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  1. IMO, the boss should not be a time gate.
  2. Can we have an option in the launcher to do this? I played a little and it isn't a huge deal but I'd rather do it not during game play.
  3. Please fix the new bounties. They are very, very long as is. I want to hope this isn't a new direction for WF (hour plus missions being the norm). The capacitor stage (kill the nodes to then throw the goo) is extremely difficult to get the bonus as is. Also, the esophages don't seem to work from the surface back once you take them to activate the 2nd round/stage of iso vaults (Deimos Delicacies, Infested Research, and Cracks in Deimos).
  4. It was a great spot but DE doesn't like that kind of game play. They'll increase the drop rate or make a better way to get it but it won't be for a long time.
  5. Please consider running with friends, and let are liches spawn on friend's nodes. I also don't have a weapon to test with since the most recent change but can we also keep the first weapons damage bonus type when adding in a new weapon and then if adding a weapon with forma to another that doesn't have it apply the forma so we can move damage types around?
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