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  1. ``Fixed the Isolation Bounty objective not properly updating upon the second Vault's completion. `` Can you also fix having to jump/move into the vault several times for most players. When trying to enter the opened vault it is keeps acting like you're jumping off the map.
  2. The forced requirement to do conservation, fishing, and mining is horrid. I don't like this part of the game and I like that for the other open worlds I have other methods of getting these resources. I like doing bounties. I like playing Warframe (aka action) Make the token system like Fortuna with multiple avenues for progression and just use standing. Especially would like someone like Ticker so I can use other parts of the game to rank up. Non-combat activities are not the reason I've been playing for years.
  3. Can we talk about the new cap changes? I feel like the changes are upside down for giving you a reason for higher MR.
  4. LOL, exactly or Decoy on Mesa 😄 It is PvE so I don't see the power creep problem if you even want to call it that. I just see it as a better way to customize and run solo or have new unique squads. DE has said in the past they don't worry about power creep but now they are!?
  5. Yeah, the MR requirement doesn't really matter IMO. I think they have one as to not overwhelm new players.
  6. Augments are stated as working with the ability you apply.
  7. Her 3 also doesn't work for Eidolons because it is always in the "dark" so you only get damage reduction.
  8. Can't stack damage buffs on one frame, but with Roar and her 1 that could still be a better option. Augments will work if they have the ability.
  9. I was thinking a lot of these ability swaps should really help solo play. I know it will also push the meta but as someone who solos a lot I like that idea of having Roar on my Nekros for farming. Also, will allow so many "useless" frames to be playable.
  10. Huh, I never actually checked that. Either way, there is an issue then. Good to know.
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