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  1. Are we going to get a Dev Workshop for Melee 3.0 that covers changes to mods, arcanes, focus nodes, etc (particularly those related to channeling and combo counter)? If the cooldown on atmosphere arch-guns is here to stay, would you consider adding possible heavy ammo drops to all enemies in all missions/locations? I was very excited about being able to wield arch-guns on foot, but unfortunately this isn't very significant outside of the Profit-Taker fight due to the lack of ammo drops. If this isn't already the case, these ammo drops would probably need to have a drop chance that is separate from other ammo types, so as not to dilute ammo drops for those who aren't interested in using an arch-gun.
  2. - How are the changes to Nyx and Titania coming along? Are you planning to make any more changes to either other than what you told us about in a previous devstream? - Are there plans to remove beast genetic integrity as part of the ongoing "pets 2.0" mentioned on a previous devstream? Given the changes made to the incubator upgrade, genetic integrity has become more of an annoyance (remembering to hit a button that otherwise doesn't affect anything) than anything else. - What ever happened to the kingpin system? This looked like it could have been an interesting activity to flesh out clans, provided it could have been balanced for clans of all tiers.
  3. Yes to both of these. IIRC, the "leave squad" button was always visible before The Sacrifice update gummed up that part of the UI for no reason. And of course melee range in the arsenal would be a fantastic addition. That said, I appreciate some of the fixes and changes in this update. Upping the spawns of specific AI during "kill this" bounties will make those less of an RNG headache. Also, I'm really glad to see the new set mods getting looked at too (in this case, making Synth Reflex an exilus mod) and I hope this continues since quite a few of those mods (and maybe the Tek set bonus) could use some tweaks.
  4. As the owner of a number of rivens that were "nerfed" in this update (Tiberon, Rubico, and Akbolto, to name a few), I have this to say: I am very pleased to see riven dispositions finally getting some attention. The system did not reflect the changes in the meta and the release of new (prime) weapons over the past ~2 years. Based on the OP, I have a couple things to add: 1. As others have said, RIVEN DISPOSITIONS MUST BE UPDATED MORE OFTEN. Updates should occur AT LEAST every 2 months, preferably even more often. An automated system that uses weapon usage statistics (how the riven disposition system was advertised in the first place) could help accomplish this. 2. Weapons such as the Kohm should also be affected by these updates, despite the concerns with 100% status chance stated in the OP. Why? Because it sets a very bad precedent for certain weapons to be cherry picked (read: susceptible to bias) in and out of future disposition updates and this goes against the original idea behind why riven disposition should be subject to change.
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