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  1. Even at lvl 50 the shields are regenerating so fast that Khora's 4 can't kill several of the corpus units over time. I think it is the regeneration time but also combined with the changes to slash not by passing shields.
  2. If you mean on enemies theirs has a bleed over so extra damage can still kill them but at high level you'll notice it. As for your frame, yeah, don't blink.
  3. I agree, but I doubt they'd go that low.
  4. Please, when I start typing in a window with a search box and don't have the chat window open have my text go to the search box. I can obviously see that the chat shortcut (usually T) wouldn't do this.
  5. Please consider running with friends, and let are liches spawn on friend's nodes. I also don't have a weapon to test with since the most recent change but can we also keep the first weapons damage bonus type when adding in a new weapon and then if adding a weapon with forma to another that doesn't have it apply the forma so we can move damage types around?
  6. Please consider the cool down times for Energize and such from 15s to ~10s as I was using Energize as an alternative to Zenurik.
  7. Please reconsider the stagger on Operator. I tested it and it is just not fun. That and blast weapons damage radius while large does so little damage from the center, should just make them laser?
  8. After testing a lvl 110 Tech in the simulator with Saryn, was it intentional to make so strong. Even with her 4 on and her 1 doing over 2K damage their shields regen so fast they almost never take health damage.
  9. When I only run one Energize that is enough so that I don't feel like I need Zenurik.Nerfing Energize actually gives me less options in operator schools
  10. Ground enemies as in when they board you or you go into bases/ships. The enemies you don't kill with your RJ or Archwing. Oh, they just have too much health, okay, well I thought it was armor, so my bad. I don't enjoy bullet sponges for non lich-boss enemies.
  11. I usually only run one Energize and that is enough that I don't always feel like I need Zenurik. Nerfing Energize actually give me less options in operator schools 😞
  12. Is that the problem for the ground enemies? They feel really tanky.
  13. For railjack missions I would really like to have the corrosive nerf reconsidered. Their armor is already really high and will still be high after the changes.
  14. I did raids. I did Eidolons. I even formed groups for both at some point for efficiency and the grind. Now you're basically telling me after how many years that Arcanes shouldn't be a good reward for my time? I'm very disappointed to say the least.
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