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  1. I thought they were but looks like I was wrong: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Nightmare_Mode
  2. Equal chance for all modes like the Derelict vaults
  3. Please add the Gas City Captura Scenes from the purple lockers
  4. You can recast Rhino's 2, with the augment. He is also invulnerable for ~3 seconds I think when he takes damage to charge up his skin.
  5. This is something that should have been a thing a while ago but very excited for the changes.
  6. This isn't really the place to ask this
  7. I guess you missed the point. The idea is any one could get one and roll it for longer to get the roll they want so even trash rivens would be desirable. It would bring down prices (other than currently hyped rivens) since all rivens would be closer in value since rolling them to get what you want would be less of a barrier.
  8. That would be nice, and if more kuva was in game it would bring down riven prices for the really rare rolls.
  9. Best spend 20p then to get another gravimag.
  10. Not just that weapon, but there are several bugs with weapons doing 0 damage even with the correct damage type.
  11. Fixed Clients not receiving credit towards the Vallis Spelunker Challenge. Can we get a script to go back and fix this. I'm 30/30 on the map but 23/30 in the challenge.
  12. This feels like a lateral move, not really addressing the issue for new players. I'm near the current rewards and I want it to be easier for my clan mates.
  13. When you start typing in a window that has a search and you don't have chat open would you please let that text go to the search box without clicking on the search box?
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