevent players from swimming in resources. The game mode is fun already but if you're swimming in resources, there would be no reason to play it, scarcity of resources would give players that reason. I disagree with this one too, how would one ruin a mission, only thing i can think off is being afk or just doing nothing to progress the mission (and player vote-kick is widely discussed already because of this, but this is another topic) The gain here is the fear of consequence and the feeling of triumph whenever one overcomes something and above all, immersion. If you are a confident ship captain(host) as it stands now, it means nothing. If you are a confident captain when this mechanic is in place, then it means you and/or your ship is good (making all the farming and effort worthwhile). Edit on this one: You really made me think man, it's great, i feel like immersion isn't enough in itself since the captain can lose something but the crewmembers can't. I thought of maybe a floof or cosmetic thing that only drops on the captain but that's a sht reward and means nothing plus there's no reason being a captain if you already obtained it. What I arrived in on is this. Your ship has a display or something in the cockpit that shows the number of missions completed with that ship that is visible to your crewmembers, should be large enough that they can see it without approaching too close but not large enough that it basically shouts. It would be ok for crewmembers that doesn't get their number increased coz it's just a number, but there is certain pride in owning a ship or being a captain that completed a thousand missions.
  4. New crew members can still enter when that happens. But yes you made me think of aborting mission rather than lose the ship (Although it is done and widely accepted in hardcore path of exile, or RF online bellato on the verge of losing his mech, i still dont want it to be the case in warframe) Maybe the workaround for this is you still get at least the avionics and none of the resources and parts if you fail, you get absolutely nothing if you abort or get disconnected or game crashed (I added dc and crash because people can just abuse alt + f4 or disconnecting internet and call not within the realm of aborting a mission) Then my proposal for this is the amount of penalty should be around 2-5% the total resources used to make the ship excluding credits. You can still swim in resources but atleast you can't keep failing forever. There are still consequences even if you feel it's minor. Edit: 2-5% of the total resources that is used to make the ship and all it's parts, including asterites, fresnels etc. So the stronger the ship, the more you lose when it gets destroyed, weaker ships will lose more frequently but less resources lost per lose.
  5. When railjack was initially released, i would get your point that it's bad design. But let's face the reality here that railjack already is released and people have access to better parts even before they complete their ship. Edit: And lore-wise, i think it's immersive since you made a ship from salvaged broken parts scattered across the system. Even if the ship was technologically superior, the parts that you have at the time would've been rickety hence it can't fight toe to toe with modern ships. But I want to get away from this starting ship arguement as i don't really care much about that. I have said my points and counterpoints can and should be made. I want to start discussion or see the counter-arguments with wanting to have penalty when railjack is destroyed. Maybe my mind can be swayed with what i think would be a valid counter argument.
  6. Yep, that's intentional, to encourage new players to play crew members first and get necessary upgrade parts before taking out their railjack. At the same time, it trains their intrinsics and the player's skill itself. Giving him grasp of basic things of what to do inside the ship. No triumph if there's no challenge to overcome. Remember they can already be crew members even before they build their ships so piloting 3 or something won't have been a problem if they are preparing to build their own ship.
  7. If the railjack feels cardboard, it's in the wrong tier of mission, not at all ready for that tier. This is what i want to discourage hence there should be a penalty for railjack getting destroyed. About the Archwing Only meta, I 100% agree with you, that's why on a separate thread (as i feel it's not economy related) I said this: |f you're gonna rebalance Archwing, make it so that it's still hard to survive outside your ship, the railjack is not a carrier that spits out tiny ships and be left without a crew. If the idea of being a carrier is so appealing, maybe make a battle avionic for that, something along that lines that it spawns (or resurrects?) one ship per 150 flux with a maximum number of 3 fighters. (i don't know how to quote from a separate thread sorry)
  8. Have a lot of more (maybe all elites) enemies that have flares to counter Tycho seeker. As it stands currently, Tycho seeker is a death sentence to any fighter except the cutter. It's a no-brainer part since the other 2 have a sense of unreliability already. If you're gonna rebalance Archwing, make it so that it's still hard to survive outside your ship, the railjack is not a carrier that spits out tiny ships and be left without a crew. If the idea of being a carrier is so appealing, maybe make a battle avionic for that, something along that lines that it spawns (or resurrects?) one ship per 150 flux with a maximum number of 3 fighters. Have a way to see the build of current ship (maybe you can check through a side wall near the pilot or as a projector/hologram type in the dome thing between the two gunners). Currently there is no way to see the build of the ship you're on if you are a crew member. Although at least you can feel it out and have an idea. EDit: Also a radar of some sort at least when piloting Cy: "Missiles inbound" Me: *has no idea where it will come from and when it will hit" *gets hit*
  9. I know i'm gonna get slammed for this but: A penalty for getting your railjack destroyed. What I find boring about railjack is you're just basically on an immortal ship that as long as you have ammo for your omni, you're good. You basically make your ship stronger and tankier for nothing. No adrenaline moments. Feels like a chore to do. Maybe add a penalty for repairs after you fail a mission, where you need to spend some basic resources to fly your ship again. This will also make it so that there will be a lot of crew to go around (since some would be forced to farm to repair their ship). And this won't matter much if you have a ton of said resources already, but you still have that monkaS moments when those resoures are getting low. Also make the countdown for catastrophic failure 20-30 seconds to give a sense of urgency. Also this will make it so that new ships that barely has any upgrades doesn't get taken to veil immediately. I literally see ships with 2k HP and Mk I sideguns on the veil.
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