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  1. I'm quite confident you know where I think you should be going with that kind of attitude, buddy. Picking up people in recruiting chat could be quite stressful and in the over 2000 hours that I've spent playing Warframe I've done it only a few times and still hate it with a glowing passion. Searching for people in recruiting sucks. And I don't know if you're aware of this, but back in the day playing solo was perfectly viable for prime gear farming, before DE decided to completely wreck prime economy with the introduction of the relic system, effectively turning pretty much all prime gear
  2. When there's an overwhelming incentive to play in a certain way, it's not really a choice. From the get go steel essenses shouldn't have been an enemy drop but a rotation reward unaffected by loot buffs and perhaps even boosters. If you camp and you bring a loot frame and play in a certain way, you can maximize your steel essense rewards to a laughable amount compared to every other way of playing on the steel path. This is what should have been balanced from the very beginning, but nobody did that. Resulting in a fairly predictable camping gameplay resurgence. Camping is not a choice. The gam
  3. You are a human makros when you camp. Makros isn't the point. The point was that camping is so braindead that just pressing one button for literal hours is a perfectly viable tactic for it.
  4. Because DE been fighting this sh't for years. Very deliberately and unsuccessfully. Mentioned how much they dislike camping meta on Devstreams. And also because of basic common sense understanding that missions that allow for macro-afk-went-to-sleep gameplay aren't something you would want to have in ANY game, unless your vision of an engaging action gameplay culminates with the Cookie Clicker bot.
  5. It's a little bit of a chicken and egg problem. People camp because there is no incentive to roam the map. If roaming the map was incentivized by the mission, if movement was required to complete the mission people wouldn't just camp in one spot for hours pressing one button. Yes it's efficient, but it's also horrible gameplay design. And the worst part is that people in random queue legitimately get angry if you refuse to play like that. Camping is incredibly toxic and draining mode of playing Warframe and after so many years DE still don't try to solve this problem with actual mission design
  6. Read the title. That's all I have. Camping gameplay sucks.
  7. As opposed to every other melee weapon being just about mashing one button until everything is dead. Such enticing alternatives.
  8. Oh, having your legs broken could be quite debilitating.
  9. Yeah, let's throw away the Helminth system's variability AND one of your warframe's own abilities just to be able to heal or revive a pet that ran away and died due to no player's fault.
  10. It already happened. It's too late to waste time contemplating whether companions should be virtually immortal or not. The crowd that only ever uses companions for Vacuum will gradually move to using only Vulpaphylas, because whatever else companions are capable of doesn't really matter. What matters is that Vacuum is with you at all times. Before the Heart of Deimos update I would have suggested to simply move Vacuum onto the warframes themselves, with a toggle switch somewhere in the menu. But now, even if DE did just that, there would still be an overwhelming incentive to use companion
  11. Urgent buff to Regen mods and Animal Companion revival mechanics is needed, else expect severe reduction in companion diversity past a certain Mastery Rank. It will never be as bad as back in the day when Vacuum was carrier-exclusive (and 75%+ of players only ever used that), simply because it's more difficult to get a Vulpaphyla. But infested kavats being immortal creates an overwhelming incentive to only use them, since you retain Vacuum at all times and the pet itself never goes away. It's way stronger than Djinn's reawaken as well. This development, in my opinion, also raises the ques
  12. I wasn't giving you a flagship example in that post ffs. I was describing current player experience and responding to your "gameplay loop" point, and how it disintegrates overtime. Jesus. Higher enemy levels simply allow more space for the game's mechanics to be fleshed out. It signifies transition from early game to later stages. Increasing enemy level is common practice. I don't know what's so complicated about it. And yes, Warframe is the kind of game where you chase a 5 star legendary with top stat rolls. There's plenty of RNG in the game that could be used for the purposes of buildin
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