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  1. I Think hildryn is the closest we will get to an all shield warframe.
  2. DE has already been playing with this idea, echoes of umbra
  3. What you're wanting I can tell you DE and warframe won't sustain your appetite. Warframe has been in a content drought since launch IMO. I'd expect the droughts to get longer and longer. That being said I love warframe. Wish they'd not worry so much on the big stuff and focus on refining and fine tuning what they already have.
  4. Cant the OP share their opinion? They're not the only one who feels that way. This is the problem with the warframe community. Turning it around on the player saying it's a you problem. Yall wanna sit there and say this "mainline" drop is good enough then you just enable DE to drop lackluster updates.
  5. ^That's a riven challenge. Great Idea though OP.
  6. Sell the items separately for more. Isn't that also how bundles can work in retail?
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