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  1. Please update us! :D I need those too.
  2. (only have the new stuff above): https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html#arbitrations I hope that wasn't intentional to not have some of the mods (not just new)/arcanes in all rotations. Now there might be no point for some people to stay past the AA or AABB rotations.
  3. Try a companion rifle weapon, sweeper is shotgun.
  4. I don't hate ventkids but yeah, they need a sink too!
  5. Please, swap Seeding Step's drop chance with Aura Forma's drop chance since you only need one seeding step and many more Aura Formas: (even the mods are more rare than Seeding Step) Sharpshooter Rare (3.50%) Vigorous Swap Rare (3.50%) Rolling Guard Rare (3.50%) Adaptation Rare (3.50%) Seeding Step Ephemera Blueprint Rare (5.00%) Aura Forma Blueprint Rare (4.50%)
  6. I suppose that is technically a spoiler but to me no more than a trailer usually is. Likely an oversight or the team just don't mind that info since it doesn't tell you too much.
  7. How about a QoL change when you go to screens with a search box typing starts going straight into the search box (if your chat isn't open and not the shortcut key for opening it "t" default for most English layouts) rather than having to click?
  8. Not sure you read what I posted: " So you'd get say 5 for a run and you could only do raids when night wasn't happening...so people could get arcanes either way, and/or not be time locked into a very specific time to do runs. I wasn't able to do Eidolons many times because someone couldn't get to their computer fast enough (one reason or another) when I was running them with friends. Old raid let us schedule play on our schedule rather than DEs it was better for us, regardless of the efficiency...not to mention my preferred game mode. With Kuva Floods and Arbitrations being time gated I personally don't have a lot of content I can run some days.
  9. Make Raids drop more than you get with a Tridolon and only playable during PoE day? LOL There are ways to make them relevant without adding new rewards or making other modes obsolete for meta / efficiency runs.
  10. ``Increased the drop rate of the Bloodshed Sigil from 1% to 3% from the Profit-Taker. `` Nice...would it be possible to do something similar with the Blazing Step Ephemera in ESO? I have duplicates of most of the others but still haven't gotten that one with over 100 runs....100+ 22-26 min runs (sometimes the portal doesn't open right away and that delays things) which is over 40 hours of one game mode...so content?! Or maybe let me buy it with focus? You know...after a lot of runs a way of making sure I can get it :D
  11. Showing the old stats with the suggested changes would be helpful to the conversation.
  12. Looks like RNG, but I never leave out the chance of an issue on the code side.
  13. I wouldn't mind, but it was removed intentionally since they are automatically applied each mission rather than the old system. We need a focus sink like we have for other standing systems in the game....I'm looking at you Ephemeras.
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